This Is Goddamn Pathetic!

WARNING:  There is language in this post that some may find offensive……

Closing Thought–12May21

When will the American people stop listening to bullshit and start realizing just how dangerous this country is becoming thanks to a society that is fucking awash in guns.

I realize the gun violence is so commonplace that it is barely noticeable…..

But really?

9 separate mass shootings in two days is becoming a truly pathetic norm for our society…..

A gunman opened fire at a family birthday party in Colorado Springs, leaving six people dead and a community in mourning.

“Words fall short to describe the tragedy that took place this morning,” Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski said in a statement. “From the officers who responded to the shooting to the investigators still on scene, we are all left incredibly shaken.”
The suspected shooter — believed to be a boyfriend of one of the victims — is also dead, according to Colorado Springs Police.
At least 15 people were killed and 30 more injured in mass shootings since Friday night, according to CNN reporting and an analysis of data from Gun Violence Archive (GVA), local media and police reports.
Why do rational people allow this type of crime go on and on and few challenge the logic behind them?
When is enough enough?
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100 thoughts on “This Is Goddamn Pathetic!

  1. There 330,000,000 people in the country and plenty of guns. Not too many people are shooting each other. Most of people shoot each other are Democrats shooting Democrats in cities and states where Democrats have made a mess of things..

    1. It just seems like it, Tom, because the nation’s largest urban areas.. something like the fist 16 on the list, are in fact, controlled by Dem administrations.

      1. @Doug

        You say it seems like it because it is so.🤔 Okay! I agree.

        Large numbers of blacks inhabit the cores of America’s cities. These areas have high crime rates. Why? The Democratic Party’s policies on crime have failed to control crime. Defunding the police is just the latest stupidity, but Democrats have done worse than that. The Democratic Party’s welfare and educational programs have undermined black families. Single mothers have a difficult time raising children. Children need their fathers, but over 70 percent of blacks are raised without fathers in their homes.

        Democrats want to bring that sort of nonsense to the rest of America. Dumb!

        Ordinary American citizens rarely use their guns to murder anyone. However, out of control regimes do murder their citizens by the tens of millions. In the last century, Nazis and Communists murdered people by the tens of millions, thereby demonstrating the wisdom of the Second Amendment. So, it is a silly thing to argue its elimination. Compared to the Holocaust, what is 9 separate mass shootings in two days?

      2. Well…the Second is not being interpreted as intended.. but SCOTUS says so, and until they change their mind I go alone with their role in the Constitution. Nonetheless, I think the whole amendment needs to be re-written to say.. “yep, owning guns to kill each other and defending yourself from each other is an unalienable right”… but this time we add.. “Congress may regulate ownership as it sees fit.” Of course it won’t happen Better to chance a wild legal interpretation from a “friendly” Court on the ambiguity of how it’s written.

      1. @lobotero

        The Bill of Rights prevents Congress from infringing our rights, not our “excuses.”

        What you are looking for is an excuse to infringe upon other people’s rights. Since you seeking a form of government that has to infringe upon the rights of othersin order to exist, it is inevitable you would need such an excuse.

      2. That is just ducky…what I am looking for is a country with one set of laws not whims of frightened politicians…..states rights is an excuse to do what you like and the country be damned. period chuq

      3. @lobotero

        No sense of irony. We have Constitution. That is the law for our entire nation. One set of laws which all the states have accepted.

        If you vote for Democrats, then you advocate a living Constitution. Then the Constitution changes according to whims of judges, sometimes frightened judges and sometimes not.

      4. The Constitution IS a living document, Tom. The Founders made it that way. Why is that so difficult to understand? The whole document was created by man so man could govern himself.. and hence, man is subject to his/her own diversity of thought…. good, bad, or indifferent. Just because it’s a “living” document does not in any way mean in any way “someone” is going to change it just to change it. Get real.

      5. @Doug
        The point of the Constitution is to restrain our leaders. If they can just give themselves more power whenever they feel like it, we have a living Constitution. That does not restrain them.

        The Constitution is a charter. It is a charter whereby the states created a central government with certain powers. If the Constitution does not say the Federal Government can do something, it cannot do it. That is explicitly stated in the 10th Amendment.

        Think of it this way. You buy a house and borrow money to buy it. Do you want your bank to treat your contract to repay the your mortgage as a living document they can change whenever they feel like it. Well, turning the Constitution into a living document makes it just as useless.

