Those Worthless Links

Before I go any further I need to wish all my fathers out there a very happy Fathers Day…

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When I post on something I try to include links so that my reader can check the information and my accuracy……as well as the back story so that gaps can fill in any blanks that I may have inadvertently left to the imagination.

Like on 08 June I posted an article remembering the dastardly attack in 1967 on the US Naval vessel, USS Liberty, there is a wealth of information about this attack that killed 34 sailors wounded many….and yet not one person click on the links to see the “rest of the story”.

Looks like since it was Israel that killed those sailors no one wants the story to be told… is as if no one gives a sh*t about the deaths and injuries. But let a couple Americans get killed in say a hijacking and these same Americans are ready to go to war.

I think it is PATHETIC that Americans care so little about our war dead.

I am rethinking the use of links.

Since they are about as useful as soiled toilet paper….why bother?

Why waste my time trying to help the reader understand complex issues?

Maybe I would do better if I wrote fluff pieces.  Self-help, fashion, yada yada yada……but I rule out mind numbing BS.  Or maybe try poetry again (tried and was a failure).

I read many posts that bitch about the condition of this country…..and yet those posts are about as well received as a rattlesnake in heat…..they want answer to what is happening then look no further than unused links.

I provide these links as a service to my readers….but few bother….so why continue to assist at every turn?

This type of apathy is what drove me out of political commentary for a decade….and it is very close to doing it again.

I fight every day trying to inform and educate….most of my effect falls on blind eyes… why bother?

Now I can understand why QAnon and the ilk are so popular….the people do not care!

Think about it….the country is going to Hell and rapidly and my most popular post is “Watermelon Makes You Horny”…..for me that says it all.

To say that I am a bit disappointed that few care enough to check the ‘rest of the story’ would be an understatement….keep in mind that when you are bitching about the state of our country and you look in a mirror then you are face to face with the problem.

Please do not misinterpret my post….I am proud of the followers and readers and commenters that visit IST on a regular basis….to those loyal readers I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I shall continue (for now) to write what I know….but the links may be sparse or non-existent….that is what I want to do….but I know that I will continue and hope concern will return.

Have a great day and enjoy the time with your children….

Peace Out!

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “Those Worthless Links

  1. I didn’t need the links on that occasion, as I had read the story previously on your blog. But I often click on your links that are not about the US Senate or Congress. (I don’t really understand those that much, and don’t know the people referred to.)
    For comparison, links I post are rarely clicked on, unless they have been ‘requested’. I just checked my stats, and four other bloggers have been clicked on today, but not one of my own links from the 4,261 posts I have published on this blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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