“Qualified Immunity”

A term that is once again in the news as the 4 other policemen prepare to go to trial for the murder of Floyd in Minnesota…..

This is a process where the police because they wear a inform are protected from accountability…..

A narrow judicial principle created by the US Supreme Court, qualified immunity protects police from lawsuits unless plaintiffs can show police have been previously found to have violated a person’s rights in exactly the same manner. As a result, many cases never come to court and those that do are often dismissed.

Qualified immunity permits law enforcement and other government officials to violate people’s constitutional rights with virtual impunity. Today, we hear about police shooting after police shooting where officers are rarely if ever held accountable by the criminal legal system, either because prosecutors decline to charge, because grand juries decline to indict, or because juries decline to convict.

Qualified immunity takes away the other avenue that victims of police violence should have available to hold police accountable. But while stories like Brooks’s—abuses of authority that go completely unremedied—occur every day in our legal system, there is a coalition building against qualified immunity, and there is reason to be optimistic that things will change.

That means, where prosecutors often avoid bringing criminal charges against police, recourse through the civil courts for people whose rights were violated is often blocked.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police, an advocacy group based in Alexandria, Virginia, defends qualified immunity, saying it allows police to “make split-second decisions, and rely on the current state of the law in making those decisions”.


I have made my thoughts on this statue……https://lobotero.com/2021/05/07/end-qualified-immunity/

I do not believe that because a person wears a uniform does not allow them to act as they see fit and when they act recklessly they are protected from the law.

The term will be used more and more as the trial of the 4 police officers that stood by and did NOTHING to prevent the murder of a suspect will get some sort of protection.

They did NOTHING then they are GUILTY of accessory to murder….and should pay for their CRIME.

This needs to stop….if police reform is truly needed then the beginning is here…..

Then there is the problem of militarized police….that as well needs to end and there is a guide for us citizens on how to help bring about this obscenity….

In an effort to curtail police militarism, anti-war group Win Without War on Thursday released an activist guide titled Stop Militarizing Our Communities: 5 Things You Need to Know About the 1033 Program.

The activist guide was authored by Tanaya Sardesai, a student at Pomona College and a former intern at Win Without War, and centers on the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, which is responsible for supplying military weaponry to domestic law enforcement.

“Foreign policy and domestic policy are intertwined,” said Sardesai. “Violence committed against communities of color abroad fuels violence against communities of color at home. We must end state violence and knee-jerk militarism, wherever it occurs. Ending the 1033 program is a small but necessary step toward that.”


Be part of the solution not the problem!

Turn The Page!

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