      6. The Constitution is compared to a bank mortgage to buy a house?? Let’s try it this way, Tom. Define for me your definition of what YOU perceive Liberals presume to think the Constitution is a living document.. then name me one time/one person as an example of something “bad” from it.

        It amazes me the gall of trying to chastise Liberals for being entirely motivated by some illicit hunger for power when we’ve just experienced the majority of the cowardly elected GOP sell out their morality for Trump.. agree to The Big Lie and dismissing the Jan 6th insurrection as being like any other visiting day at the Capitol… simply to not piss him off and lose their own personal continuance of power.

      7. Seeing I am not the one the is letting fools on the courts all I can do is voice my disdain which I do as often as possible……when we let a group of partisan hacks like Federalist decide who will be on the court we are letting the stupid run wild. chuq

      8. @lobotero

        We can all vote, and we can all vote for people who support and defend the Constitution. The Federalist Society promotes judges who respect the intent with which the Constitution was originally written. Sounds good to me.

      9. @lobotero

        That is what people who don’t support the Constitution tend to think. Nevertheless, I think we had better let God decide whether or not we would be better off without anyone.

      10. Yep.. after all, once a bullet leaves a barrel only God takes it on its predetermined course according to His will.

      11. @Doug

        Once the bullet leaves the barrel? You have a very small notion of God. Nothing happens that God has not ordained.

      12. I also feel the same way about judges picked by liberal groups…..and they should never be allowed to dictate for life. chuq

      13. @lobotero

        I think judges should retire by age 70 or so. The original intent of the life long appointment was to ensure the neutrality of the judiciary. Since that is in the Constitution, it will take amendment to change.

      14. @lobotero

        Our judges come from our people. We made think we are selecting the best among us, but who we select depends upon what we value. If we value the wrong things, it won’t matter whether our judges have life appointments or not.

      15. I disagree and they should be picked by a pane;l of constitutional law professionals….without party silliness if you want neutrality. chuq

      16. @lobotero

        You actually think a panel of constitutional law professionals would be neutral. No. They would just be unelected and unaccountable. If we randomly selected ten people from the voter registration rolls, we would do better, even if our random voters included a few dead bodies.

      17. They would be more neutral that say the Federalist…they have an agenda…I see another GOPer got caught voting for his dead wife….is that the dead bodies you were referring to? chuq

      18. @lobotero

        Delusional! Don’t you know that voter fraud does not exist? Or is it only Conservatives who cheat? Hard to keep track of that slimy eel we call political correctness.

      19. Not a good excise…of course there are crooked individuals…..they have many generations to perfect their corruption. chuq

      20. @lobotero

        It is easy to find cases of voter fraud. It is also possible to refuse to investigate voter fraud. The refusal to investigate is a very difficult problem when the news media, prosecutors, and judges have no desire to investigate.

      21. No, Tom.. FOX and the Trumpians blathering “It’s unconstitutional this” or that, is just unsubstantiated nonsense. Prove it in a court of law. But, yep, if no judge will listen to you then the entire process is corrupt. Conservatives are always the victims, always in fear of the end of the world unless their perceptions of what America “wants” or “needs” is carried through. It’s all about the “poor me” and grievance victimization.

        Too bad you didn’t watch the recent Zakaria CNN special on the origins of the Right Wing going extreme.. going all the way back to the days of Ike and before. A great history lesson… and it’s NOT all about downplaying the GOP. But you don’t watch TV.. I know.

      22. @Doug

        When you go ape over Trump and cannot point specifically to anything he did wrong, I am supposed to impressed by rabidly partisan CNN, your favorite source? Seriously?

        We can read the Constitution. We can point to numerous, contested states that “changed” election law without authorization from the state legislature. We can point to innumerable examples of Democrats weakening election security. We can also see the effort by Democrats to flood the country with illegal aliens. Democrats obviously have no moral compunctions against rigging an election. Opening the borders the way Biden has is just vile and despicable, but we are supposed to believe it is for the children.

        If some thug sticks a gun in your back and demands your wallet, we call that robbery. Yet even though what Democrats are doing is blatantly dishonest, we are supposed to call that good government and their opponents extremists? Well, that amounts to your demand. That is what the Democratic Party and their news media cronies demand.

