Closing Thought–11Jun21

I have written many times about the educational system in this country and especially the crap they teach in the South…..and Georgia has proven my disgust once again….

Georgia’s state Board of Education this week became the latest government entity to take a firm stance against teaching about racism in schools, or at least against teaching anything that makes white Republicans uncomfortable. The Georgia Board of Ed adopted a resolution insisting that the USA and Georgia are definitely not racist places, while calling for limits on how public schools should be allowed to discuss and teach about racism.

The resolution itself — authored by National Review writer and professional culture warrior Stanley Kurtz, author of many serious works of scholarship like Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism — calls for supposedly colorblind educational practices that will not “indoctrinate students in social, or political, ideology or theory” or “promote one race or sex above another,” and how could anyone possibly object to that? Like, unless you apply those concepts very selectively and in bad faith, or are actively letting Stanley Kurtz decide what is “isms,” but only a cynic would suggest rightwing officials could be capable of such a thing.

Among other things (we have the full list below), the resolution says no element of public education should do terrible things like tell innocent schoolchildren that

any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex;

or that

with respect to their relationship to American values, slavery and racism are anything other than deviations from, betrayals of, or failures to live up to, the authentic founding principles of the United States, which include liberty and equality

Another revisioni9st look at American history.

What are these a/holes afraid of?

They want to hide the truth in the hopes that it will go away…in doing so they feed suspicion and hate.

Pathetic and disgusting!

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Closing Thought–07May21

I live in what is being called these days as the “New South”….I have questioned the title for some time… premise is that very little has changed from what is the “Old South”…….the racism that all seem to think that is on the wane is far from……

Those in-bred spineless white boys that keep winning thanx to the legislation that the old white boys keep enacting prove their bias….and the most recent example is from Tennessee……this idiot wants to re-write history with the hope of continuing the racial bias…..

A Tennessee Republican falsely declared Tuesday that an 18th-century policy designating a slave as three-fifths of a person was adopted for “the purpose of ending slavery,” commenting amid a debate over whether educators should be restricted while teaching about systematic racism in America. During lengthy debate on the GOP-controlled state House floor, several Black lawmakers expressed concerns about the bill’s impact on how certain subjects would be taught in schools, specifically highlighting the Three-Fifths Compromise, the AP reports. The policy was made during the nation’s Constitutional Convention in 1787 and classified that three-fifths of a state’s slave population could be counted toward its total population when apportioning taxes and states’ representation in Congress. Historians largely agree the compromise gave slaveholding states inordinate power over choosing a president—and decisions of the Continental Congress. That clout eventually faded when Northern state populations began to rapidly rise.

Rep. Justin Lafferty, who is white, stood up and talked at length about what he saw as sparking the compromise. At one point he asked colleagues to note on paper their best guess for the reasons that led to the policy. “By limiting the number of population in the count, they specifically limited the number of representatives who would be available in the slave holding states and they did it for the purpose of ending slavery,” said Lafferty, from Knoxville. “Well before Abraham Lincoln. Well before Civil War.” None of the other lawmakers in the chamber directly challenged Lafferty’s false claims but some applauded when he finished talking. While the House overwhelmingly approved the legislation on Tuesday, the GOP-controlled Senate chamber refused to accept the House bill hours later. Its fate now remains unclear in the final days of the legislative session.

Historical revisionism just to keep the minorities in their “place”.

I would say that the New South smells as racist as the Old South….What about you?

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An Education Of Lies

It all began with the 1776 Commission Report.

But wait!

What is the 1776 Commission?

First of all this Commission to revise history had NO historians in the make-up….

The “1776 Report,” released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, followed Donald Trump’s September announcement to form a commission to refute teachings on systemic racism, critical race theory, and deeper examinations of how slavery has affected American society.

The “crusade against American history is toxic propaganda, ideological poison, that, if not removed, will dissolve the civic bonds that tie us together, will destroy our country,” he said at the time.

The report is a clear rebuke of the “1619 Project,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning report by the New York Times published in 2019. It argues the true founding of America was not in 1776 as the new nation declared its independence from Britain, but in 1619 when the first enslaved people were brought to the shores of the Virginia colonies. The Times’ report, led by reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, set off a firestorm among conservatives, especially as many educators embraced its overall message, and sought solutions for history lessons that often watered down or ignored parts of American history that grappled directly with oppression and subjugation of people on the basis of race.

