Pride Month–2021

June has been designated as Pride Month….

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You knew I could not let this slide by without some sort of historic perspective…….and you would be correct.

These are the same-sex couples in history……

History is recorded by individual human beings with their own beliefs and interests guiding what they choose to record, and, as such, many events and details may be omitted from the account of a certain event or the story of a great person’s life. This is especially so when considering so-called “gay history”.

“Gay history”, of course, is just history which includes mention of an individual’s sexual orientation. Same-sex relationships were regarded as simply another expression of human sexuality in the cultures of ancient civilizations and were not considered “shameful” or “sinful” until after the rise of Christianity, which condemned such relationships, not because they were “wrong” but because they were associated with other belief systems and practices.

Achilles & Patroclus–not-so-famous-same-sex-couples-in-anci/

I Read, I Write, You Know

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One thought on “Pride Month–2021

  1. There are many written references to the Greek Hoplites being male ‘couples’, usually of an older man with a younger lover. As it says in the article, this made them strong in action, and guaranteed they would do their utmost to protect and equal their lovers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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