        What kind of naivete do you require to believe that no one would steal an election? Why are calling others names for pointing to what is obvious? As Shakespeare might have said, “thou dost protest too loudly.” You in your heart know you are spouting nonsense.

        The problem with defending evil is that the more we defend evil the more our pride rebels against repentance. Yet repentance is the only acceptable choice.

      23. You know, Tom.. you are right.
        Let me leave you with a personal thought to take to heart…

        The problem with defending evil is that the more we defend evil the more our pride rebels against repentance. Yet repentance is the only acceptable choice.

      24. @Doug

        🤔 Had to think about it a little bit, but I suppose imitation is the best way to be flattered.

        There are always people who want us to imitate foreign countries. There is something to be said for that. However, we should pay special attention to the success of people who imitate us. When we see they are making a success of something we do, then should reconsider any possibility that that is something we need to change.

      25. We have talked about this before, Tom… for as Christian as you claim your self to be, you sold out for your own political expediency to the last guy who personified the greatest immoral persona to the highest position in the land to be your leader. I don’t begrudge you and the others with needing a voice and a leader to carry your torch to try and retain a vanishing white America and progressive government. But to surrender your own personal principles to a person without moral scruples is just asking to be betrayed by that same person. He did nothing.. he changed nothing. He made government bigger.. he spent more
        money and garnished greater debt… and he just plain lied about everything just to sell fear, be a bully, and used his office of the people to intimidate.

      26. @Doug

        Trump was just a man, not the personification of evil. One man, all by himself cannot government spending, not if Congress is determined to spend the money. As it is, Biden is trying to spend much more money.

        Anyway you are not refuting my arguments. You are just attacking me personally. Why is that not is a stupid way to discuss politics? Does it prove you or I don’t have the moral character required for government by the people, for the people, and of the people?

      27. Actually you are atypical of the evangelical Conservative so one might say my “attacks” were aimed at the whole… and not you specifically. On the other hand, as you occasionally do to try and “save” me by elevating Christian discourse inside your political opinion, perhaps I was trying to point out what I perceive to be Christian hypocrisy leaking through. Whether we both are moral enough to represent our own politics is all speculative I suppose. The problem comes in that we are both human and subject to slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

      28. @Doug

        Because all men are sinners, only limited government makes sense. When compared to H. Clinton or Biden, Trump obviously supported limited government. That’s why all your accusations against Trump (and myself too) are so nebulous. You cannot find anything Trump did he should not have done, at least nothing proportionate to your accusations.

        Meanwhile, you vote for people who are actively trying to force their crazy beliefs upon everyone else. That includes the Critical Race Theory, government “charity,” the. LGBTQ agenda (which effectively argues sex doesn’t exist), borders don’t matter because all cultures are the same, and so forth. Effectively, you are voting for Marxists.

      29. It appears they were investigated….most were made up…yes there is some fraud but not at the level that has been passed around. This is just my obstruction to bring the government to a standstill. chuq

      30. Can you believe this crap, chuq… some Colorado man is charged with his wife’s murder and she’s been missing for over a year and they’ve not yet found her body… but he’s also charged with voter fraud for using his wife’s mail-in ballot to vote for Trump. Seems when he mailed it in some poll worker recognized the name as the missing wife and called attention to it that led officials to the voter fraud.
        A crazy paradox.. the Republicans are bitching about voter fraud against Trump.. and this guy gets caught doing it to vote for Trump. Ha!
        Wonder if he killed his wife to use her vote against Biden. He apparently has stipulated “she was gonna vote for Trump anyway”. Uh huh.

      31. Wait! Is that not voter fraud? I read about this the other day and was part of the comment with Tom….why not use this to counter the “Big Lie”…..just a thought chuq

      32. @lobotero

        Manure? Well, what I am pushing is not perfect, but at least I can make a logical argument that my pile smells much better than your pile.

      33. @lobotero

        And you know that to be so just because of what?

        If you cannot logically defend what you believe, that is a problem.

        Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. —
        from “A Time for Choosing” Speech, October 27, 1964 | Ronald Reagan (

        When we “know” something that is not so, then we need to recheck our assumptions about what is true. It doesn’t do any good to get angry or insulting.

