That Usual Saturday News

The weekend begins and my service of providing my readers with the most worthless news out there…..hopefully they, my readers, will get a chuckle or two to start their weekend.

Spain has done something unique….I say bravo for Spain……

Spain has assured women that all of them are welcome on its beaches this summer. The nation’s equality ministry tweeted an image of five women of various ages and body types, one of whom appeared to have a mastectomy scar, with the message: “Summer is ours too. Enjoy it how, where and with whomever you want.” The tweet is part of a body positivity campaign produced by the ministry along with a Spanish rights group, NBC News reports. The Instituto de las Mujeres said Thursday it’s in response “to the fatphobia, hate and questioning of non-normative bodies, particularly women’s bodies that is more pronounced in the summer period.”

The campaign raised questions. A former leader of the United Left party called the effort absurd and said it’s an attempt to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Others wondered whether women really need the government’s permission to go to the beach. Some posts asked why men were excluded, adding photos of various male body types. The ruling Podemos party answered the criticism, per the Guardian, by tweeting, “If bodies bother you, you can stay home tweeting.”

This is just scary…..makes one want to stay away from the pleasures of watery vacay……

The Missouri resident who was infected with a brain-eating amoeba while visiting Iowa has died. The unnamed person is believed to have contracted the amoeba while swimming in Taylor County’s Lake of Three Fires in late June; the lake was closed afterward as a precaution. No other cases have been reported. “Because these cases are so incredibly rare and out of respect for the family, we do not intend to release additional information about the patient which could lead to the person’s identification,” the communications director from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services tells the Des Moines Register.

The Naegleria fowleri amoeba, which has been called “the worst parasite in the world,” causes primary amebic meningoencephalitis, which has a fatality rate of 97%. The rare but deadly series of events happens when, while in warm freshwater, the amoeba goes up a person’s nose. It travels from there to the brain tissue and starts destroying it. Headaches, fever, nausea, and vomiting are among the initial symptoms. Of the 154 cases reported in the US over the past six decades, only four people have survived, NBC News reports. The lake has not yet been confirmed as the source, and other public water sources are being tested, officials say.

This gives a whole new definition of the term ‘brain worms’….

I live on the Gulf Coast and it was once the hub of the seafood industry….but when it declined casinos too over…..but I live in the center of seafood and yet I do not eat any of it…..for all those lovers of shrimp there is bad news.

Despite its popularity, there are a few reasons people avoid this seafood: For starters, the contaminants and cholesterol in shrimp are two concerns. Then, add in the serious questions about farming and harvesting and you may be wondering if shrimp is bad for you.

But, even with the downsides, there are plenty of benefits to snacking on this tasty crustacean. “In addition to being a healthy protein option, shrimp is a great source of selenium, copper and B12, which are all important in many parts of metabolism,” says Amanda Lane, RD, CDCES, founder of Healthful Lane Nutrition.

Here’s what you need to know about shrimps’ health risks, benefits and how to pick quality seafood.

Just like all animal products, there are a few health and sustainability concerns with eating shrimp.

Since I do not consume seafood I do not fish….but sport fishing is a big industry for the Gulf region…..this report illustrates it can be dangerous as well as sporty….

A 70-year-old woman was stabbed by the bill of a 100-pound sailfish that leapt out of the water as her companions were trying to reel it in on a boat near the Florida coast, authorities said. The sailfish stabbed the woman from Arnold, Maryland, in the groin area with its pointed bill on Tuesday while she was standing in the boat as two companions tried to bring it in on a fishing line about two miles offshore from Stuart, Florida, according to a report from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, per the AP.

The companions applied pressure to the wound, and the woman was taken to Stuart for medical treatment. The woman told deputies that the incident happened so fast that she didn’t have time to react, according to the sheriff’s office report. Sailfish are among the fastest fish species in the ocean and, like the swordfish, are recognizable by their extended, pointed bills.

In these times of high inflation I try to give my readers something to help out their food choices…..this time it is roasted chick peas…..

Those cans of chickpeas sitting in your cupboard have been hiding an amazing secret. Roasted in the oven, chickpeas transform into a crispy, salty, savory snack. So tiny. So easy to eat by the handful. So irresistible. This is dangerous knowledge.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to this snack, please allow me to do the honors. Here is our step-by-step recipe for roasting chickpeas in the oven.

That be it for this Saturday……enjoy the read and enjoy your weekend… well and be safe….

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