“Kill A Leftist”!

Since my youth I have called many things because of my political and social beliefs….I remember slogans like “the only good Commie is a dead Commie”….a disturbing thought when you do not agree with the words or thoughts of someone who does not hold with your particular form of thinking.

That was then and this is now.

Looks like the state of Iowa and Oklahoma has gone that next step……make it legal to kill a Leftist……yes you read that correctly….”kill a Leftist”…..

So now it’ll be legal in some Neolithic U.S. states to run over leftists with your car. What’ll come next? Legalizing pushing people out of airplanes at 35,000 feet? Running over swimmers with boats? Unleashing your rabid dog on people whose political persuasions offend you? There are so many possibilities! It’s already legal for cops to shoot leftists. They did so with no repercussions in Oregon, after Trump took to the airwaves to tell them to hurry up and “do what has to be done” to Michael Reinoehl, suspected of shooting a fascist. And cops murder people in traffic stops all the time. But why just police? Doesn’t any idiot with a gun have the right to “stand his ground?” Why can’t fascists like the Proud Boys shoot anybody they don’t like? After all, if radical right-wing thugs don’t like somebody, GOP governors can’t be far behind, nodding in agreement. This is the new criteria in some U.S. states for how we excuse homicide – red-blooded Amuricans don’t like these people, so yeah, it’s cool to drive smack into them.

According to the Des Moines Register, a new law in Iowa would “grant civil immunity to drivers of vehicles who injure someone who is blocking traffic while engaging in disorderly conduct or participating in a protest, demonstration, riot or unlawful assembly without a permit.” The Washington Post reports that Florida governor Ron “Who Needs Masks?” DeSantis signed a similar law. “That legislation is already a target of a federal civil rights lawsuit,” the Post reports. Oklahoma also passed such a measure.

The “Kill a Leftist” Law

So now not only has some states made it illegal to protest (a 1st amendment right) but now it is okay to run over anyone you do not agree with.

Never thought I would live to see the day when it was legal to execute political opponents.

Every day this country moves closer to Nazi Germany.

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

If not the you are a cog in the racism machine at work in so many states.

Hatred has found a strong home here in the US.

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375 thoughts on ““Kill A Leftist”!

  1. When you think, you’ve heard it all!

    Calling someone a “commie” the US are use them all the rime. The fifties and the Red scare, made American full of fear for something in fact they grasp what it stood for.

    For years Americans abused the word Nazi, fascist, to name the silliest things.

    I often answered that they eroded the actually meaning of those words.
    That these words represented an evil system, dehumanising people etc.
    Often they just didn’t understand what I meant.

    I vind it very sad to say that this law you mentioned; the creation of a law that in fact murdering a protester, ofcourse a “leftist”, would not be punishable.

    The law ofcourse shall have loopholes, as such laws have, and the perpetrator will never be accused.

    But this type of laws never precisely say who is who in this
    How can you prove who is the perpetrator and who is the victim?

    In a law as it is now it’s easy to say the perpetrator is the victim and the victim is the perptetrator

    A law that has the mark of fascism on it.

  2. What does the mitzva of Tzitzit teach?  The 2nd paragraph of kre’a shma: “ובלכתך בדרך” links the mitzva of tefillin together with the mitzva of tzitzit, as commanded in the 3rd paragraph of the kre’a shama.  All Torah mitzvot command mussar.  What mussar does the language of: “וראיתם אתו וזכרתם את כל מצות” come to teach?  In our ובלכתך בדרך walk as the chosen brit Cohen nation, the Torah commands us to search for the אצבע אלהים/finger of HaShem within our lives.  All mitzvot learn from the mitzva of tzitzit on this score.  Remembering with thanks giving the “finger of God” within and throughout our lives defines the k’vanna of all the תרי”ג Commandments.

    An Israeli Response to the Rome Treaty in General and the International Criminal Court in Particular.

    The Versailles Treaty condemned Germany for total guilt of the deaths, damages, and anguish – resultant of WW1. Britain and France demanded war reparations from Germany consequent to Germany’s invasion of the low countries & France, which caused a chain reaction domino effect of atrocities against humanity.Israeli foreign policy – post Shoah – views the EU and Britain, based upon the precedent of the Versailles Treaty, upon this model Israeli diplomats conducts diplomacy with EU States; comparable to how early America sought to establish the Monroe Doctrine as the basis of the United States relations with hostile European empires. 

    European cruelty, injustice and oppression of Jewish refugees for over 2000 years, branches out from ancient Roman imperialism, which originally expelled the Jewish people from our homelands in Judea. Europeans, not just ancient Rome, they bear the mark of Cain – guilty for all eternity, of committing criminal crimes against humanity, black slavery and 19th Century barbarity in Africa serve as degrading examples of European guilt. The Israeli government must hold the European peoples accountable for their mass crimes against humanity. Israel opposes any and all European governments sitting as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. All Europeans, not just the Nazis, lost WW2. Shoah guilt expels all European governments from the ‘Great Powers’ status.

    No European Court ever, not even once, forced  Xtian Church leaders to stand trial for war crimes committed against humanity. Not for the Roma People, nor for differing Xtian sects who opposed the dominant Catholic or Protestant belief system Creeds, nor the blatant injustice of the persecution and cruel murder of women accused of witchcraft – guilty of the crime of healing the sick or serving as midwives! Therefore, the Rome Treaty merits nothing other than total contempt; the ICC has no jurisdiction to judge Jews in general and Israel in particular.

    The key issue of writing a Sefer Torah, the sofer has to write the Name of HaShem לשמה.  Doing a mitzva לשמה requires a subject and a predicate.  The latter informs what the subject does.  For example, P’sach Jews remove all leaven products from their possessions.  Korbanot have a halachic prohibition to switch from one korban type to another korban type.  Tanning the hide of an animal intended by the sofer to write a Sefer Torah: that hide requires a dedication for the purpose of writing a Safer Torah. 

    Therefore what predicate sets the Name of HaShem apart, when the sofer writes the Name לשמה?
    גיטין: המביא גט ממדינת הים, צריך שיאמר בפני נכתב ובפני נחתם
    This opening Mishna describes the services of a notary, an individual officially licensed by a governmental body to perform certain actions in legal matters.  The Rosh did not require the sofer to נחתם an impressed seal whenever the sofer wrote the Name of HaShem.  The masoret of writing a Sefer Torah permits the sofer to inscribe straight lines.  Consequently it appears to me that the language נחתם implies some type of impressed seal, which all notaries employ today.  The notary seal impressed upon the margin of the Torah on the identical line as written the Name of HaShem, serves as evidence that the sofer wrote the Name לשמה.

    However, what precisely defines the k’vanna of the sofer when he writes the Name of HaShem לשמה?  Forty days after the sin of the Golden Calf, on Yom Kippor, Moshe heard the voice of HaShem declare the 13 tohor middot.  Why the second repetition of the Name of HaShem in the revelation that addresses the tohor middot of logic?  The second Name of HaShem comes to teach that the middot thereafter, beginning with אל, that these middot serve as pronoun extensions of the noun HaShem.  Therefore the sofer should set aside 13 specific “Crowns” to precisely indicate which middah of HaShem which the sofer holds as his k’vanna at that moment in time, when he writes the Name of HaShem לשמה.

