Come September

September–I wish it was cheerful as the song by Earth, Wind And Fire….but sadly it is not….this is the possibility of another assault on the Capitol of the US……

It appears that the gutless swine that support the stupidity of Trump are planning to come to DC and ‘do it again’……this time in September…..

MAGA leaders are openly planning an event in September that pledges to return to the scene of the January 6th insurrection to “demand justice” on the hoax theory the people indicted at the insurrection are innocent political prisoners. This comes as GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is threatening companies to defy lawful requests from the bipartisan committee investigating the riot.

A planned rally (September) on the U.S. Capitol grounds that organizers say is intended to peacefully demand “justice” for hundreds of “political prisoners” charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection is raising law enforcement alarm and plans for beefed-up security measures.

Among measures being considered for the rally planned for Sept. 18 is re-installing some of the recently dismantled fencing around parts of the Capitol grounds, though no decision on that has been made, according to a person familiar with the planning.

The protest, “Justice for J6,” is being orchestrated by a group called Look Ahead America, directed by Matt Braynard, who was part of the data team for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“What we are looking for is pure patriotism. It’s American flags, American clothing, T-shirts that sort of thing. And I invite you to make your own signs demanding justice for these political prisoners — demanding justice for Ashli Babbitt,” Braynard said in a video posted this week on Twitter.

A disgusting display is planned….a spineless attempt to keep the ‘Big Lie’ in the media and on the minds of the slugs that support Trump.

The 18th looms large…will this be a repeat of 06 January or will these cowards change their minds?

Now the spokesman for that moronic bunch that calls themselves “Proud Boys’ are say something different than the reports….

The “Justice for J6” rally is expected to be attended by the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, two groups whose members have been charged with conspiracy for the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters seeking to overturn the 2020 election. The rally is being organized by Matt Braynard, a former Trump campaign operative.

“Braynard’s followers believe many of the more than 570 people who have been charged with federal crimes in the attack were nonviolent and “reasonably believed they had permission” to enter the Capitol, according to a Jan. 29 letter Braynard sent to the Department of Justice and FBI. Braynard’s letter demands prosecutors drop all charges,” The Washington Post reported. “Although local authorities have not provided crowd estimates, Look Ahead America estimates that 700 people will attend — up from an earlier estimate of 500 in a previous permit application.”

The response if it happens could be far more reaching than law enforcement is capable of controlling….why?

The GOP has lost control of its paramilitary wing…..

In fact, the government has already uncovered far-reaching conspiracies to attack the Capitol and stop the certification of the election. It alleges that three major paramilitary groups — the Oath Keepers, The Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters — conspired within their own ranks to commit violence to keep Donald Trump in power. In addition to plotting within their own ranks, these groups reportedly coordinated with each other. The point that Reuters’ anonymous sources were making was that there is as-yet little evidence these paramilitary operations were part of a single overarching plot orchestrated by a “civilian” leader, like Trump confidante and self-proclaimed dirty trickster Roger Stone. Maybe the paramilitaries acted on their own. This is a truly terrifying possibility given it would indicate the civilian wing of the Republican Party has finally lost control of the party’s paramilitary wing.

Members and associates of the Oath Keepers militia have already pleaded guilty to conspiring to disrupt the certification of the election, and many others are working their way through the courts on similar charges. The government alleges extensive coordination among the Oath Keepers in the run-up to January 6 and ongoing communication with their leader while they stormed the Capitol. Multiple Proud Boys have also been charged with conspiracy and other serious offenses stemming from the assault on the Capitol. The government alleges, and independent media reports confirm, that teams of Oath Keepers and Proud Boys were in the vanguard of the assault on the Capitol.

Crappy news I know….so let me leave you with the uplifting tune from Earth, Wind And Fire…..

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