      34. Defending to a closed mind is a waste of time and effort….you are right if you feel I was insulting then that was not my intention….sorry but Reagan said nothing that interest me….chuq

      35. (sorry hit send by mistake) before the labeling begins I am not really interested in anything Clinton did or said either. chuq

      36. @lobotero

        Labeling? Like a closed mind?

        What words do is label people, places, and things. When we speak about each other, we label each other. When we speak about ourselves, we label ourselves.

        You labeled yourself. Not interested in either Reagan or Clinton. I guess that means you seek bipartisan ignorance?

      37. @lobotero

        So, I should compliment on your deliberate choice of ignorance? I think I will pass. I think your success in ignorance is such that you don’t understand the distinction between stupidity and ignorance.

      38. Tom you gonna do whatever you want anyway….so to make it easy and less mentally tasking then the answer is yes…you may be right after all I am having this conversation it you. chuq

      39. @lobotero

        If you would instruct me, that makes you ignorant? Don’t teachers instruct their pupils? Don’t mothers teach infants their first words? Doesn’t God listen to and answer our prayers? Is not God pleased when we are curious to know Him and what He has made?

        What distinguishes the wise? With respect to ignorance, Socrates offered this observation.

        When I left him, I reasoned thus with myself: I am wiser than this man, for neither of us appears to know anything great and good; but he fancies he knows something, although he knows nothing; whereas I, as I do not know anything, so I do not fancy I do. In this trifling particular, then, I appear to be wiser than he, because I do not fancy I know what I do not know. — Socrates

        There is a proverb in the Bible that says iron sharpens iron. Two men in debate learn more than one smugly satisfied with his own truth. Because those two men do not fancy to know more than they do, they listen intently when another speaks.

      40. Socrates was a smart man and your book is a good book but neither can truly explain ignorance for times change and so do definitions…..but I shall try…..Simple……Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance chuq

      41. @lobotero

        Cultivate ignorance? There are tyrants that do that to keep the people they rule powerless (censorship, for example), and we sometime reject knowledge we find distasteful, but I think it is rare that we actually set out to cultivate ( ignorance.

        Nevertheless, it seems some people will not learn. Why? Because they cultivate ignorance? No. Learning is work. To learn, we must acquire teachers, books, computers — the resources we need to learn — we must aside the time, and we must do the work.

        To remain ignorant is easy; we don’t have to anything. We don’t have to cultivate ignorance.

        Why would we refuse to make the effort required to learn? Because people differ so much, I cannot give one answer, but I suspect the most damaging reason is pride. If we already think we know all we need to know, then we won’t seek further wisdom or pursue greater understanding.

        You mentioned “my book.” The Bible is a good example. It is amazing how many people think they know all they need to know about the Bible. Yet few have ever read the Bible. Nevertheless, getting a copy of the Bible is easy. Good commentaries are readily available. Many churches are ready to provide teachers. The problem is learning requires time and work, and people who want to believe they already have all the answers they need don’t want to believe otherwise.

        The story of Socrates also provides a good example. The authorities ordered him dead. Therefore, Socrates, under the pressure of those authorities, committed suicide.

        What was Socrates crime? He asked troubling questions, questions that angered the prideful because those questions undermine their desire to believe that they already knew all they needed to know.

        Pride is a very weak thing. To wound pride, all that is required is a question. Even a child’s question is enough.

      42. This country has had several years if cultivati9ng ignorance…few want to change that so any diatribe we have is a moot point….you are right stupidity refuses to learn….and there we are today. chuq

      43. @lobotero

        Ad hominem. Splendid demonstration of intellectual prowess!

        Can you actually explain what Trump did wrong and why it was wrong?

      44. Tom nothing I say will change your mind….if you think he did everything right then we are at an impasse…….be well chuq

      45. BTW…to answer your question…read my blog I have commented on everything I disagree with and even agreed on a few….chuq

      46. @lobotero

        Have you anything to say that should cause me to change my mind? Have you written anything that should cause me to change my mind. If so, then link to it.

      47. Nope you cannot open a closed mind….besides I am not doing the research for you for it would fall on blind eyes. chuq

      48. @lobotero

        The closed mind thing is just another form of ad hominem. The fact you have to resort to such nonsense speaks for itself.

      49. @lobotero

        It is my work to figure out what YOU think of Trump? You can’t even point to what you think is your best work? I think you are afraid.

