Closing Thought–19Jul22

Events for the last 4 or 5 months have made it impossible for me to continue a regular feature here on IST……all the war in Ukraine and SCOTUS decisions and mass shootings etc….I will try to resurrect this feature.

This one for the “Can’t Fix Stupid’ files……education is the issue of this moronic statement…..

Vice News reports that a prospective GOP nominee for Maryland attorney general does not fit anything close to the Hogan mold.

Specifically, the publication notes that Maryland AG hopeful Michael Peroutka is a former board member of the neo-Confederate League of the South who says he’s “still angry” that Maryland was not able to secede during the American Civil War.

Additionally, Peroutka believes that LGBTQ marriage and abortion should be outlawed for going against “God’s law,” and he has also criticized the entire concept of public education as a communist plot whose goal is to “transform America away from a Christian worldview.”


A Communist plot?


You can tell he is an old fart…..clinging to the bullshit of socialism/Communism….a tired, very tired piece of crap.

Why do Christian seem to hate an educated person?

Just another fine example that “You Can’t Fix Stupid”!

Any thoughts to share?

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