    A safer Torah which does not נחתם with a defined tohor midda crown, the question stands: what proof exists which testifies that the sofer wrote the Name of HaShem לשמה?  The opening Gemara of גיטין teaches that g’lut Jewry do not know how to do mitzvot לשמה.  Consequently, it appears to me that a sofer has an obligation to prove his k’vanna when he writes the Name of HaShem לשמה.  This requirement which this commentator strongly advises, it compares to the time of Ezra, when he changed the shape of the letters of the א – ב.

    1. Have no idea what it teaches…..Any crimes against humanity should be prosecuted no matter what some book teaches….destruction of crops, theft of land and water are all crimes against humanity and should NEVER be tolerated….

      What does that have to do with the law to kill protesters? chuq

      1. The objections raised by Isaac Mayer Wise, one of the founders of the Reform abomination who declared halacha as antiquated, and unnecessary, and irrelevant stand, at least to my mind, totally refuted and completely false.

        Development of tohor awareness learns from the contrast of tuma: the hardened heart of Par’o; blind to “the finger of G-d” in his life.  All the toldoth of Adam HaReshon, lived their long lives completely unaware of “the finger of G-d” … the mussar of tohor, in their lives.  Halachot serve as a fence around the Torah.  Avodat HaShem requires tohora.  Tohora, defined as the awareness of “the finger of G-d” within our lives.

      1. Think its allot of propaganda. Iraq over 1 million killed, Syria over 5 different countries currently, their armies currently occupy Syria and the death toll horrific. Libya a Civil War caused, generated, and exasperated by European and other imperialist powers – the USA for starters – death and huge refugee problems on an unimaginable scale.

        Israel … the world goes bat shit crazy. Rockets from Gaza blew up over my house last night at 3 AM. This morning took my dogs for a walk, absolutely beautiful. Israel responses not with a ground troop invasion of Gaza but simply artillery and bombs measure for measure to the over 400 missiles shot into Israel. A building in Gaza collapses and 15 people die. WAR CRIMES! CRUELTY!! BULL SHIT.

      2. Do ya see the boy wearing the green shirt in the opening pic of Democracy Now! He’s an Arab, standing beside his mother in the yellow shirt leasurely taking pictures with the camera on her pele-phone.

      3. Again what does this have yo do with a law that allows killing a protester….this is not ISRAEL thank god. chuq

      4. In conflicts people get hurt, even killed, its the nature of conflicts. The Jerusalem riot, stems form a court case that dates back to the 197os! Jews proved that they bought property and that Arab swatters have no right to that bought and paid for property. BOOM 50 years after the fact Arabs riot.

      5. Its our problem to solve, yet FOTOROTO has written some 50 wild accusatory attacks upon me personally, the dude despises my homeland, which I have ignored in obedience and respect to you and the conditions which you have set. He behaves without honor or dignity. He has high-jacked your blog and spews vomit of hate. When will you tell him off?

      6. The only BULLSHIT is using this as an excuse to punish all Palestinians. The actions solve nothing other than killing people on both sides. chuq

      7. Stateless Arab refugees have no more rights than Jewish stateless refugees enjoyed for the last 2000 years which culminated in the Shoah – the systematic extermination of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

      8. Justification? A comparison between Jewish and the current Arab refugees — that’s logic NOT a justification. Try to discuss the issue rationally not emotionally. Propaganda causes people to get an emotional hard on and think with their dicks rather than their minds.

      9. What taunts? He seems to be contradicted your premises…..using clown and fool does not progress the dialogue. chuq

      10. aren’t they refugees since Israel occupied their land and removed them from their homes for the “greater Israel” plan? where is this plan different to what Hitler did with his criminal expansion?

      11. Occupied their land? Propaganda. Arabs fought and lost 2 wars 1948 and 1967 to complete the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people and lost both wars. Name the Capital and currency of “Palestine”. Ya cannot b/c they never existed. Arab refugees today, under the Muslim Ottoman Turks could not own land. The Turkish land laws exist in Israel today. When I bought my house, I leased the land for 99 years!

      12. Why do you claim the right to be ignorant about almost every point that i’ve made and still refuse to get rid of the noise in your head?

      13. Brain dead argument. Its not an obligation for me to “read” to prove your brain dead stupidity.. Ya have something to say then spit it out.

      14. why should i do the hard work to educate you when someone else already published it for shallow minds like you are?

      15. If you can’t read it i could ask Miko to send a hebrew version for ya. NO, i’m not wasting his time for you. You’ve been the one who asked for a book.

      16. Arabs started and lost wars. Compare the American revolution. Americans loyal to the king, they did not demand – following the victory by general Washington, that the American revolution against British rule – – – “STOLE THEIR HOMELANDS”.

      17. Do you mean like i have to follow your blog? ROFLMAO
        Here you have all the information that you need to educate yourself…

      18. You should know what boobies are, since you expanded your family (with your “dick arguments”) up to a 3 digit number since 1991.

        “FUCKING YOU FUNNY ARE” (Yoda says:)

      19. Can you please send the video again? “Robert-drowning-00048.mp4” had an EOF error so i couldn’t watch it. How comes that you have so close ties with the Maxwell family?

      20. Palestine originally included all the lands of Jordan! Its neither the Capital nor the monetary currency of the imaginary nation of Palestine. Palestine more closely compares to that imaginary man: Jesus son of Zeus. I did not realize till now that you followed and believed mythology.

      21. Wrong. No Palestine when Arab armies defeated the Byzantine Empire. No Palestine under the Ottoman Turks.

      22. No not in the least. That currency came from the mandate authority of Britain – – NOT an Independent Arab nation called Palestine.

      23. No such thing as “Palestinians”. Never a country of Palestine. Never a Capital or currency of Palestine. Under the British mandate, which the Europeans called “Palestine”, no Arab ever viewed himself as a “Palestinian”. Arabs cannot even pronounce the letter P. Worked in a place with Arabs, had a Jewish co-worker by the name of Penny. B/c Arabs could not pronounce the letter P, we all called him “Benny”.

        For Arabs to call themselves “Palestinians” during the British mandate period which culminated in 1948, the League of Nations awarded and carved up the territories of Ottoman Greater Syria between the British and the French imperialist empires. For an Arab to call him/her self “Palestinian” during that period, would have meant that that Arab validated the Balfour Declaration by which the League of Nations awarded the “Palestine Mandate” to the British in 1922! No Way Hosey would an Arab do that!!!!!!!!!!

        Not till 1964 did Arafat the opportunist embrace the name Palestine. Ben Gurion threw the name Palestine upon the dung heaps of history and named the new Republic — Israel. Proof, the 1936 “ARAB” REVOLT and NOT Palestinian revolt.

      24. You can’t deny that Golda Meir mentioned that Palestine existed long before Israel. Otherwise you are just a liar

      25. Hey mosckerr. It looks like you don’t know much about Golda Meir, haven’t seen this video and spreading settler propaganda only. Here is video footage that is evidence for my “imaginary” quote…

        Maybe she changed her mind later, but that’s how Israeli psy-ops work. It’s ok if you feel sorry for all your false accusations, but i don’t expect an apology – especially not from a fringe-right individual.

