Do You Trust American Institutions?

A great question for our times.

The consensus is that we Americans do not trust our well worn institutions.

Americans are feeling uneasy, and it’s hard to blame them. The things they want to change — inflation, COVID-19 case numbers, rising violent crime in some cities — seem more and more intractable. There was one big, abrupt shift in American life at the end of June, when the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion. But that wasn’t a change most Americans wanted.

This sense of dissatisfaction showed up in a recent poll from Gallup, which asked Americans how much confidence they have in various institutions. The survey found that since last June, when Gallup last asked this set of questions, Americans’ confidence in almost every institution has dropped. In the poll, which was conducted before the justices released their decision on abortion but after a draft of the opinion leaked, the biggest shifts were for the presidency, which saw a 15-percentage-point drop, and the Supreme Court, which saw an 11-point drop. But overall, the national mood is sour. Americans’ average confidence in 14 of the institutions that Gallup asked about was only at 27 percent — the lowest point since Gallup began the survey in 1979.

What Happens When Americans Don’t Trust Institutions?

One of those institutions is the news…..both local and national…..

Americans thanks to social media and wild conspiracies have taken the place of a trusted evening news…..

Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news has plummeted to an all-time low, according to the latest annual Gallup survey of trust in U.S. institutions.

Why it matters: The erosion of trust in media is one of the most significant signs of deepening polarization in America.

  • Political party affiliation has become the primary driver of opinions about the media’s trustworthiness, as Gallup has noted.
  • A 2021 poll from Pew Research Center found that Republicans are far less likely to trust media sources that are considered “mainstream.”

Details: Television news is today considered the second-least trusted institution in the country, following Congress, according to the poll.

  • While other institutions have also experienced precipitous declines, including banks and the medical system, others — like small business and the military — have held steady over the past few decades.

By the numbers: The trust fall in the news media been driven mostly by Republicans, according to the data.

  • Just 5% of Republicans said they had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in newspapers, compared to 35% of Democrats.
  • Only 8% of Republicans said they had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in TV news, compared to 20% of Democrats.
  • Independents’ views are generally closer to Republicans’.

The big picture: The media trust gap between Democrats and Republicans began to widen during the the Bush and Obama administrations, but grew dramatically during the Trump era and has continued to widen.

  • Censorship and media bias have become a rallying cry among conservatives, prompting a slew of new media and tech investments, including alternative social media networks, entertainment companies and podcast networks.

The demise of local newspapers have signaled the divide in opinions…..and the country suffers….

Around two newspapers in the U.S. are closing every week, according to a new report, suggesting the local news crisis spurred by the pandemic will worsen in coming years.

Why it matters: Hyperlocal communities are being disproportionately impacted by the fall of local newspapers compared to bigger cities, deepening America’s economic divide.

How does this effect the nation….my thoughts are scary (at least to me) because I see stupid invading all aspects of our daily lives….

The average person will by a heavy price for their laziness and ignorance.

They have been warned… I do not want to hear any whining when it all goes to crap.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


7 thoughts on “Do You Trust American Institutions?

  1. The Russians are running the Republicans and the Republicans are purposely driving the growing distrust among Americans of the media, the other institutions and each other …because the Republicans know that a house divided cannot long endure ..and the Republicans and their Russian bed buddies want to bring America to the point where the Republicans can appear to be the Saviors of The Day and gain the power to institute their Soviet-inspired fascism — complete with an all powerful “King” figure …and enjoy a future of uncontrolled authoritarian rich white man rule … without any interference from the poor, the infirm, scientists, academics, homosexuals, deformed individuals, mentally-challenged individuals, — They want to build their own rich white man master race …that is what is coming if American’s don’t wake up … and soon.

      1. The thirties saw in the US the German American Bund.
        Emigrated from Germany tobthe US.Became Americans or were already several generations in the US. The KKK was also active. The basic prejudices were already present.

      2. That bigotry goes way back further than the 30s……inclusion has never been a popular trend here. chuq

  2. I won’t comment on America, but I can tell you that I certainly do not trust any British Institutions. This country is becoming corrupt to the core.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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