GOP Has A Plan!

Now there is a headline that we have not seen in over 4 years…..and it is a good sign for the future?

I would not go that far but it is a small bit of good news…

Infrastructure is the new buzzword…..ours is in need of immediate addressing……Biden has offered his vision for our infrastructure…..

And now the GOP has offered their compromise on the subject…..

Senate Republicans rolled out an $568 billion infrastructure plan on Thursday, kicking off Congressional negotiations on one of President Joe Biden’s biggest legislative priorities.

It was introduced by Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia; Roger Wicker of Mississippi; Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; John Barrasso of Wyoming; and Mike Crapo of Idaho. The amount is lower than the $600 billion range that Capito suggested last week.

“This is the serious, most robust plan we’ve put forward as Republicans,” Capitol said at a press conference on Thursday. “We see this as an offer that’s on the table.”

CNN offered a more concise look at this proposal.

Page 2 of GOP Infrastructure Plan

I am amazed that the GOP grew a set and has offered up this proposal…..personally I do not think that little amount will do much to solve too many of our infrastructure problems.

But at least they formulated a plan….nice to see they are attempting to re-join the governing process….but I think there will be push back within the party.

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