      26. What was Palestine before WW1? Under Ottoman rule, the lands of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan the Ottoman rulers called “Greater Syria”. Fotoroto this famous video of Golda saying the place popularly referred to as Palestine: “When were Palestinians born”. No such thing as Palestinians rather Jews and Arabs.

        Sorry I do not see your point.

      27. You can’t deliver any evidence that your house was hit by a rocket since iron dome is working great. So it was nothing but a lie. Obviously, you refuse to see war crimes and international law but maybe you can see this.

        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
        — Upton Sinclair

      28. Never said my house was hit by a rocket. Said a rocket barrage occurred in Beer Sheva about 3 AM this morning. How do you define “War Crimes”? I understand the term as genocide. You condemn Israel of genocide in the current conflict? Obviously not.

      29. That’s an accurate statement. The Iron Dome knocked out several rocket in eye sight of my house. Do you have a problem with that? No it most definitely was not fireworks. These missiles came from Gaza. Just 30 minutes ago another missile barrage. My friend Yaacov was over at the time, we joked that Beer Sheva compared to a sandwich. Much more tempting and tasty targets in Tel Aviv. Over 800 missiles in the last 24 hours. Fireworks that made me laugh thank you 🙂

      30. Obviously it wasn’t one of those bunker busters that the IDF dropped on the houses of Palestinian families. Don’t you see the Crimes against Humanity?

      31. Obviously, you are just a liar and propaganda idiot. Since i know the Mark Twain quote i’m going to ignore your idiocracy

      32. Your a very angry person with nothing to gain or lose in the current struggle in the Middle East. I suggest you visit a shrink and take some pills.

      33. Ya remind me of a religious fanatic — don’t confuse me with the facts b/c I have my religion. 🙂

      34. Since ya quote Mark Twain, he unlike yourself personally visited the region. He described the land as a desolate wasteland.

      35. Ignoring what I have said does not qualify as a response that refutes what I have said. I ignore most of your empty rants b/c they add nothing of value to the discussion.

      36. Can you watch in the mirror and ignore the funny beard upon your lips?

        Maybe you’ve seen the great dictator, but most likely a silent version. Otherwise you had to recognize the irony in your propaganda comments.

      37. Exactly!!! Well stated Lobotero. The declaration of Palestine existed long before Israel — that’s the definition of revisionist history.

      38. If you refer to the Torah , my generation has yet to establish it as the Constitution of the Jewish Cohen Republic.

      39. Stateless Arab refugees have no rights. Not in Lebanon, nor in Syria, or Iraq, Kawaite does not respect them and following the invation by Sadam, Iraq expelled almost all Arab refugees in Iraq! Israel alone gave the 1948 Arab refugees citizenship. To date, no Arab country, not even Jordan has repatriated stateless Arab refugees like Israel did with the stateless Jewish refugee populations virtually all Arab states expelled Jews who had lived in those countries for over a 1000 years, some 800,000 people… Israel repatriated our Jewish refugee populations summarily expelled from Arab and Muslim countries… yet not a single Arab or Muslim country of the 57 States has ever repatriated Arab stateless refugees!!!!

      40. No. The Bill of Rights does not apply to illegal aliens . The Bill of Rights only applies to US citizens.

      41. You “forgot” to mention the targeted killing of disabled persons, children, journalists and doctors by the IDF against unarmed civilians during the great march of return.

        If you aren’t a liar or member of the IDF propaganda units, then you can provide the pictures of “your” house, don’t you?

      42. Wow such an evil eye. I live in Israel you do not. Yo Fotoroto calm down and bring something like evidence to support your declarations. The current conflict its small/tiny. Arab and Muslim countries 57 the Jewish state one single tiny country about the size of New Jersey. Dude chill.

      43. Dude get real….without the West you have nothing…..it is easy to hide behind the skirts when your actions are sanctioned by the world. chuq

      44. How do you figure? The “West” systematically murdered 75% of all European Jewry. The West did not fight in any Arab/Israeli war.

      45. And they let Israel get away with murder trying to right that wrong…if you hate them so much for what they did stop taking cash from them. chuq

      46. They =the West….get away with violation of treaties you signed and the forced removal of people and the heavy handed tactics….it is really not that complicated. chuq

      47. Europe its big on “Treaties” and how these treaties amazingly change international law. The Rome Treaty which established the ICC criminal court serves as an example. A group of nations sign a “treaty” among themselves. This does not shape or determine “international laws”.

      48. America sucks at treaties as well but that does not make them right…..if you do not want to hold to the treaty then why sign it if you gonna break it anyway….that is the cowards way. chuq

      49. you haven’t seen the amazon link that i provided earlier, don’t you? stop making a clown of yourself.

      50. I am attempting to communicate in a rational manner and not let my dick dictate terms. Please supply me with the Amazon link. Its not my place to do your own work. You make claims I say: based upon what evidence? You have the obligation to introduce evidence to support your claims – not me.

      51. One your evidence is biased….two you are being insulting because you seem to be playing catch up….three skewed info is not necessarily the truth…..

        Me it is 2 am and I am weary…sleep is called for….TTFN chuq

      52. Let me address #3 first. Truth no person can tell another person what that person holds as true to him/her self. Truth and accuracy to completely different concepts. #2 G-d forbid that my behavior seeks to insult any one on this board! #1 Just how does the “evidence” which has compared Jewish refugees who had no rights for over 2000 years and which culminated in the Shoah compared to the current Arab stateless refugees … please explain how this comparison qualifies as “BIASED”?

      53. Truth its the 8th middah of the Oral Torah logic system which Xtianity has denied its very existence for over 2000 years. The Oral Torah logic system no non Jewish scholar knows. I learned of the 13 middot logic system – torah sh’baal peh – from my Rav. Rav Aaron learned this logic system from his Rav, rabbi Elyashiv the great Ashkenazi halachic authority of Jerusalem.

        Therefore your definition of truth clearly does not match my definition of אמת. Nothing personal but as far as I can tell non Jews cannot distinguish between truth and accuracy. In my culture the idea of “UNDERSTANDING” means acquiring the ability to separate like from like.

      54. Sorry ya simply cannot define an undefined term by repeating the undefined term. If a blind person asks you what the color blue is … ya simply say nothing if you declare blue is blue.

      55. Truth has a definition. Truth means path. A person cannot tell another person that the path he/she walks violates the path that person chooses to walk therein.

      56. i did, but obviously you aren’t interested in. your ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

        somehow you started this spam attack under a posting with different subject. don’t you have any respect for the original content mosckerr?

      57. https://mikopeled.com/books/
        Do you know who mikopeled is? For a Jew, general or otherwise, to speak in churches … you simply lack the cultural knowledge of the Jewish people to realize just how obscene this action appears to Jews. During the Middle Ages priest would preach their Gospel to Jews in our own Synagogues.

      58. Miko Peled once served as a general in the IDF. After he retired from that service, he took up a strong left wing stance, and left the country – never to return. That’s his choice. But that man’s opinion does not sit well with me. That’s my opinion, but I live here and Peled has left the country and renounced his citizenship.

