04 July 2022

Today the nation celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence which begin our struggle to be free of Mother England.

Some years ago I put down some thoughts on the Declaration of Independence…..


As you can read…..I believe that Thomas Paine was the true ‘Father” of this country….


The way things are going for this country it is good that we celebrate this day…..time for reflection on just what we have accomplished since 1776…..and what we have to lose if we are not careful.

We have had our ups and downs since 1776 but all the problems are nothing compared to what is happening today….slowly the very foundation that our Founders gave us is crumbling….we need to be much more vigilant or we will lose everything we have gained since those early days.

On this day we should not celebrate a person…..we should celebrate the ideals that made America the envy of the world…..those ideals have been tested in the past and we came through the ordeals unscathed….they are being tested yet again and the only thing I can say is….will be once again emerge from these trying days unscathed yet again?

Today I will be spending my time with food and family….I shall fire up the grill and spending my day with Sue and MoMo, the two most important females in my life.

Please enjoy your day and be safe….I will return tomorrow with my usual repartee….for this will be my only post for today.

Peace Out!