The World Of Tomorrow

Today is Sunday and I will be relaxing with the World Cup championship…..but until the game starts I will do my posting……

I wish that this was my lame attempt to review a movie either past or present (I am not a very good reviewer) but this post is about the predictions of what the world will look like in 2050…..

The demand for predicting the future seems to grow rapidly in periods of crisis. Currently, long-term forecasts are emerging from every quarter. I would like to incorporate some of these projections while venturing my own for what the world would look like in 2050 — primarily from the viewpoint of power.

Population and GDP trends will bear the most direct influence on national power. Based on the 2017 Revision of the U.N. World Population Prospects, India, China, Nigeria, the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan and Brazil appear set to become the world’s “G7” in terms of population by 2050.

Meanwhile, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2015 long-term macroeconomic forecast, the world’s major economic powers of 2050 will be China, the U.S., India, Indonesia, Japan, Germany and Brazil, in that order.

That would make for a good participation post for my readers….so if you would like to look into the future and tell us what you think the world of tomorrow will look like.

Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season–2018

Every year the residents of the Gulf Coast wait for the news of the upcoming hurricane season…..a report on what we can expect to be the “norm”…..not a big deal for most Americans but those that live on the Gulf Coast have had too many disasters to ignore the predictions…..

We wait so that we can plan out our year with supplies, escape routes, etc…….everything we will need to keep our families safe in case another Katrina is waiting to crap on the Gulf Coast……

The 2018 forecast is out….it could be revised before the start of the season on 01June……..

It may seem like we just said goodbye to Harvey, Irma, and Maria, but the new hurricane season is near its official start of June 1. With that, Colorado State University is out with its annual Atlantic forecast, and the season looks to be a little busier than usual, reports the Weather Channel:

  • 3 big ones: The forecast calls for 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes among those seven. All are above the 30-year average of 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and two major hurricanes.
  • Last year: We ended up with 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes, and six major hurricanes. (The latter means category 3 and up.)
  • 2 factors: The Washington Post notes that CSU will update its forecast on the eve of the season, and the story explains that the development of El Nino (or lack thereof) and surface temperatures in the North Atlantic could play big roles in determining how severe the new season is.

Now we must wait for the first to approach and make our plans from there……

That is it for today and the garden awaits… well, be safe…….chuq

2018 Global Outlook

There is a lot of stuff that could happen in this year…….I am worried about the guy in the White House….this guy is impetuous at best and foolish….his need for flattery will prove to be fatal to American foreign policy……

There are a few things we need to watch……

  • China: Filling a gap vacated by the US, China is extending its influence “with less resistance than ever before,” threatening economies and suggesting friction with the US.
  • Geopolitical accidents: With less trust among actors, missteps in North Korea, Syria, and Russia could lead to confrontations.
  • Global tech cold war: The US and China are seeking new technologies in “the world’s biggest fight over economic power,” while other countries fight for market dominance.
  • Mexico: The outcome of a NAFTA renegotiation and a presidential election in July “both carry significant market risks.”
  • Iran: Tensions will rise as the country pushes back against US efforts to curtail its regional influence. If the US-Iran nuclear deal falters, the Middle East could be thrown into disarray.
  • Erosion of institutions: “The expansion of an increasingly toxic antiestablishment sentiment is starting to erode the legitimacy of political institutions in established democracies,” making for less stability.
  • Protectionism 2.0: A continuing shift toward a new form of protectionism that “generates more acrimony because it is often targeted at political adversaries” poses risks for trade in 2018.

International conflicts the media needs to watch……

It’s not all about Donald Trump.

That’s a statement more easily written than believed, given the U.S. president’s erratic comportment on the world stage — his tweets and taunts, his cavalier disregard of international accords, his readiness to undercut his own diplomats, his odd choice of foes, and his even odder choice of friends. And yet, a more inward-looking United States and a greater international diffusion of power, increasingly militarized foreign policy, and shrinking space for multilateralism and diplomacy are features of the international order that predate the current occupant of the White House and look set to outlast him.

World affairs will start to move and the pace will increase……until they get out of control as far as it goes for the US.

Is A Second Cold War Coming?

I like political predictions….they are much more interesting than the ones about the end of the world…..this is a off handed prediction about the world in 30 years…..I found it interesting……

After the 19th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party in October, one may discern Premier Xi Jinping’s vision of the emerging New World Order.

By 2049, the centennial of the triumph of Communist Revolution, China shall have become the first power on earth. Her occupation and humiliation by the West and Japan in the 19th and 20th centuries will have become hated but ancient history

America will have been pushed out of Asia and the western Pacific back beyond the second chain of islands, Taiwan will have been returned to the motherland, South Korea and the Philippines neutralized, Japan contained. China’s claim to all the rocks, reefs and islets in the South China Sea will have been recognized by all current claimants.