      59. I do not believe that a civilized nation should even consider such actions. I fought against apartheid in South Africa many years ago and I try to fight it in Israel today. chuq

      60. Arabs have fired, just last night alone something approaching 800 missiles into the Jewish state. Stop the platitudes, chill. What would you recommend Israel should do?

      61. You say tit for tat does not solve a problem. Easier to be a critic than to write and produce a play or film. Ya still have not answered my previous question: What would you recommend Israel should do?

      62. lobotero I read what I personally read. Sorry I do not read minds. Am limited to what I personally know and experienced in my life.

      63. Sorry I have closely paid attention to your blog. And this response made by you, at least for me, does not clarify the discussion. I can not read your mind.

      64. mosckerr, you accused me wanting to be a judge and prosecutor. obviously you’ve been wrong, but you tried at least.

      65. I do not make any self righteous claims about myself. But yes I am attempting to hold a rational dialogue with foreigners who do not live in the Middle East.

      66. Why? When the post is about an American law….has little do with the Middle East unless you are equating it to the tactics used by the IDF. chuq

      67. Yes that’s a valid point. This is your page. But a digression has occurred. Not meaning to devalue your blog, have gotten myself involved with this digression subject.

      68. I do not mind a good lively debate….but I prefer that it be about what the post is about….chuq

      69. That clown his antics compare to a tree falling in a forest and no one there to here that tree fall.

      70. Meaning : that clown does not respond to any thing i write, he posts whatever he wants irrespective of what I have written. This compares to one hand clapping. Its brain dead stupid.

      71. Not accurate. Let me bring a recent example as witness. FOTOROTO
        4d ago

        mosckerr, you accused me wanting to be a judge and prosecutor. obviously you’ve been wrong, but you tried at least.

        4d ago

        I do not make any self righteous claims about myself. But yes I am attempting to hold a rational dialogue with foreigners who do not live in the Middle East.

      72. American law? This post has nothing to do with American law. COUNTERPUNCH posts a reactionary opinion.

      73. My post has everything to do with American law….closed mind does not change that fact…and yes before I get another rant…it is a fact. chuq

      74. The UNO does not have the power to “grant” squat to people living in foreign independent countries. The 2 state solution exists as foreign imperialism. An example of this imperialism, Britain unilaterally carved up India into 2 separate countries. 6 wars followed there after between India and Pakistan and Bangladesh!

        The 1st priority of a Government — to prevent the outbreak of Civil War. When a country falls into anarchy ie Civil War, foreign countries seek to fill the vacuum of power by invading those countries fighting a Civil War. Classic imperialism.

      75. and the provocation was the violent attach of the Al Ashra Mosque. So it was Israel who shot first.

      76. What provocation do you refer to? Arabs initiated a riot over a court case they lost which started in the 1970s.

      77. Signs of organized counter-propaganda? Am a simple Israeli – retired – communicating with people far removed from the current situation. This speculative hype about me, you know nothing about me just as I personally know nothing about you … other than that you have a huge chip on your shoulder.

      78. i’m for removing the whole spam/propaganda communication. it has nothing to do with your original posting.

      79. Try to avoid personal attacks against people i do not know. Fotoroto either a European or American – am not sure – but definitely hostile to my home country of Israel.

      80. What “chip”? That term its no where located in the COUNTERPUNCH reactionary opinion which your blog has quoted.

      81. The article is about the new law in the US state of Iowa…..has NOTHING to do with the Torah….or Israel…….time for this to end….unless you have a thought on the Iowa law…then I shall call it a day. chuq

      82. Newspaper write stories to sell copy. Turkey and Israel barely have diplomatic relations for years. Why pick a Turkish news source? Human Rights Watch similar to your Turkish source. I dare you to bring a positive Israel story from either of these two sources.

        The saying applies: consider your sources.

      83. yeah, you can’t provide ANY sources, but JPOST is reliable in your opinion ROFLMAO
        today is happy brain-wash day in Israel. 😀

        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
        — Upton Sinclair

      84. I do not rely upon newspapers for my sources. Ya do not see that I have ever brought a newspaper clip as a source. Am retired, so your statement of Upton Sinclair does not apply to me.

      85. As a foreigner you rely upon hearsay and gossip as evidence. I have over 100 family members, citizens of Israel.

      86. Excuse me ya simply cannot compare Apartheid S. Africa with Israel – that comparison its totally absurd on all levels. Attempts to make this comparison serve as proof that those people who make such a comparison — that they think with their dicks and not their minds.

      87. “Civilized nation”??? Empty rhetoric. The Shoah proves that Europeans exist as primitive sub-human barbarians.

      88. The only empty rhetoric is to ignore history…I mean real history not some made up crap to try and justify existence. chuq

      89. What do you define as real history? Made up history … ya still have not named the Capital city of Palestine nor its currency. Ya can’t b/c neither ever existed.

  3. Is there not a single ‘leftist’ in Iowa to speak up against this? Perhaps he or she is scared they will be run down by a car if they do.
    Dark days indeed, chuq. The erosion of freedoms for opposition thinkers, but not for Nazi sympathisers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Okay this refers to the new law…..it really is not that complicated…maybe read the post and it would be clearer. chuq

    1. America in no way compares to Nazi Germany. The absurd comparison — closer to the supidity of comparing Israel with Apartheid S. Africa.

      1. If you disagree then disagree but name calling is not helping the conversation…if that is what you bare trying to do chuq

  4. When humans are killed because they care about social values then killers are asocial and need to be removed from society. If there is a lack of local justice then the International Criminal Court & UNO have to take over control.

    imho it’s a conflict of interest that the UN is located in your country.

    1. The ICC, a court established by the Rome Treaty in the 21st Century! Israel opposes the Rome treaty. Post Shoah, Europe lost the mandate to Judge Jews. The UN has offices in most every country on the planet. So what?

      1. An Israeli Response to the Rome Treaty in General and the International Criminal Court in Particular.

        The Versailles Treaty condemned Germany for total guilt of the deaths, damages, and anguish – resultant of WW1. Britain and France demanded war reparations from Germany consequent to Germany’s invasion of the low countries & France, which caused a chain reaction domino effect of atrocities against humanity.Israeli foreign policy – post Shoah – views the EU and Britain, based upon the precedent of the Versailles Treaty, upon this model Israeli diplomats conducts diplomacy with EU States; comparable to how early America sought to establish the Monroe Doctrine as the basis of the United States relations with hostile European empires. 

        European cruelty, injustice and oppression of Jewish refugees for over 2000 years, branches out from ancient Roman imperialism, which originally expelled the Jewish people from our homelands in Judea. Europeans, not just ancient Rome, they bear the mark of Cain – guilty for all eternity, of committing criminal crimes against humanity, black slavery and 19th Century barbarity in Africa serve as degrading examples of European guilt. The Israeli government must hold the European peoples accountable for their mass crimes against humanity. Israel opposes any and all European governments sitting as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. All Europeans, not just the Nazis, lost WW2. Shoah guilt expels all European governments from the ‘Great Powers’ status.

