Biden’s State Of The Union Address

Biden was invited to a joint session of Congress to give the traditional SOTU address on 28 April……he accepted….this will be a break with tradition for Presidents don’t deliver a State of the Union address to Congress until their second year in office…….and the speech went something like this…..

President Biden addressed Congress for the first time since taking office Wednesday night, calling for America “to do more than just build back. We have to build back better.” How so: by making sure corporations and the wealthiest 1% of Americans are paying their fair share, CNN reports. The network says he laid out an economic and infrastructure plan that amounted to “a far more progressive agenda than his 2020 campaign would have suggested.” More from the address, reactions to it, and the Republican rebuttal from Sen. Tim Scott:

  • The New York Times and CNN have more on what was included in the address, which also touched on foreign policy, immigration, coronavirus vaccination, the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, and more.
  • Scott, the only Black GOP senator, said in his response that Biden’s $1.8 trillion American Families Plan is “big government waste.” The Times also has more on his rebuttal, which also called out coronavirus shutdowns and the growing divide over systemic racism: “America is not a racist country,” he said.
  • The AP fact-checks both Biden’s and Scott’s speeches. It finds a number of issues with Biden’s address, including his claim that “There’s a broad consensus of economists—left, right, center—and they agree that what I’m proposing will help create millions of jobs and generate historic economic growth.” The statement “glosses over the naysayers” some of whom say the spending is too much. It also finds misleading statements from Scott’s response; more here.
  • The AP also has details on the “diminished mood” of what is typically a more “electrifying evening,” but was much less so this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also notes that many Republican lawmakers simply didn’t attend. Those who did, including Mitch McConnell, rarely stood up to applaud. But Biden name-dropped McConnell poignantly, recalling that “it meant a lot” when McConnell suggested Biden name a cancer research bill after his late son, Beau.
  • A poll conducted after the address found that 71% of respondents felt more optimistic after hearing it, CNN reports.
  • WTVY rounds up some of the reactions that have come in from lawmakers. The Daily Beast notes that on Fox News, Chris Wallace was predicting the speech would be popular with Americans while Ben Domenech argued it would be a quickly-forgotten “blip.”

I heard nothing new….his daily news updates has told us everything we need to know….this was nothing but a much deserved victory lap.

But let’s face reality…this is nothing more than a wish list that will go NO further than the Senate and as we know this is where great bills go to DIE!

For me it was redundant and boring….but that was nothing new for me.

Then there was the GOP response…..given by South Carolina senator, Tim Scott…..

A typical Repub response….Dems bad and Repubs good…..and as usual there was no plans for the future other than to repeat lies and misinformation…..the party used Scott to try and change the conversation on race and the stupidity of the party…..and yet he failed on this issue completely.

Scott just reiterated the obstructionism that we have lived with since 2008.

All in all it was a wasted evening for me.

But that is something that I am use to with the American experiment these days.

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8 thoughts on “Biden’s State Of The Union Address

  1. I atched snippets of Biden’s speech on the BBC news. Funnily enough, all I heard was ‘Blah…Blah…Blah’.
    Not unlike listening to Boris in fact.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Are these ever much more than wish lists, Trump’s world of doom SotU speeches excluded? I felt warm and fuzzy after it, still knowing cooperation of the non-clapping or dozing Republicans will determine which of the bullet points will happen. How many years has it been now since we had a functioning Congress? Aw, I remember vaguely when impossible dreams became reality and humans walked on the moon!

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