Now the America First bunch will dispute what this person is seeing…..but any normal person would watch China and their policy…..China is moving slowly but surely and is firming its position up as it goes…..something Fearless Leader should aspire to……

Your Day May Be Cut Short

Hi everyone……it is a Sunday in the South….a bit brisk but nothing we cannot handle….this will be my only post day and if the prediction is true it may well be my last post forever…..I shall explain.

Once again the kooks are at it….prediction of our end of days……

Ever heard of the Planet Nibiru?  It is the 9th planet that so many whack-a-doodles embrace as a fact….we have some Christian numerologists that are at it again…..if you recall 23 September was going to be the end of it all…well that slip by and they are at it again….

After the apocalypse did not occur on September 23 as Christian numerologist David Meade predicted, some now claim we can now expect the End Days to occur this Sunday, November 19th.

“Nibiru ‘truthers’ claim that NASA has conspired to ‘hide the truth about the mystery planet from the general population,” The Daily Starreported. “Also known as ‘Planet X’, Nibiru is believed to be a planet on the edge of our solar system that orbits the sun every 3,600 years.”

Past orbits allegedly changed the orbits of other planets in our solar system, the conspiracy theorists claim.

“This disruption, it is claimed, will be marked either by a direct collision with the Earth or apocalyptic weather patterns across our planet’s surface,” the Daily Star explained.

This is a developing story, Raw Story will provide breaking news updates if either apocalyptic weather patterns or an extinction level planetary collision occurs.

Everybody please sit back and enjoy the last days on earth….or just sit back and make fun of idiots that believe this crap….matters not….for tomorrow will come and I will return with my usual array of stuff…..Peace…..chuq

Repent! The End Is Near!

I am glad it is the weekend…..the news has become mundane, redundant and juvenile….it is getting hard to find stories of interests to report back to my readers.  The weekend allows me to back away and think of anything but the playground mentality of world affairs.

Saturday and my weekend begins and the end of the world is the furthest thing from my mind.

But just when I was expecting to write about something cool or interesting I spot this piece about the world ending today.

Continuous Storms, heavy rains, earthquakes, fires, mud slides all seems a bit much.   Does the end approach?

Best I can say is report what I read……

If you had big plans this weekend, David Meade regrets to inform you that the world will be ending Saturday. Meade, a Christian numerologist and self-described “researcher,” says Sept. 23 is foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelation as the day a series of catastrophic events will begin, and as a result, “a major part of the world will not be the same,” the Washington Post reports. The Bible prophecies a woman “clothed with the sun” and a “crown of 12 stars” giving birth to a boy who will “rule all the nations” while she fights off a seven-headed dragon. The woman, Meade says, is the constellation Virgo, which on Saturday will be positioned under nine stars and three planets, per Popular Mechanics. The baby boy will be the planet Jupiter, which will be moving out of Virgo on that night.

According to Meade, who says he studied astronomy at an unspecified university in Kentucky, the great change in our world will be the result of the arrival of Nibiru, a planet famous in conspiracy circles but which astronomers say doesn’t exist. David Morrison, a senior space scientist at NASA, says that if Nibiru were really on a collision course with Earth, we would have seen it by now. “It would be bright,” he says, per the Post. “It would be easily visible to the naked eye.” But that’s not dissuading Meade, who points to the fact that Sept. 23 falls 33 days after last month’s total solar eclipse as proof of his prophecy. “Jesus lived for 33 years. The name Elohim, which is the name of God to the Jews, was mentioned 33 times [in the Bible],” Meade says. “It’s a very biblically significant, numerologically significant number.”

Let’s end there…..if all goes to plan then tomorrow will not matter……

My guess is that I will see you guys bright and early Sunday….

Will Trump Fail?

****Please if you are a Trump supporter read this post in its entirety before going on some worthless rant.  Yes I dislike Trump….but then I disliked Obama, Bush and Clinton….so please spare me your diatribes*****

The first 100 days……did not go as attempted…….

Today is the big day…..I have been sitting on this draft since the inauguration….I wanted to see what if anything would come about that is good and constructive with our now president….in the brief time that he has been president nothing constructive has happened…..his promises unfulfilled and his government is a joke……one mishap after another.

Let me open by saying that I am not wanting this stuff to occur… is some interesting predictions by people that I wanted to share and maybe give some readers something to think about…..

What got me thinking about this was something that my good friend over at the blog “John Liming” had to say about the Trump presidency….

In fact, at some point in the game I expect him to become frustrated and to resign and give the reins over to Pence — and then we will see something far worse than Trump could ever hope to be ….. in my personal opinion.