        No European Court ever, not even once, forced  Xtian Church leaders to stand trial for war crimes committed against humanity. Not for the Roma People, nor for differing Xtian sects who opposed the dominant Catholic or Protestant belief system Creeds, nor the blatant injustice of the persecution and cruel murder of women accused of witchcraft – guilty of the crime of healing the sick or serving as midwives! Therefore, the Rome Treaty merits nothing other than total contempt; the ICC has no jurisdiction to judge Jews in general and Israel in particular.

      2. The comment you are refering to was NOT about the killings of Palestinians, NOT directed to you mosckerr. It was about the “Kill a Leftist” law, the UN headquarter in NYC and the conflict of interest at UNO.

        You accused me of being a “religious fanatic”, “very angry person”, “evil-eyed”, wanna-be “Judge Jury and Prosecution”, while i’m speaking out against ALL war crimes, against anti-semitism, against fascism (even in your country), but FOR Human Rights. mosckerr, What you do is called shadow projection and exposing you, not me. This makes me feel very sorry for you and your (funda)mental mindset.

      3. Of course it is like i said. The comment was my initial response to the “Kill A Leftist” posting before i discovered your wicked fundamental and displaced Torah response. You misinterpreted almost everything – most likely intentional – much like you ignored that IDGAF about apologies by fringe-right religious weirdos. However, please go enjoy the racial segregation and yourself like Frederik de Klerk did 1997.

      4. Somehow i could predict that you aren’t able to recognize anything else but noise. However, this is your first comment that deserves a like. 😀

      5. In respect for the blog of lobotero, cause the subject of his blog merits respect: “the only good Commie is a dead Commie” …. The Times of Israel reported:

        ” The Israel Defense Forces says it just conducted an airstrike on a Hamas intelligence facility with dozens of terrorist operatives inside. The military says the site served as the main command center for its surveillance network. It is not immediately clear how many Hamas members are killed in the strike.”

        Israel must be a Fascist Nazi state b/c it makes such a barbaric response to Arab refugee fire crackers and bottle rockets!!!!! LOL

      6. Are you seriously trust mossad that Hamas had a surveillance network?!!!! 😀 ROFLMAO You are INSANE, aren’t you?

        Help yourself and learn how you are brainwashed. Maybe you are able to process all the infos, and you are welcome to prove that i’ve been wrong.

      7. Ya can not speak a word of Hebrew, ya like showing gory pictures of a Arab with part of his head blown off, ya post a 2 minute You Tube of Golda Meir interview and ass/u/me that this makes you an expert on the PM who endured the trauma of the Yom Kippur 1973 war.

        I have no ax to grind to prove you wrong, you mean nothing to me, as do your off the wall emotional masturbation. If that’s how ya get your rocks off, more power to ya. As for myself, it seems to me that a person who seeks objectivity must most obviously learn from mistakes which I have previously made on this blog by addressing your off the wall propaganda pro Arabist hostility. Ya probably believe the ‘Dancing Israelis’ U-tube propaganda piece that accuses Israel of 9/11 HaHaHa that one really made me laugh. But in your defense, the 9/11 comparison — just my speculation. This admission also makes me laugh. Your anger and indignation over matters in a foreign country where you have no “stick in the mud”, you appear to me as a clown, and your antics make me laugh.

        Lobotero writes: “According to the Des Moines Register, a new law in Iowa would “grant civil immunity to drivers of vehicles who injure someone who is blocking traffic while engaging in disorderly conduct or participating in a protest, demonstration, riot or unlawful assembly without a permit.” A reactionary piece first penned by Eve Ottenberg, in May 7, 2021 COUNTERPUNCH.

        From my personal experience, based upon the Sharon/Olmert Kadema Party [Kadema means Move Forward!], that political party no longer exists. But my moving company moved people from homes they legally bought but had to abandon based upon a policy to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza back at the turn of the 21st Century. Israel stood on the verge of Civil War, based upon this decision to forcibly remove 6500 Israelis living in Gaza.

        The protest symbol that expressed opposition to the Kadema leadership majority which controlled the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) – an orange ribbon. I personally opposed tying an orange ribbon to my moving company vehicles, and vocally supported – Sharon, but never Omert who I personally despised following the violence of using Arab police to forcibly remove Jewish settlers. Have still etched in my mind the famous picture of Arab police dressed in black outfits in a shove a war with settlers, police on one side of the fence and settlers on the other, eventually the police superior numbers pushed down that fence.

        That event killed the left Wing in Israeli politics. Meretz – the extreme left wing party which I initially supported when I came to live in Israel in 1991, enjoyed 15 mandates in the Knesset, today that party, in the last election barely made the 3 mandate threshold. The lesson learned, if the forced resettlement of 6500 settlers brought the nation to the brink of Civil War, then dividing Jerusalem would most definitely result in a brutal Civil War.

        The 1st priority of any government – in any country – to prevent the nation from falling into anarchy to the extent that Civil War explodes. Studied Soviet Foreign Policy as my major at Texas A&M at College Station. Troskii his writings mesmerized me. At A&M Troskii was my hero. A&M a military school, people did not like Communist supporters like myself. Troskii’s grandchildren today learned in daati/religious Yeshivot in Israel! Remember when Rabin served as PM, reading the signs in Mea Shearim, a ulta orthodox community in Jerusalem, Meretz/Sheretz – a ta’mae creature.

        Its hard to communicate Jewish traditional cultures and customs to non Jews. Tuma represents a key concept in the Torah. Remember seeing, while i lived in the States, a King James Bible and laughing – something comparable to FOTOROTO and his utter nonsense – which translated tuma as “unclean”. The subjects of tohor and tuma addresses the subject of spirits. Torah teaches spirituality NOT history. The New Testament by stark contrast depends upon a physical Jesus & history. Torah stands upon the foundation of mussar. The church by 180 degree stark contrast stands upon theology. Theology tells people what they should believe. As a person who loves Jewish culture and traditions, I personally consider myself as an atheist praise G-d. LOL. Torah has no commandment to believe in God. If a heavy stone falls upon your foot, ya do not say: “I believe a stone just fell and broke bones in my foot”. Rather ya hop up and down on one legs saying !@#$ !@#$ !@#$!!!!!

        This COUNTERPUNCH article which Lobotero has introduced upon his blog, does it present an accurate picture of American society today? I do not know, cause I do not live in the US. But it seems to me that FOTOROTO preaches a emotion packed propaganda. Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli wrote “The Prince” back in 1513. For me, it qualifies as required reading material. There he writes that its as important to possess an enemy as a friend. A politician uses the enemy as a foil backdrop whereby the politician can condemn and denounce the policies of the enemy. FOTOROTO represents an Arabist opinion. He employs gross pictures of a young Arab boy with part of his head blown off.

        Nazi propaganda employed similar techniques to justify the invasion of Poland. But we all know how that war ended. My father, he was an excellent lawyer, I personally witnessed him defend a client, guilty as hell, arrested in possession of a pound of grass. Before the judge threw the case out of court expressing a humble apology for police injustice, my father told me that to win court cases consistently that a person must argue persuasively both sides of the argument. Based upon this: it seems to me that the COUNTERPUNCH article which lobotero has introduced upon his blog, that it fails to meet this criteria.

