Why the right hates American history – Salon.com

I write about educational issues and especially when the Right tries to re-write history in our schools to fit some often perverted thinking….you know what I mean…..items like trying to sugar coat slavery…..

Have you ever read such pieces and then asked yourself…..why does the Right hate American history?

Well if you have there is an article that tackles this question….

Thomas Jefferson knew that education is vital to a functioning Democratic Republic. Conservatives have other ideas

Source: Why the right hates American history – Salon.com

6 thoughts on “Why the right hates American history – Salon.com

  1. Excellent article… I feel compelled to mention almost every part of it is a detailed examination of the issues and ideas I present on a regular basis on ECR, and, bears out every point I’ve made over the years…. it’s like a summary of all my politirants in one place…. Superb, and I’ll probably steal it to use….

    Thanks….Good find, & post…


      1. They think it needs rewriting in case somebody finds a copy of the original and challenges their thrust to become Dominionists over everything and everybody. They are rewriting History to accomodate their Dominionist Theology and to give a take over of the world a credible face.

      2. I think it is the country they are concerned about…I just do not see how the “reclaim the seven mountains of culture”: government, religion, media, family, business, education, and arts and entertainment. can be accomplished by re-writing history….but then I probably do not care to see it….

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