I had to agree with him…..with that comment I started thinking about the future and the next 4 years……do others see this possibility?  The very idea of a Pence presidency should scare the pants off many….

There were several people that predicted that Trump would beat Hillary and become president……I even wrote about these predictions (few noticed but hey I am truthful if little else)…..

Source: 2016: Go Ahead Throw ‘Em A Bone – In Saner Thought

I refresh your memory because one of those that predicted his win has something else to say…..this is an interview of Eamonn Fingleton was one of those brave souls that predicted Trump’s win……now he has more to say……

Source: The Man Who Predicted Trump Now Predicts He Will Fail | Alternet

Also saying basically the same thing are a couple of other people that saw a Trump win……below is a short op-ed I wrote for my friends at Ace News Room…..

#AceNewsReport – Nov.16: This is News and Views post after #Trump election from my friend and featured writer #Chuq please read and check out his great Oped on // Ace News Room #Chuq says the…

Source: #Chuq Says Can Trump Make It For 4 Years? | Ace News Services

Now there is a “what if” scenario… interview of former Pres. Trump…..

Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the White House will go down as one of the greatest triumphs of mindless indignation and reactionary overstatement over rational thought in the history of American Presidential elections. And in true American style arrogance and denial will stymie acceptance of the magnitude of the mistake until long after serious damage is inflicted upon the majority of those who actually supported him.

And when judgment day does come an unrepentant charlatan sitting in his skyscraper apartment adorned in golden splendor will boast of his con with the pride of a thief and embezzler who never payed a price for his transgressions. Project forward to that time when sober reflection is in order and I imagine an interview would go something like this.

Source: Interview of Former President Donald Trump, November 24, 2018 – LA Progressive

Please read the above as a “What If” piece….not a real interview…just a spit ball for thought.

Then there is a list of reasons why he will not make it…..

I actually don’t think Donald trump is going to last four years in office.

Not because he clearly doesn’t understand the rules or know which phone calls he can and can’t take, and not because he can’t decide if he wants Ivanka or Melania to be the first lady. Not because he nominated Ben Carson to fill a position his own spokesperson admits he knows nothing about, and not because he and Mike Pence are assembling a white supremacist dream team cabinet — yes, I consider Carson a black white supremacist — and not because he proves to be more and more incompetent every day.

I don’t think Donald Trump will last four years in office because Donald Trump is a hustler. He’s a moneymaker. He’s Mitch from “Paid in Full,” in love with the flip — the kind of guy who gets off by turning one dollar into 20. And Donald loves more than the hunt: He loves the bloody kill and the meal.

Source: 5 Reasons Why I Doubt Donald Trump Will Complete His First Term | Alternet

There is more on the “will not last 4 years front”…….

As startling and unprecedented as it may be, there’s a good chance Donald Trump won’t finish out one term as president. Yes, Richard Nixon resigned from office, so technically, there was a “precedent,” but Nixon’s case was different. Nixon resigned in disgrace to avoid being impeached—to avoid being exposed as the Machiavellian felon and borderline neurotic he was. Trump won’t face impeachment. He’ll just quit.

Here are four reasons:

Source: Four Reasons Trump Will Quit

Trump supporters will probably get their panties in a twist and come out swinging….without any thought…a typical Right wad technique.  I mean they did this very thing when Obama was elected…but that is not the same thing…(in their tiny minds)……I know it is difficult to think rationally when head is firmly place up one’s butt……give it a try(rational thought that is)….it does not hurt at all.

Of course all this is supposition…..but hey…..if it was good enough for Nostradamus….why not?

Are you a betting person?  If so then this should interest you…….

A combination of controversy, scandal and low polling numbers have prompted oddsmakers at a U.K. betting house to predict President Donald Trump would likely either be impeached or resign – or both – before the upstart politician’s first term in the White House officially comes to an end in 2020, according to a new report. The odds for an impeachment to happen were given a 4/5 chance of happening as of Friday, according to Inverse, a website that describes itself in part by asking “ What could happen next? ”

Source: Trump’s impeachment betting soars

Will Vegas follow suit?

Maybe if they keep up with the news of the day……like a story about what the sole voice in the wilderness during the election that predicted a Trump win…..he has more to say these days…..

The professor who took hell for predicting President Donald Trump has a much longer case for predicting President Mike Pence — and it’s all in his new book, out next week.

Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University, reached meme-status last fall for predicting long before anyone else that Trump would win, using a formula based on the popularity of the party in control of the White House that accurately predicted the eight previous presidential elections. Now Lichtman wants everyone to pay attention to the rest of what came through his crystal ball — that Trump will now be impeached.

Source: Prediction prof: Trump will be impeached – POLITICO

Okay Trump has made the first 100 days…..but some are asking if he will make a full 4 years.