Revisionist History

There is a plan under foot, especially in Red States, to teach an sanitized version of history….to the point of banning some of our history from being taught.

These attacks on education is making the Red State citizens a stupid pack of idiots…..non-issues are being used to re-write American history….

Apparently these attempts are successful so successful that even Russia will try there hand at rewriting history…..

After being accused of committing atrocities in Ukraine, and facing global opposition for its invasion, Russia is taking a step to control the narrative among its people early. The Education Ministry has announced the starting age for compulsory history lessons in its schools will be 7, down from 10. It’s part of a campaign to stress patriotic education, the Moscow Times reports. In Russia’s history lessons, Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov said: “We will never allow it [to be written] that we somehow treated other nations—our fraternal nations of Ukraine and Belarus—poorly. We will do everything in our power so that historical memory is preserved.”

Historical education will be added to the teaching of other subjects, as well, per the Times. It’s important that students learn their nation’s history, President Vladimir Putin told “The Power Is in the Truth,” a schools forum. “A deep understanding of our history, and a respectful, thoughtful attitude to the great patriotic, spiritual, and cultural heritage of the Fatherland enables us to draw correct conclusions from the past,” Putin said. As of Sept. 1, schools will begin each week by raising the Russian flag and singing the national anthem, Kravtsov said.

Think about that!

Russia is doing the same thing that our Red States are doing….suppressing history…revising events to suit an ideology…..

Online and offline, digi-fascism thrives from designing an illusionary world of individual experiences and spaces in which the supposedly oppressed and insecure can feel at ease. Now they are protected from an accelerated and ever increasing complexity of modernity.

Right-wing extremist’s propaganda constructs this idyllic and pre- or better: anti-modern world as a place in which an imagined white majority no longer needs to fear the loss of its social privileges. Ideologically speaking, digi-fascism follows an old but proven playbook.

The Rise of Digi-Fascism

States like Texas and Minnesota want to do away with the Public Education Act…that is they do not think they should be educating children….how damn sad is that movement?

All I can do is shake my head at the stupidity and the wholesale ignorance in this world….it is a pandemic and I refuse to let stupidity and ignorance infect me.

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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22 thoughts on “Revisionist History

  1. The entire public education History cirricula in The United States has already been revised severely for as many years as I can remember. It began for me with sanitized lessons in how Christopher Columbus discovered America — never mentioning what happened to the native people’s he encountered ….how the White Man was forced to clear the land of all the murdering savages in order to live safely in the land given to them by God — How we were supposed to hate the Japs and the Germans during the Second World War because they were the cause of all the ills of the world …How segregationist and rich man Lincoln rose from poverty stricken childhood to grant freedom to the black minority when in all reality his plan was to ship them all off to Liberia on specially constructed navy ships …. My History lessons always stressed the God given rights of the white race to enjoy white privilege over all others and that all others were just that, “Others,” “Lessers,” “Inferiors.” The Right Wing is just doing what has always been done a little more intensely as they try to prepare us all for their future Reich in America.

    1. I was fortunate I had a mother who made sure that all history was learned…..what they neglected in school she provided insight. chuq

      1. I had a dad who did the same thing for me and that is the reason I was raised to be a segregationist bigot. I learned better as I got older.

      2. Mine have me an inquiring mind…..that lead we to college…..and a desire to know all I can on a subject….not just the BS from the ‘master race’ chuq

      3. My dad thought he was the master race .. if he didn’t know something, he would make up a fact to prove it. Nobody was allowed to question my dad about anything … between him and his famous invisible group of cohorts which he referred to simply as “They say this” or “They say that” he was an immovably God figure in our family …Do not argue with dad or he might just throw the pot of stew against the kitchen wall and storm out of the house …

      4. My father was a screaming racist and he and I would argue constantly…..he would just clam up and pout for hours… violence…..chuq

  2. Right wingers shout “historical revisionism” where as historians in the know understand historical negationism or ahistorical arguments are the problem.

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Red states were already stupid! Stupidity spreads! Here … “Russia is doing the same thing that our Red States are doing … suppressing history … revising events to suit an ideology …”

  4. This line stops me in my tracks when reading the red take on CRT – “…we must stop schools from teaching things that make our children hate their country”. My mother used to say not everything is black and white, there are many shades of gray. Now we don’t even have black and white!

  5. The BBC had a report about Russia ‘erasing’ Ukraine from its history books and only claiming it is part of Russia. Given how many young people live in both countries and are aware of what is happening now, I doubt that will ever be successful.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  6. Maybe they can get a channel run by a Christian Zionist half-Jew, who is obsessed with impressing the Jewish Right in Israel, he can bring on anyone who sounds smart saying how the Ukrainian People and Germans are actually ungrateful and were never victims of genocide.

    We have that, it’s called FOX NEWS.

    I mean have you seen how many Native American Genocide Deniers they bring on.

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