If you would like to read this ‘report’ for yourself…..

Click to access The%20President%E2%80%99s%20Advisory%201776%20Commission%20-%20Final%20Report.pdf

Now this pack of BS will be taught to the children of South Carolina (of course it will start there)…..

Republican state legislators in South Carolina on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require public school students to receive conservative historical education consistent with the “principles and concepts” of former President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission Report, a move that ignores the widespread rebuke of historians and progressive activists that accompanied its initial release.

S. 534, the Restore America’s Foundation Act, would mandate at least 30 hours of “instruction in United States foundational history” for the state’s public middle and high school students, WCSC reports.

“We have, in today’s society, a lot of disrespect for the flag, the national anthem, and that sort of thing,” the bill’s sponsor, State Sen. Dwight Loftis—a Greenville Republican—told WCSC. “The knowledge of where we came from and why our forefathers did what they did, I think it’s important that we know.”

However, critics note that Trump’s 1776 Commission—an 18-member panel that had no historians—whitewashes slavery and asserts universities are pushing anti-Americanism by exploring the nation’s roots of oppression, cruelty, exploitation, and greed.

This sounds a lot like the revisionism I got while attending school in Mississippi in the 50s and 60s.

When will we face the truth about our history?

This is nothing but a tool to try and change the way our children view this country…..and the stupid will continue as long as there is NO standardized education.

How far will this ignorance extend?


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Sore Losers

The analysis of the 2020 election is still going on…..and on…..

By now most everyone knows Biden won the election and by now we all know that Trump is being a dick by refusing to accept that he lost the election.

He may leave the White House but I doubt that he will ever admit that he lost the election because he was a terrible president.

First of all was the election of 2020 some sort of a mandate or just a ‘vote against Trump’?

My thought is that it was the later….there is NO Dem mandate….but others thoughts…..

Every election year is accompanied by countless analyses of why Americans voted the way they did. The 2020 election is no different. Liberal and Democratic Americans who were hoping for an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden were disappointed, although the Democratic candidate did defeat a sitting president by nearly 6 million votes. This is itself noteworthy considering how infrequently incumbent presidential candidates lose reelection in the post-World War II era.

The questions that arise now are simple enough: what caused Trump to lose the election, and to what extent did Americans vote for Biden, as opposed to voting against Trump? Answers to these questions emerge from a careful examination of pre-election polling and Edison’s national exit polling, the latter of which surveyed both in-person and mail-in/absentee voters to collect information on voters’ demographic backgrounds and their political and economic motivations. What we find is that mass anger at racial injustice, the disaster of Covid-19, and the depressed economy that accompanied it, were all chief difference makers in the election outcome.

Election 2020: a Democratic Mandate or a Vote Against Trump?

Now that I made that point…..the real reason for this post is to look back into history and see about the sore losers of the past…..

Trump isn’t the first sore loser in history. Many of them have whined their way into obscurity, but others have been able to do real damage. Driven by ego and resentment, some sore losers have engaged in the personal destruction of their opponents, their parties, or even their countries. A look back provides a sober counterpoint to the shrugs with which we might otherwise greet Trump’s tantrums.

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Theft Of Culture

As a historian and an amateur archeologist I find little more disgusting than the theft of artifacts….that is stealing a people’s culture and history.

One of the largest “hobby shops” is Hobby Lobby and the owner of the corporation has also opened a museum of the bible…..within that “museum” many stolen artifacts were found in the displays… short I wrote about these before…..first about 5 years ago and then 3 years on….. and

I bring this up because more artifacts, which should belong to the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Dead Sea Scrolls on display in the “museum” have found to be fakes…..

It would be more accurate to call the “Dead Sea Scrolls” at a museum in Washington, DC, the “Old Sandal Fakes,” researchers say. A team of art fraud experts spent six months analyzing the supposed scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible and concluded that billionaire Steve Green, owner of the Hobby Lobby chain, had paid millions of dollars for forgeries that were probably made from Roman-era shoe leather made to resemble ancient parchment, the Guardian reports. The company hired to examine the fragments said they all appeared to be “deliberate forgeries created in the 20th century with the intent to mimic authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments.” The museum says it will remove the scroll fragments from display while it is closed during the coronavirus crisis.

