Uvalde Again

Uvalde makes the news….again.

The scene of a recent mass shooting in Texas makes the news again…this time with a video showing the police standing around jerking off while children were murdered…..

The Austin American-Statesman has viewed a 77-minute surveillance video from the hallway of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on the day a gunman massacred 19 students and two teachers, USA Today reports. The footage is not graphic, but offers what USA Today calls “an unabridged view of police inaction,” including an hour of an increasing number of police officers and amount of shields and powerful weapons waiting in the hallway before entering the classroom. It helps to clarify the confusing timeline of the tragedy, and it clears up one point that “has become a matter of contention,” per USA Today: the arrival of troopers from the Department of Public Safety on the scene.

The Uvalde mayor has accused the DPS director of casting local law enforcement as scapegoats even though DPS officers were also on the scene, and the video does confirm their presence. It also shows the 46 minutes during which officers, who already had multiple assault rifles and ballistic shields, waited for yet more shields and tear gas canisters to arrive while they discussed various options for entering the classroom. The next question is whether the video will be released to the general public: Hours after Rep. Dustin Burrows announced that DPS and the mayor had reached a deal to release it, DPS said it could not release it because the Uvalde DA has instructed it not to, ABC News reports.

Of course the people that were ‘in charge’ on the day are worried about the video’s release and have come up with a lame excuse……

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin slammed the Austin American-Statesman and KVUE Tuesday for releasing surveillance video taken inside Robb Elementary School during the May 24 mass shooting. The mayor, speaking during a town council meeting Tuesday night, called the move “one of the most chicken things I’ve ever seen,” the Hill reports. McLaughlin said the city had been planning to release the footage on Sunday, but without the sound of gunshots or images of the gunman entering the school. Families of victims “don’t need to relive that—they’ve been through enough,” the mayor said. The 82-minute video shows officers waiting for 77 minutes before they confronted the gunman.

Council member Ernest King also criticized the news organizations. “That part of that video was not supposed to be in what they’re doing on Sunday,” he said. “They did that for ratings and they did that for money.” State Rep. Dustin Burrows said earlier Tuesday that a panel investigating the shooting planned to show a version of the video to families Sunday before it was publicly released. The American-Statesman, which has defended its release of the video as a way to shed light on police inaction, says some residents at the council meeting approved of the release and criticized a lack of transparency from the mayor

Excuses by lame ass politician to protect their butts…..they could care less about the parents sensibilities…..the more out there the more trouble for the city and the police….that is what they are trying to control.

Everyone involved needs to be punished for allowing children to die needlessly…..PERIOD!

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Ukraine Wins The War Zone Lotto!

Dollars, Euros, pounds…..and the cash keeps flowing into Ukraine daily…..I have bitched about the US dollars that just keeps Ukraine in the battle…..but the US is NOT alone…..

European Union nations on Tuesday approved fresh aid for Ukraine as the country faces growing economic damage from Russia’s invasion.

Finance ministers from the 27-nation EU gave the go-ahead on Tuesday to 1 billion euros ($1 billion) in loans to the Ukrainian government.

The sum brings to 2.2 billion euros the total amount of EU macro-financial assistance to Kyiv this year. An initial 1.2 billion-euro EU loan package got the green light from the bloc’s finance chiefs days before Russia’s full-scale Feb. 24 attack.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, in mid-May proposed extra assistance of up to 9 billion euros to Ukraine. The planned 1 billion-euro payout is part of this initiative, which comes as Russia makes advances in eastern Ukraine and casualties mount on both sides.

“This will give Ukraine the necessary funds to cover urgent needs and ensure the operation of critical infrastructure,” said Zbynek Stanjura, finance minister of the Czech Republic, which currently holds the EU’s rotating presidency, in a statement.


I know I bitch a lot about the wasting of taxpayer cash on a cause that has no consequences for the US….so why stop now?

Another weapons package to be sent to Ukraine…..

The $400 million was pulled from the $40 billion Ukraine aid bill that President Biden signed back in May. It was authorized using presidential drawdown authority, which allows the president to send Ukraine weapons directly from the US military’s stockpile with no congressional oversight.

The $40 billion aid bill is meant to last through September 30, which marks the end of the fiscal year for the US federal government. Combined with the $13.6 billion bill that was already spent, the US will spend about $54 billion in total on the war in Ukraine in the 2022 fiscal year unless more funds are authorized.

It’s likely that billions more in spending for Ukraine will be approved for the 2023 fiscal year as the US says it will support Ukraine for a long time. Last week, at the NATO summit in Madrid, Biden said he was ready to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes” to defeat Russia.


Apparently the billions we have already sent to Ukraine is not enough…..an additional package is being put together…..

The US on Tuesday announced it was sending $1.7 billion in new aid to fund the Ukrainian government that is meant to pay Ukrainian healthcare workers and support other “essential services.”

The funds are coming from the US Treasury Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and are being pulled from the $40 billion Ukraine aid bill President Biden signed into law back in May.

Also on Tuesday, the EU approved a new Ukraine aid package for 1 billion euros ($1 billion) in loans. The 1 billion is the first payment that’s part of an EU plan to provide Ukraine with 9 billion euros in financial assistance.

While Western nations have been shipping billions of dollars worth of weapons into Ukraine, the leadership in Kyiv keeps asking for more, including more economic assistance. Last month, the head of the Ukrainian parliament’s financial committee said the government needs $5 billion in external aid, or it will have to make drastic budget cuts.

The $40 billion aid package Biden signed in May includes $8.5 billion for economic assistance. More spending for Ukraine could be approved soon as the $40 billion is meant to last through September 30, and President Biden has said he’s willing to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes.”

Before Russia’s invasion, Western officials often cited corruption in Ukraine’s government as a reason why Kyiv couldn’t join NATO or the EU. But those concerns have fallen by the wayside as billions in aid are flowing into Ukraine with virtually no oversight.


The key statement in that report is….” billions in aid are flowing into Ukraine with virtually no oversight.”

In other words we have NO idea where the cash is going…..mostly likely a percentage is finding its way into a few bank accounts…..

To illustrate this problem…..

The IG report reads: “As the DoD is building processes and procedures to ensure the transparency of the reporting for the Ukraine supplemental funds, we identified multiple areas of concern that, if not adequately addressed, could reduce the traceability of Ukraine supplemental funds and the transparency in the DoD’s reporting.”

Pentagon Watchdog Says Ukraine Aid Oversight Hindered By Bad Record-Keeping

I am still working on why I am one of the few that actually gives a crap how my money is spent.

We piss and moan about the cash spent on a social program but could care less when it is used for war and destruction…..where is the sanity there?

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