      8. I feel so sorry for you. The trauma of WW2 made you hate all people outside of your bubble and believe every lie that is told by Operation Mockingbird controlled newspapers. If you trust mossd you most likely trust “see eye ey” informations, too.

        I’ve noticed that you didn’t even click the link that i provided for you. Are you afraid that you can’t find evidence that would proof that i made an error? Please, let me invite you to do that. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ve been wrong and learn something new about the history that we share together. Isn’t it?
        You could expand your horizon and learn of many other jewish people like Gabor Mate, Noam Chomsky, Max Blumental…

        Don’t ass/u/me since this is only exposing your current limitations.

      9. Hate people? Ya mean Europeans? Yidden as stateless refugees have a long bloody history with church and states in europe. I would sooner pee against a hurricane force winds than trust European governments who actively or passively (England knew about the death camps in 1942, but refused to bomb the rail lines. Better that Jews should die tying down divisions of SS troops, rather than those SS troops fight on the front.) supported the Nazi genocide which violently murdered 75% of all Jews living in Europe in less than 4 years.

        Your links clearly have nothing to do with the blog subject. Lobotero has personally requested that I stick to addressing his blog subject. Since that time, obedience to his request has shaped and determined my responses. I follow his blog not your blog FOTOROTO.

      10. You are welcome NOT to follow my blog, but obviously you are too afraid to even visit it. While i don’t speak Hebrew i’m able to speak a little yiddish, but that’s not important. I know what cruel things the nazis have done, but this is no justification for Netanyahu to take fucking Hitler as idol and trying to be worst with torture, lethal gas, and white phosphor.
        Since you think that WW2 started with (fucking) nazis attacking Poland then you most likely never seen the Daily Express headlines…

      11. Ya know a few words אביסל of the ‘Mamma L’shon’… big deal, give ya a cookie. Ya got that right its not important. Yet your opening thesis statement introduces something, by your own admission that’s not important. Pretty much sums up your worthless opinion. Israeli politics falls outside of the parameters of lobotero’s blog subject. Therefore your opinion does not merit the time of day.

      12. let’s continue the conversation at mine. there is no reason to be afraid of since i love the Jewish culture (not to be confused with Zionist ideology). let’s build bridges, not walls!

      13. Nothing personal, but I am simply not interested. Arabs blew up “fire crackers and bottle rockets” which exploded close enough to my house last night that caused the glass ‘pains’ (pun get it?) to really shake. Your theology does not appeal to me. 2 Jews 3 opinions: yes some Yidden abroad, perhaps even a majority of Yidden abroad, oppose the Israeli government. Big Deal, they have no citizenship and can not vote. So their opposition – they can fuck off. Those Yidden do not have a stick in the mud here in Israel. Just as Goyim foreigners have no say in Israeli politics.

        Zionism means Israeli nationalism. Just as ya oppose Zionism, I oppose British or French imperialism. Have no stick in the mud in either country. Post Shoah, I personally favor making Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa – Israel’s main trading partners. This objective defines Israeli foreign policy in my opinion as a single voter in Israeli politics.

        Post Shoah Europe does not merit respect. Excluding or drastically limiting the political influence of European 3rd world powers in the Middle East and North Africa, such a policy compares to the young State of America establishing the Monroe Doctrine as the basis of its foreign policy interactions with European empires.

      14. i can’t agree more with you on ALL forms of imperialism and illegal landgraps. we might have differences on nationalism, but what makes Israel’s nationalism superior to the one of hitler?

        i reached out for your hand and tried to build bridges, so it is you who have to accept that you aren’t even able to read and learn about history. it’s sad, but i accept that you are a prisoner of your own mindset.

      15. A blue print represents a 3 dimensional idea on a 2 dimensional piece of paper by showing: Front/Side/Top view point perspectives. Each perspective totally different from the other. Israeli Zionist nationalism has no more superiority than does the Front view of a blue print over the Side/Top views.

        Your skewed theology preaching does not appeal to me. I simply see no value to your expressed opinions. They do not profit me so I refuse to invest my limited time in utter narishkeit. (Yiddish for worthless).

      16. The attempt by you, and others like you who i have engaged, to foist European criminal insanity upon the Jewish people – this cowardice qualifies as Holocaust denial based upon the precedent of the Versailles Treaty. If post WW1 British and French governments can impose a unilateral guilt upon all Germans born after WW1. Then how much more so, measure for measure, can the State of Israel unilaterally impose permanent guilt upon the European sub humans (A Nazi term applied to Jewish refugees in Europe) for the crimes of WW2!

      17. according to your statements and your yiddish skillz you could understand the lyrics, don’t you?

      18. Germans in particular and Xtians in particular have no say in internal Jewish affairs. Stateless Arab refugees have no rights not in Israel nor in Germany.

      19. While i have a lot respect for Jews, you are just a fcukin’ zionist! Why don’t racists like you have no idea about the Dunning-Kruger syndrome? No need to comment, since the question was rhetorical. 😀

      20. Opening a dialogue based upon respect, like the one which lobotero shares with me … in diplomatic terms that means opening an embassy and exchanging ambassadors. You and I share no diplomatic relations with one another. I would not consider following your blog b/c I do not view you as an ally.

      21. you are too ignorant and stubborn to do that. that’s sad and tells a lot about your character, but i can accept it.

      22. Again foreigners in Europe in general and Britain in particular have no say in the internal affairs of the Jewish state.

      23. OMG! since you like to use the communication tactics of the orange man (whataboutism) so much i thought you can understand me better now. can’t you?

        do you enjoy the music as much as i do? or do you take a nap again?

      24. Actually, you are wrong! Since Israel is violating Human Rights and Europe in full of Human Beings who stand in solidarity against the dictatorship in Israel, we will sanction your fascism and reinstate the borders of 1960 maybe even 1947.

      25. It was in the interest of someone else to make Jews and (fucking) nazis fight each other. You could call it fake news, but i invite you to bring evidence.

      26. hey, i invited you to get rid off the noise. watch Gabor Mate and he might help you with that problem of yours.

      27. Books and Videos of Gabor Mate:

        Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, A.A. Knopf Canada, 1999 (published in the United States as Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It).
        When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, A.A. Knopf Canada, 2003 (published in the United States as When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection).
        Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers, co-authored with developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, A.A. Knopf Canada, 2004.
        In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, A.A. Knopf Canada, 2008.
        The Power of Connection, Video Lecture, Wholehearted Publishing, Wholehearted.org, 2020.
        A Masterclass for Healers, Video Series, Wholehearted Publishing, Wholehearted.org, 2020.
        Healing Trauma & Addiction, Video Series, Wholehearted Publishing, Wholehearted.org, 2020.

      28. i’m not impressed that you can copy&paste a list. you could overcome your hate, but somehow i have doubts that you will since you aren’t even able to click on the link that i have updated especially for you.

      29. Looke up Gabor Mate on Wikipedia. That’s my source. Your description of “hate”, utter narishkeit.

      30. Since you rely on wikipedia. How much do you trust their informations? Have you ever heard of manipulation and edit wars over there? Do you know what PR agencies like H+K Strategies are and what they are paid to do over there? Is that your main-source of informations?