The researchers say the forgers imitated the writing of ancient Hebrew scribes and coated the leather in “shiny amber material … most likely animal skin glue,” the BBC reports. In 2018—a year after the $500 million museum opened—scholars determined that at least five of its 16 scroll fragments were fakes. The original scrolls were found in caves on the shore of the Dead Sea in 1947. Experts say the researchers’ finding cast doubt on all 70 of the supposed scroll fragments that went on the market after 2002, when an antiquities dealer’s son claimed to have found them in a family vault. Dr. Jeffrey Kloha, the museum’s chief curatorial officer, says the “sophisticated and costly methods employed to discover the truth about our collection could be used to shed light on other suspicious fragments.”

Sucks being them, Hobby Lobby, when you try to prove something that may be unable to prove you will fall for every con known to man.

If any of those artifacts are real then they belong to the nation of their origin….the West has already stolen more artifacts than they have returned.

Just saying…….

Please take the time to read the links I have provided……

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What If Archduke Ferdinand Had Survived?

Last year we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the end of the Great War, World War One…..

As a history buff I am always interested in this war because it was the birth place of the world we live in today.

The War began when Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated in Serbia in 1914…and as I like to do….a “what if”……

What if the person that started the war had not died in Serbia in 1914……

World War One was a tragedy with particularly Austrian roots, sparked by the assassination of the heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914. But could the war have been avoided if he had not been killed? And would the Austro-Hungarian Empire have survived?

Those are the questions that have been posed at a conference at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, which has been training diplomats since 1754.

For at least one person at the conference, the “what if?” question was personal. Maria Camilla Habsburg Lothringen, a descendant of Austria’s former royal family, says the scenario is “quite intriguing” and would have changed her family’s fate.

“We would maybe have a different position here in Austria. Maybe we would have more possessions and more responsibility in our functions.”

However she says the thought of royal responsibilities and the lack of personal freedom makes her a little “uptight”. And the war, she says, is clearly about far more than just the fate of her own family.

“World War One was such a dramatic occasion. To look back at the past and ask what went wrong and learn out of that is a very important thing.”

Think if the war had been avoided….think of all the millions that would have lived to old age……think about the world we may have had to live in today.

Any thoughts to share?

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Why the right hates American history –

I write about educational issues and especially when the Right tries to re-write history in our schools to fit some often perverted thinking….you know what I mean…..items like trying to sugar coat slavery…..

Have you ever read such pieces and then asked yourself…..why does the Right hate American history?

Well if you have there is an article that tackles this question….

Thomas Jefferson knew that education is vital to a functioning Democratic Republic. Conservatives have other ideas

Source: Why the right hates American history –

Democracy: What A Way To Run A Country

I grow weary of the mental midgets that are always going on about our American Democracy….. we do NOT have a democracy and constantly repeating a lie does not make it so…..

Every election has me thinking about the political process in this country……we seem to be moving further and further away from the ideals that made this country great….or so it would seem.

With each election we are bombarded with slogans out the wa-zoo…..most of them have nothing to do with reality and that is no more obvious than when some candidate starts a diatribe on our “democracy”…..

Since I have taken upon myself a post on our democracy…..then you know what is to follow right?  That’s right a little historical context……(pause here for the high sighs……. the groans and moans)……..

Back in the days when I was lecturing when I was there talking about political theory….there was always someone that wanted to throw the democracy thing out there trying to catch the old Prof. off guard……

The truth is that the Founding Fathers had a pack of differing opinions on how to run this country…..and most did not want a democracy…….James Madison summed it up fairly well…..

“Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths … A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” — James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 10.

We, the people, were never intended to run the country….rather we were to pick an elite to be our representative…..hence the term “representative democracy”…..even the great philosopher Socrates had a extreme dislike for democracy….he compared it to a ship of mutinous fools….to quote Socrates….”The ship’s captain is locked away, the navigator ignored and the crew  has ears only for the foolish words of their rebellious demagogue leader who just promises them what they want”………..democracy, in other words,  is leadership by the stupid, who make unrealizable promises to the ignorant……..( damn!  sounds a lot like our present day campaigns……why change what is so successful?).

Keep one thing in mind……you were NEVER intended to be eligible to be president…this country was formed by rich people for rich people…you are an inconvenience that they tolerate……

And the beat goes on………to New Hampshire.

The Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife

It is a Sunday and since I do not post much on religious subjects….what better day to break that streak that on a Sunday?  Amen and pass the news!

