Closing Thought–20Jul22

Anyone that visits this blog knows that I think that there are more than one fool serving in Congress….people like Taylor-Green, Gaetz, Boebert, et al…I believe these idiots never intended to govern when elected but rather to perform for the cameras.

But I will admit that once in a awhile they surprise me and do something I can agree with (at least in principle)….like Trump they were those few occasions when I agreed with something that Trump said or planned to do (also at least in principle)…..

This is one of those times that I agree with the GOP idiots…..

Eighteen Republican lawmakers voted against the US allowing Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Among the dissenters in the Monday vote were some of the party’s farthest-right members, including Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Matt Gaetz (FL) and Lauren Boebert (CO).

The vote was a symbolic one to express support from the House for the applications — the formal process by which the US can ratify new NATO members takes place in the Senate.

The House bill passed easily with 394 votes, leaving the 18 Republicans in a small minority even among their own party.

I am against this move for it will just agitate Russia and Putin even more….it will prolong all the animosities that are prevalent today in our foreign policy.

Everything the Congress is doing is just provoking more outbreaks of hostilities and giving the M-IC a free pass to sell more death and destruction.

I hate it that I agree with these GOPers….but a good idea is a good idea NO matter where it comes from.


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20 thoughts on “Closing Thought–20Jul22

  1. Sure! Just hand these two countries over to the Russians with no means to defend themselves against an aggression that is sure to come seeing that Putin thinks of himself as a resurrection of Peter The Great and with many of the same territorial goals. It’s only a matter of time before Putin moves on all those countries that were once part of the Great Russian Empire — his intent and purpose should be clear to everyone. He has all but stated his intentions in this regard. I am thinking that even Alaska might be on his hit list too.

    1. I do not think Putin is that deluded…..this will do little in the world except make much more money for our defense industry. chuq

      1. In about 4 billion years when the andromeda galaxy crashes into and merges with our own, it won’t make much difference at all.

  2. Given Putin’s public comments over the past 15 years, regarding his ‘imperial’ ambitions for Russia, as well as his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, I fully endorse admitting Sweden and Finland, who have been NATO partners in all but name.

    To oppose this, is nothing short of the appeasement that we’ve witnessed before.

  3. Sweden was neutral in WW2, and Finland fought on the same side as Nazi Germany. Now they want to join NATO only because they fear Putin, and want protection. I would have turned them down. If they couldn’t fight Hitler, that says a lot. They showed their true colours a lifetime ago.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The Sweden and Finland of today are not the Sweden and Finland of the days of world war 2. Of course they fear Putin and want protection. Isn’t that what NATO is all about .. to offer mutual protection against an aggressor? And isn’t Putin a dangerous aggressor with imperialist dreams and visions intent on gobbling up vast swaths of Free Europe with his territorial ambitions? Somebody has to show their humanitarian instincts in this endeavor.

    2. My opposition has nothing to do with history….all it does is make more of these wars possible and possibly inevitable. chuq

  4. I fully understand chuq’s reasons for not wanting Finland and Sweden into NATO and I do not contest his anti-war stance one bit. But.. the singular question I have and I have not yet found in browsing about, is what was the reasoning behind those 18 GOP votes going the other way. I don’t know any of those GOP radicals to be one bit anti-war to vote using chuq’s valid reasoning. I strongly tend to suggest this was just political defiance for those 18… without any sense of reasoning at all.

    1. It is common knowledge by now that the controlling majority of the GOP no longer operates from the standpoint of reason. Their whole modus operandi has now become defense, defiance, discord, mindlessness, aggression, hate, prejudice, combativeness and recklessness.

  5. If you find that you agree with the actions of people operating under kompromat, it might be time to rethink the steps that got you there. In this case, reacting based on Putin’s feelings is a mug’s game.

    1. Thanx for your visit and comment…..we are where we are because of the expansion of NATO in the 1990s…..this plan has no chance of ending peacefully….for anybody. chuq

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