Why I Hate The 24 Hour News Cycle

AS a political activist on many levels I enjoyed reading the news and write about what was happening here in this country and around the world….and then in 1980 Ted Turner started CNN and I was thrilled at the opportunity to have news whenever I wanted it….a writers dream.

That was then and this is now.

The media has become the driving force of the hegemony……Media hegemony is a perceived process by which certain values and ways of thought promulgated through the mass media become dominant in society.

Media hegemony has been presented as influencing the way in which reporters in the media – themselves subject to prevailing values and norms – select news stories and put them across.

Take the recent news about the pandemic…

A poll found that 13% of respondents overall said they will “definitely not” be vaccinated, signaling that significant hurdles remain in the nation’s vaccination campaign. (KHN is the editorially independent newsroom of KFF, an endowed nonprofit organization providing national information on health issues.)

Among all groups, Republicans and white evangelical Christians were the most likely to say they will not get vaccinated, with almost 30% of each group saying they will “definitely not” get a shot.

Now if these fools have decided not to get vaccinated then no amount of endless positive news on a loop will change their minds and yet I am still hearing the same news over and over.

If these people want to be stupid then I say screw them and move on.

And this is not the only time the MSM has beat a story to death to fill air time.

The media wants to drive the conversation no matter the issue…they are creating news instead of reporting it.

How can this be?

First of all thank the toads in the Clinton admin….they helped corporations buy the news so they can make the news.

As a news junkie there is only so much redundancy I can tolerate.

Then it is the constant use of the term “jab”….apparently the MSM thinks that we Americans cannot grasp the term inoculation…..then there is the term “the Big Lie” in constant use….first which Big Lie there have been so many…..second why must the attempt to invalidate an election be dumbed down to a two word slogan?

Apparently our attention span is worse than that of a goldfish and we are to be treated like a 4 year old.

Then there is the attention paid to pure bullsh*t like anything to do with celebs or anything that does NOTHING to effect your day.

Just a few things that makes me hate the 24 hour news cycle.

I have found that some of the English channels of international news organizations are more unbiased than anything here in the US.

Again all these ‘news’ organizations are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the government.

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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19 thoughts on “Why I Hate The 24 Hour News Cycle

  1. The dominance of the “latest” development was one of the things I resisted as a news editor. I preferred the kind of story that could wait a bit for the dust to settle and then offer perspective on the greater developments.
    The newspaper where I now live is published twice a month, not even weekly, but understands this longer view. The region’s readers take it seriously, for good reason, and I applaud it as a model of community journalism.

  2. When I worked for the Police in London, we had to have ‘rolling news’ on constantly. I got used to it, but fortunately only ever watched the BBC. While not great, it is the best of a bad bunch of 24/7 news channels, as all the others have commercials.
    Even now, I often have it on in the background, whatever else I am doing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I’ll check it out. I figure between those three sources of news that I mentioned. I am pretty well rounded.

      2. Their documentaries are excellent….the news is that that is lacking here in the US…..hope you enjoy the site chuq

  3. The seeming endless clips of people getting jabbed with hypodermic needles probably doesn’t encourage people phobic about getting shots to get vaccinated….

      1. I recall that happening first time after 9-11. How many times does one have to view that tragedy to get the point? And so on through the years.

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