      50. I think you are full of something…..I have made my views on most presidents from Bush, Obama, Trump and even Trump….there is a part of my site that says “Search”…there is a tutorial if needed. I am still not going to do your research for you….no matter h9ow much you attempt to bully…something you guys excel at….chuq

      51. “There was a crooked man, and he went a crooked mile,
        He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
        He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
        And they all liv’d together in a little crooked house.”

  2. Chuq, I have to ask the question, no offence intended.
    Would you give up your gun?
    If not, all this will continue, long after we are dead and gone, my friend.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We need our guns in case the Brits return (pretty much one of the main reasons the Second was created, btw… and they did return.)

      (This is for chuq… I must have posted 10 replies using the “reply” field at the bottom of this page and it never takes… yet I can reply to other individual replies like this. Must be that quirk on my end for some reason… which I think is Jetpack. Chuq.. check your spam folder.. it’s likely all sitting in there. Take the most recent version and post it. Ugh! Always with my laptop on wifi.)

      1. I will try to keep eye of the folder……again sorry about that Citizen Tom is always in the weeds and looking for a chance to throw grenades at Dems……..chuq

      2. No… no need to apologize regarding Citizen Tom. Him and I go way back into the Trump years as you and I have, and I comment on his blog… and he’s been very tolerant of my disagreeing with most he posts there. I was actually a bit surprised to see his comment here given this is not a place where he would find much agreement with his own politics. I can say this… he will disagree.. but he will remain civil…. which is the reason he tolerates me on his blog. His Trumpian Conservative opinions frustrate me as much as my anti-Trumpness does on his blog, and surely he will frustrate you… but that’s part of blogging. The rest is between the two of you. If he comments in here I am sure we will engage between each other as needed. But he doesn’t offend me at all. You might visit his blog to get more where he’s coming from if you’re at all interested. But don’t go there if you are taking blood pressure meds. 🙂

        No need to thank me, Tom. 🙂

      3. Well, hells bells, old buddy… I could have used your help over there a few times. 🙂

      4. Most times he has religious stuff and I do not attempt to engage in that…..but I do try to read and you right my BP usually goes up. chuq

      5. Like the crazy shenanigans the GOP has been doing to themselves. Everyone groveling to Trump… and denying Jan. 6… and in the meantime the Senate does nothing for the country. Grr…

      6. Since the rise of the Tea Party the elected have one aim to obstruct and bring the government to a standstill. chuq

      7. And was brilliant…..although it is bad for the country and they care not for country or Constitution…..chuq

  3. The root of the problem is societal, not guns.Throughout our history, it has always been far, far easier to obtain a firearm than it is today….but there weren’t the rash of shootings that occur today. Gun control efforts target firearms that are not responsible for the overwhelming number of deaths…..and/or are targeting law abiding gun owners. It probably makes gun control proponents feel better to pass irrelevant legislation……but doesn’t solve any problems.

    Put down your phone, raise your kids right and hold opur Citizens accountable for their actions, instead of inventing a catalogue of disorders and anxieties.

  4. I’ve owned guns most my adult life. From trap shooting with 12 ga to simple handguns and military weapons. I love to shoot for target practice and just watching crap blow up (likely a Freudian thing given the only control I have in life is that power exerted by the pressure of my trigger finger; no, it’s not about penis size.)
    But even I understand how the Second Amendment was REALLY interpreted to mean.. and it’s NOT about “everyone can own a gun to make sure we defend against bad guys and keep government in line” That’s a complete crock. Makes far better sense to simply say, “I like shooting the damn things at non-living targets just for fun” as that makes a lot more sense. We get the NRA out out the way because they are doing NOTHING constructive to even try making gun ownership palatable in a society overrun with guns. Besides, they are led by their own internal “non-profit” corruption.
    But.. here’s to the greater reality… we need controls on who gets access to guns.. and again I bang my drum.. we need a national mental health policy.
    A lot of dribble there, chuq, just for me to say I totally agree with you.

    (Huh. I didn’t know Citizen Tom posted in these parts.)

    1. I found a bunch of comments in my SPAM folder…..sorry about that….you are approved I do not know why this is happening…..chuq

  5. HOLY F#KN SHIT!!! :O
    This development is insane and hard to deal with for me. There should be international warnings not to visit the deeply divided states of Amerikkka. TY for bringing those bad news to my attention.

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