      31. Like any source its subject to investigation. But since you mentioned specific persons, I like wiki to supply me with background information. Simple rule: learn any subject in its larger contexts.

      32. while i agree on your claim to do investigations, you obviously refused to do it with mine. so you aren’t just biased you take your information about persons from wikipedia. BIIIG FAIL!

        if you trust second hand information then it’s most likely that someone played you. (no offence, just a recommendation)

      33. hahaha. i’m sorry if i’m a little arrogant but remember that you challenged me. TY! at least it is entertaining 😉

      34. Yes I did. You stand correct on this score. But lobotero asked me to limit myself to address the subject of his blog, and in obedience to his wishes that’s as far as i now go.

      35. ok, thanks a lot! it was a hilarious experience chatting with you and you are welcome to expose yourself further in my blog.

      36. Have quoted lobotero’s blog extensively. Your opinion has added no additional insights to his blog.

      37. Hey mosckerr, your whataboutism doesn’t work any longer. Since you support the fascism of Israel you are complicit like nazi SA. You better figure out a better place than Argentina since it looks like they join in solidarity against your Crimes against Humanity. Otherwise you might face the destiny of Adolf Eichmann soon.

      38. I’m glad that you had something to laugh about in your last days. The future will look very different for you.

      39. Sorry, i was wrong about Iron Dome. Obviously, Freedom Fighters figured out how to distract it with their home-made fireworks. Not even your illegal nukes will help, since you can’t use them without wiping out yourself.

      40. Russian Press Condemns Israel. Israel has yet to commit ground troops to Gaza.

        UN chief ‘deeply disturbed’ by civilian casualties & IDF bombing of Gaza media building. Eva Bartlett, a Canadian independent journalist and activist declares: “The destruction of two important Gaza buildings housing 20 media outlets was both shocking and predictable.” According to her unbiased speculations, this Arabist declares the purpose and intent of bringing down these two buildings – “Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow.” However, this Arabist concedes the key point that Israel gave the inhabitants of in both buildings both warning and time to evacuate the premises to avoid civilian casualties. Interesting Gaza leadership has fired thousands of missiles at Israeli populated cities, has never given any warning what so ever … but Israel, (that Pariah State), will in the future, commit war crime atrocities!

        An Israeli military spokesman told the media that the tower was targeted because it housed “Hamas military intelligence.” Hamas uses “civilian media” as “human shields,” the IDF also said in a statement on Twitter. The Palestinian militant group “deliberately places its military assets in the heart of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip,” the post added. Yet the Russian Arabist Press gave priority to Eva Bartlett’s evil eye of the Jewish State’s response to stateless Arab refugees firing missiles into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and targeting, with their missiles, most of the populated cities across Israel – Israel, that tiny speck of a country. The Arabist Russian Press Head Lines: Israeli airstrike levels Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera & other international media.

        Clearly foreign imperialist governments seek to promote their agenda: to divide the tiny Jewish state. Jesus son of Zeus once taught: (divide and conquer), a nation divided against itself cannot stand. These foreign jackal nations, in all their innocence and piety, seek to promote Civil War within Israel. It means nothing to these hostile powers, who dub themselves – ‘the Quartet’, that 57 Arab and Muslim countries cover the Middle East, Africa and the former Soviet Union empire.

        No they demand that Israel, about the size of New Jersey, MUST surrender the miraculous victory of the 1967 Six Day War. That only then can peace bless the Middle East! Interesting, Arab control of these recaptured territories which Israel reconquered, prior to that short war, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia fought 2 previous wars against Israel – with the objective – to obliterate the Jewish state. President of Egypt, Nasser, promised prior to the June war of ’67, that Arabs would in this war accomplish what they failed to achieve in 1948, to throw the Jews into the Sea, and thereby complete the Nazi Holocaust.

      41. You can try to keep on playing the victim, but the People all over the world won’t be fooled again.

      42. No country that sees itself as a conqueror gets no quarter from me. This is just regurgitating propaganda..please stop chuq

        Have a marvelous Sunday. chuq

      43. Thank You and same to ya and to your entire family. May I please remind you that Ben Gurion accepted the UN Partition proposal and that all the Arab States Universally rejected that proposal. That immediately after 2/3rds of the members of the UN recognized the Jewish people have equal rights to self determination, the next day Ben Gurion declared Israeli Independence, and on that same day 5 Arab countries invaded the UN recognized Jewish state with the intent to throw all the Jews into the Sea.

      44. Unless Ben was about protesters in the US then it does not matter to those that will be hit by a car. chuq

      45. sorry, i always have to smile when i read “Conflict Resolution” by a war and apartheid supporter. can’t you see the irony?

      46. English 101. A general statement requires qualifying particulars. In Hebrew logic its called כלל ופרט/general and specific. Apparently you never learned freshman English – which explains allot. Your “war and apartheid supporter” lacks any specific evidence from my “Conflict Resolution” blog. Like the Golda Meir youtube clip, you quote my blog heading and assume that this alone makes you an expert. Nice humor clown.

      47. you are welcome to call me whatever you want. why don’t you have the balls to do it on my blog? thanks for all the entertainment, but i thought you are on the run now.

      48. Looked at lobotero’s posting till April 3oth “Can’t Fix Stupid” Files … no “thora posting”. Ya need to learn how to write.

      49. Your question: “can’t you drop ANY links?” adds no clarity to “your initial thora posting”.

      50. are you senile like sleepy joe? don’t you remember what your first posting was @”Kill A Leftist?”

      51. This will be challenged….but the GOP is playing a dangerous game….but they will not stop here…..chuq

        And your point ? LOL

      52. ROFLMAO i know since the son of german immigrants “gave” you Jerusalem. you are sooo predictable! 😀

      53. hahaha, so you consider THIS is adding value to lobos original posting? whatever, maybe we can make 464 comments full with that crap?

      54. Wow the entire planet thought that the jig was up, that the Arabs would under Nasser’s leadership – throw the Jews into the Sea. . To quote Gomer Pyle: Surprise surprise surprise.

      55. Looks like the entire planet is forming solidarity against the cruelties of Israel. You’ll be soon held accountable like the nazis.

      56. In Arab culture women do not speak in the presence of men. What she describes could very well be how her husband treats her.

      57. LOL yeah, add more dog shit to lobo’s posting. maybe he has a different perspective, but i guess he might be (a little) shocked when he discovers (y)our smack talk in the morning

      58. British band. Arabs in Israel cannot pronounce the letter P of the European imperialist word

      59. Another 1 sided propaganda piece. Takes 2 hands to clap. Propaganda more resembles the “clap” of VD.

      60. I can’t agree more! Never i would be allied with insane racists and fascism-supporters like you are. This time you have to face trials and entnazification processes, but what you posted in the i-net will be available to prosecutors.
        Let me quote IST: “Can’t fix stupid!” 😀

      61. Seriously? OK, i’ve added a few nice songs for mosckkkrs twisted sense of “context”, but i’m suuure he will “love” progressive music like that.
        pls, feel free to remove it if it’s not your style.

      62. British citizens have no opinion about internal Jewish affairs, just as Israelis like myself have no opinion about internal British affairs.

