Remembering Absent Friends

Closing Thought–31May21

It is Memorial Day

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I would like to remember some absent friends from my days in Vietnam.

In 1967 I was sent to South Vietnam and became part of the 9th Infantry Division Long Range Recon…my team was made of Buchanan, Puckett, Stern, Miller and myself….we served together from 1967-1968….in that year we were involved in many operations and toward the end of our year we lost Puckett and Buchanan….they served with bravery and I have no complaints.

Miller, Stern and myself returned to Vietnam in March 1969 through October 1970….during this time we had many team mates some could not stand the tension of the job as a LRRP or were killed in action pr asked for a transfer…..during this time I was wounded as well as Stern….Miller came thru two tours without a scratch.

We were assigned to Oakland Army Terminal for mustering out of the US Army in October 1970……we had a night on the town in San Francisco and we went our separate ways saying we would stay in touch.

After a couple of years I heard from Miller’s sister….it seems that Miller was off work and stop by a liquor store for a bottle of wine….he walked into a robbery and was shot in the face and killed…..after 2 and half years in combat and he dies at the hands of a punk with a gun… way for a warrior to die.

The last I heard of Stern was he was in Africa……I got two stories… he was working as a mercenary in Angola the other was he was working for a government (no one was sure which one) as a hunter of poachers…..knowing Stern I would be inclined to believe the latter.

Then I lost all contact with anyone that would know about Stern.

That leaves me for any reunion and my days are numbered pushing 75 I think of my comrades from days past.

So I raise my glass to absent friends…I shall never forget my absent friends.

Please take a moment to remember those brave souls that gave their all.

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Be Well….Be Safe….

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3 thoughts on “Remembering Absent Friends

  1. Good to have those memories of your comrades, chuq. Our version of Memorial Day is the Armistice Day, in November. Always a sombre and serious occasion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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