The Theft Of History

Closing Thought–03May18

As a history wonk and have been to many historical sites I was sadden by war and the theft of historic artifacts…..they say that ISIS is using the stolen artifacts to fund their operations ……

I think anyone that buys stolen artifacts needs to be shot for stealing a people’s history…..and one of the biggest thieves was American company Hobby Lobby….

When their Museum of the Bible was busted for having massive amount of stolen artifacts I post this post….

Now they have returned many of the artifacts in the Museum…….

Hobby Lobby’s “passion for the Bible” may have made it a bit overzealous when it came to purchasing antiquities from other lands. The arts and crafts retailer obtained thousands of illegally smuggled artifacts from Iraq in 2010—then subsequently agreed to send them back—and now that day has come. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced that 3,800 of the 5,500 ancient items purchased from dealers in the UAE and Israel will be sent back to Iraq on Wednesday, per NPR. The cuneiform tablets (some from the ancient Sumerian city of Irisagrig), cylinder seals, and other items are “mostly legal and administrative documents, but also include an important collection of Early Dynastic incantations and a bilingual religious text from the Neo-Babylonian period,” an ICE statement notes.

“These pieces are very important to us and they should be returned home … to Iraq, to the rightful owner of these pieces,” an Iraqi Embassy official tells NPR. The DOJ had filed a civil action complaint in July 2017 after Hobby Lobby purchased the artifacts for $1.6 million, with the intention of displaying them in the Museum of the Bible it opened last fall in Washington, DC. That purchase was made despite the company being warned by an archaeological ace that the artifacts could be stolen and that Hobby Lobby should make sure to definitively identify them. Some of the artifacts that came into the company’s possession were mislabeled on either their contents or place of origin. It’s not clear if Hobby Lobby, which said it made “regrettable mistakes” during the purchase, knew the artifacts were obtained illegally, or the status of the other 1,700 artifacts it purchased in the 2010 deal.

Will these bastards go unpunished?  They did not know they were stolen?  They spent $1.6 million and did not vet the people they were doing business with…..they knew!  Now the question is what will be their sentence for buying stolen goods?

If it were me I would be under the jail and the key thrown away….but this is a corporation and “good Christians and they will get off scott free.

Talk about BS….this is it a big pile of it.


13 thoughts on “The Theft Of History

  1. The debate over The Elgin Marbles in the British Museum in London continues. Greece wants them back, understandably, and it will probably end in a court battle. I signed a petition to return them to Greece some time ago, and it still hadn’t been decided.
    I think that ISIS destroying so many ancient places and monuments is tragic. The world would be a dull place indeed, with them in control.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’m conflicted. The history should not be lost, but how long will they survive back where ISIS can get to them more easily?

      1. Shucks! 🙂
        If I have listen to anymore ? comments…lordy I would say..just how naive people are….she say’s thro gritted teeth…still I used to like teaching,now it is back to kindergarten….I’m getting old chuq…now where is my whisky?

      2. If you have time,go over to at josephdavies…he lays it all bare re zionism & the new world will see that zionism has infiltrated every corner of the earth..China/ silk road going back..Israel is the head of the serpent.Technology,robots,atificial intelligence,etc..they appear to be waiting for the messiah to return…& soon they will rule all.Palestine is a minor irritant..the world as the old folk know it,is gone,& the kids will have to deal with this brave new world…as long as they find the time to look up from their I phones.Lord help us..all is run by the Israel lobby here…does not matter whether it is left/right politics…their stench is here to stay…best get back to banging my head against the wailing wall.. Now where did I put my Kippot? 😦

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