      63. One upon a time i was working for those pr (aka propaganda) disinformation agents/agencies.

        btw: H+K Strategies was responsible for the disinformation campaign that started “desert storm” against another “useful idiot” (technical term, no disrespect!) like saddam hussein, manuel noriega, mohammad reza pahlavi, ben netanyahu, adler hitdolf (and many more)

        It’s disappointing that you have blind trust in their manipulated infos and it’s telling a lot about your character. (no disrespect!)

      64. Blind trust … that’s your speculation, we do not know one another. Have immense respect for my PM (I voted for him 4 times now). Your opinion does not impress me in the least. The PM’s brother lead the ground forces which freed Jews captured by Arab terrorists on the raid of Entebbe.

      65. OMFG! ignorance and blind trust in the purest form. That’s what we called “sheeple” in the agency.

      66. Sorry but I need to interject something….everybody’s opinion deserves respect….even if you disagree. chuq

      67. Agreed. I respond to FOTOROTO on your blog lobotero. But otherwise his self opinionated radicalism does not appeal to me.

      68. That’s and excellent question. Sir, I respond to this clown based upon the premise: give a fool enough rope, and the idiot will hang himself.

      69. nope, no speculation since you’ve delivered the evidence again, and again, and again. let me guess: your IQ is somewhere between 82 & 95?

      70. A fool repeats a failed action over and again in the hopes that just one more time will produce a different response. The European imperialist states rabid over their 2 State “piece” plan. You ROTOROTO and your tendency to speculate.

      71. nope, but you’ve been crying out for him like he is MAMAAAA
        are you retired or was it preschool? sorry you confused me a little

      72. WHUUZZUUUP mosckerr? do you need a nap? i thought we surprise lobo with 464 shitty comments on his serious posting of 464 words?

      73. Erev Shabbot, the nigger has to clean house and wash the laundry, and cook the food, sweep the yard, water the plants and that’s before the boss lady, my daughter comes and starts telling the hired help what needs be doing.

      74. Since you are such a racist you will have a hard time soon. Do your internet research and you’ll find People standing up in almost every country on the planet already. On the other hand, you could escape the destiny of Eichmann when you escape like the fuhrer did.

      75. Germans have such a wonderful reputation. The Allies called them the HUNS in reference to how they treated the people of Belgium and Holland.

      76. nice piece of propaganda tunes! you have gorillaz in mind, don’t you? they published da hot shit like you used to dance to. 😀

      77. Cranberries!!! i knew you love music like that

        Ireland and Scottland have sooo much in common with Palestine!

      78. You better reject Zionism soon and return to the real values of Judaism, otherwise you’ll be held accountable for your support of the fascist PM that you’ve voted for 4x

      79. Stateless Jewish refugee populations had command of no armies, tanks, or planes. Your non sense of “make Jews and Nazis fight each other” utterly and totally absurd.

      80. Since you as a dirty zionist hate the brave Freedom Fighters of Palestine so much i was obviously writing about the fascist system of Israel. Your shadow projection and inverse logic is useless in the time of the internet.

      81. Thanks for the invitation! The moment i can find an airport in Palestine i’ll fight alongside my brothers and help them to get rid of the fascists.

      82. Proud — wrong metaphor. A foreigner from America comes to Israel to fight with Arab statels refugees and gets herself killed. FOTOROTO makes noise that he’s prepared to do the same.

      83. Protesting is not fighting and that is just what I am talking about….change facts to suit some silly narrative….chuq

      84. Hey moshi, Karen wrote me that you broke her heart with your comment about Rachel. Is it true that you aren’t allowed to teach kids since your “vacation” on Little St. James?

      85. My daughters learned Arabic in school. Mandatory military service. Ya speak Arabic ya can serve in Israeli intelligence.

      86. Thanks for the job offer, but unlike your daughter i prefer to be part of the solution, not the problem.

      87. Apologies aren’t necessary. I couldn’t respect Your perspective on Free Speech more than i already do.

      88. Hey mosckerr, i know that it is hard to accept that you are brainwashed, but if you want to get rid of some of the noise in your head i would recommend to read and watch this carefully…

        WW1 & Nazi Propaganda

  5. “So now it’ll be legal in some Neolithic U.S. states to run over leftists with your car. What’ll come next? Legalizing pushing people out of airplanes at 35,000 feet? Running over swimmers with boats? Unleashing your rabid dog on people whose political persuasions offend you? There are so many possibilities! It’s already legal for cops to shoot leftists. They did so with no repercussions in Oregon, after Trump took to the airwaves to tell them to hurry up and “do what has to be done” to Michael Reinoehl, suspected of shooting a fascist.”

    It seems to me In Saner Thought expresses an opinion of Civil War in America. This appears to distort the reality in the US right now. First must recognize my inadequate situation, seeing that I live in Israel thousands of miles removed from the apparent anarchy that prevails according to this blog. However, with this obvious handicap aside, it seems to me that foreign countries hostile to the US, like the former USSR – a failed Communist State, currently led by Putin, and Communist China – a thriving Communist State – lead by Xi Jinping, that their propaganda organs would relish US anarchy, as a tool to humiliate the leader of the Western World.

    1. Since you obviously think that your hate ideology is totally superior compared with the rest of the world, let me ask what happened to your superior grammar & orthography?

      1. Jabber da hood? So you don’t just like real war crimes, but Sci-Fi as well. Have you ever recognized the similarities of Netanyahu and the sith lords?

      2. Posting You Tube anti-Israel songs does not make a rational argument. Nor does making a comparison to fiction Star Wars lords of sith to the Israeli PM. It only proves that you have nothing in your head other than noise.

      3. What you call arguments is intel propaganda, absurd fake news, funda(mental) religious believe, extremely racist, offensive accusations, neo-conzi pro-war agitation, nazi nationalism, misanthropic islamophobia, blatant lies, refusing ICJ, ICC, UNO, Human Richts, and non-related (but somehow hilarious) nonsense without providing reference links that would support your stupid claims.

        SO WHAT?

      4. Why don’t you try to get rid of the noise in your head? I tried to help you with the lessons of one of the most respected psychologist on the planet. If you aren’t able to help yourself with books and expect me to do that for you, then you have to hire me. There is no reason why i should do it free of charge.

  6. OMG, I just found this crazy thread–it’s like stumbling on a car crash with a crazed shtremel at the wheel, slamming his car into a crowd of people doing yoga.

    These racist Israeli hasbara are a form of toxic internet pollution.

    I can’t believe you gave that guy more than two comments–a total derailer. “sub-human European barbarians”….Doctrine of the Superior People much, Fraudstein? Let’s talk about the Holodmor, or Phillistine foreskins for Hashems sake!

    Howbout–whattabout–angry leftists indeed.

    And, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read that he runs a moving company, lol. So did the guys who were filming the Twin Towers burning, as other Israeli’s danced.

    I am sure they were singing “Yeah, But Whattabout 2000 years ago, you sub-human European scum, huh, huh?” with a Wagner opera played by The Fiddler on the Roof dinning in their skulls.

    In other news, I had no idea that Mogen David and bottle rocket fumes could get a guy so buzzed up!

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