The Uvalde Report Is In

A report by the legislation of Texas has been finalized and issued to the public…..their findings are nothing short of expected…..stupidity and inaction were the rule of the day.

A Texas legislative report released Sunday spreads blame among law enforcement, the Uvalde school district, social media platforms, and the gunman’s family in the mass shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers. “Systemic failures and egregious poor decision making” allowed the gunman to kill at will for more than an hour despite the presence of 376 officers and the gunman’s complete lack of experience with firearms, the report says. The force gathered at Robb Elementary School on May 24 was larger than the one that defended the Alamo, the Tribune points out. The families of the victims received the preliminary, 77-page report Sunday morning and were scheduled to discuss it with members of the committee later in the day, per CNN.

The report identified no “villains” other than the gunman, “no one to whom we can attribute malice or ill motives.” But it detailed a sweeping breakdown and “an overall lackadaisical approach” to the crime. The officers who went to the school included 25 city police officers, 16 sheriff’s deputies, and five school district officers; the rest were federal or state officers, whose mandate includes responding to “mass attacks in public places.” District Police Chief Pete Arredondo said he assumed someone else was in charge that day. But the district’s active shooter response plan, which he co-wrote, says the chief will “become the person in control of the efforts of all law enforcement and first responders that arrive at the scene.” Local officers have received the most criticism, but the report points out that “these local officials were not the only ones expected to supply the leadership needed during this tragedy,” adding that officers from other agencies “could have helped to address the unfolding chaos.”

“They’re a joke. They’ve got no business wearing a badge,” said Vincent Salazar, grandfather of 11-year-old Layla Salazer, on Sunday, per the AP. “None of them do.” The report lists clear warning signs about the gunman that no one, including his family, acted on, per the Tribune. A year before he shot 21 people to death, other gamers gave him the nickname, “school shooter.” He told a girlfriend he wouldn’t live beyond 18. He was drawn to gore and violent sex online, sometimes sharing images of suicides and beheadings. He became furious when he lost games, threatening female players especially. He collected information about the mass shooting in a Buffalo supermarket. He spent time with a relative who went to Robb to learn about his schedule and lunch periods. An out-of-town friend grew concerned and offered to visit the gunman in July or August. “Damn that’s too late,” the 18-year-old answered.

Seriously?  No villains?

A white wash…..the cops that stood around while children died are more than villains…they were complacent….in the deaths of the children….a report to CYA the cops… always.

AS with most police situations….they just look the other way and blame someone else for their incompetence.

And the do-nothing attitude continues…..

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Rehash Of The ‘Day Of Infamy’

No not some history lesson of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor….but rather a real Day of Infamy when a rabid mob descended on DC and tried to basically take over the government and prevent the Congress from doing its Constitutional duty.

It is a rehash because the actions of the mental deficient POS on 06 January needs to be re-told and re-told so that the actions on this day so that the humans in our society NEVER forget the treasonous acts perpetrated on this against the nation.

Mike Jensen keeps a database of bad guys. As a senior researcher at the University of Maryland’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), part of Jensen’s job is to identify violent events that occur in the U.S. and investigate whether the people involved have any ties to extremism. If they do, he adds them to his database. 

In what he calls a “very active” year, Jensen says he might end up adding 300 individuals to the database. But after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, Jensen’s database grew dramatically. 

“We have three times that on one day that potentially qualify,” Jensen said.

After the attack on the Capitol, Jensen started putting together a social network consisting of individuals who had been charged in relation to Jan. 6 and had existing ties to extremist organizations. He found many of the defendants had connections to extremist groups prior to Jan. 6, and that these groups were connected to one another. Relationships between defendants and a shared belief in the Big Lie forged new connections between these disparate groups. It’s not that your local Proud Boys chapter is regularly planning a bowling night with the neighborhood sovereign citizens collective. But when a lie about a stolen election aligns with their respective ideologies, they’ll be sure to show up in Washington, D.C., to riot together.

More than 800 individuals have been charged in relation to the Jan. 6 attack. To identify who had existing ties to extremist organizations, Jensen analyzed court filings, news reports and social media posts. He found roughly a third of those charged had preexisting ties to extremist groups1 and nearly one in five also had verifiable contact with other defendants prior to Jan. 6.

Jan. 6’s Tangled Web Of Extremism

This may seem like old hat when the country is dealing with SCOTUS, inflation, mass shootings and support for a war that is needless funded by the US as a proxy war…..

Time for Americans to deal with real problems, real threats and real issues and leave the stupidity behind for the sake of the country.

This nation is sinking….it is a rudderless ship of state with NO captain…..the rocks to disaster loom and only the voter can find the solution needed to save it from sinking in these rough seas.

The seas will get rougher….

According to a report from Bloomberg News, former members of the one-term president Donald Trump’s cabinet, as well as other officials tied to him, are busy at work creating what is being described as a “shadow government” that will be ready to hit the ground running should he run for president — and win — in 2024.


With the former president hinting that he may announce his third bid for the presidency possibly in September, a large number of officials from former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway to former Homeland Security head Chad Wolf have signed on with the non-profit America First Policy Institute being run by former Trump cabinet member and World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon.

According to the report, the institute has assembled the group with the idea of not repeating the chaos of 2016 when Trump surprisingly won the election, and that should he not run and win in 2024, the organization is hoping whomever the GOP nominee is will make use of their roadmap.

Indeed….rough seas ahead!

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