In the past 50 years or so there have been many little known “gospels” being located in isolated places around the world…….stuff like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library of scriptures that have all but been forgotten…..

We have found the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Truth and on and on….but the one that has caused the most violent of responses to its content is the one that gives an alternative to the story we are told in Sunday school…….the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife……

Since Harvard University professor Karen King first reported in 2012 her discovery of what appears to be an ancient papyrus in which Jesus is suggested to have a wife, the authenticity of the so-called “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” has been the subject of much claim and counterclaim. Even the very ink is hard to test because the papyrus scrap is so small. But now LiveScience is reporting that new ink research conducted at Columbia University suggests the document is not a forgery and could indeed date back to ancient times, though researchers aren’t revealing more until their peer-reviewed findings are published. King isn’t saying much, either, though she did write in a letter in the Biblical Archaeological Review that “when discussions and research are ongoing, I think it is important, however difficult, to stay open regarding the possible dates of the inscription and other matters of interpretation.”

Meanwhile, new documents have surfaced perhaps countering the argument that the person who sold the Coptic-language papyrus to the anonymous person who passed it on to King wasn’t in fact in possession of it. King said last year that the anonymous owner provided her with a photocopy of the contract for the sale of six “Coptic papyrus fragments, one believed to be a Gospel,” from the German in question, Hans-Ulrich Laukamp, dated Nov. 12, 1999, and signed by both parties. A LiveScience reporter has since found seven signatures on five publicly available and notarized documents belonging to Laukamp, which at least provides the opportunity to verify the authenticity of his signature. The British Museum, meanwhile, is in possession of a Syriac-language manuscript dating from AD570 that is said to be a copy of an older document suggesting Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife, reports (This book claims Jesus had two kids with Mary Magdalene.)

I am sure that this will be debated until the cows come home……with no real accurate conclusion…..personally, I cannot see a Jewish guy in his 30s back in the day that was unmarried…..would have been a source of friction in the society……of course what do I know….I was not there…..and neither was anyone else I know……

Will we ever know the truth?

Lies Agreed Upon

First let me announce that sometime yesterday In Saner Thought got its 200,000th hit…….kinda cool……thank you one and all……

Secondly some sad news….the great actor Omar Sharif has died at age 83……a great actor and a championship bridge player…..he will be missed….may he rest in peace…….

History seems to be running a blistering pace….South Carolina has votes to take down the Confederate flag and put it where it belongs in a museum……this has take a long time but now at least South Carolina can put some of their racist past behind them.  Now the rest of the New South needs to jump on this bandwagon.

When I was in school my favorite teacher, Mr. Clark, had a sign above his desk that read….”History:  Lies Agreed Upon”………..when this country is trying to move past some of our less attractive history…..there are others that are trying to re-write their history………

About 5 million Texas schoolchildren will get their hands on brand-new social studies textbooks when school starts up again, the Houston Chronicle reports—textbooks that USA Today says are “misleading, racially prejudiced, and, at times, flat-out false.” The beef with the new primers: They’re in keeping with state education standards adopted in 2010 that gloss over slavery as the main impetus for the Civil War, instead placing it as a peripheral factor behind “sectionalism” and “states’ rights,” reports the Washington Post. Slavery was merely a “side issue to the Civil War,” one member of the state’s board of education said when the standards—which include Moses and Solomon as prime influencers in the founding of our country—were greenlit in 2010. Per the Post, the new standards “barely address racial segregation,” and the state’s guidelines for history instruction have zip on the Jim Crow laws or the Ku Klux Klan.

Many critics aren’t on board with the new standards, revamped to correct what the board thought was a too-liberal stance on American history. Ex-Education Secretary Rod Paige tried to sway the board in 2010, saying, per the Texas Tribune, “I’m of the view that the history of slavery and civil rights are dominant elements of our history and have shaped who we are today. We may not like our history, but it’s history, and it’s important to us today.” But his pleas seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, because the standards were pushed through with the states’ rights angle. The Washington Post editorial board published its take on the matter Monday, writing that “by distorting history, Texas tells its students a dishonest and damaging story about the United States that prevents children from understanding the country today.”

I am a history junkie……I look for historical evidence in everything I research……but I have found NOTHING that categorized slavery as a “side issue”…….

This is a dis-service to the students of Texas…….and this will not be the only incident of people trying to re-write history……