Closing Thought–19Apr21

A Greater Idaho……

These days there is a wealth of rhetoric abut secession…..Texas and even in the Northwest….Oregon to be more succinct…..I wrote about a proposal not long ago……

More has developed since my original post……

Millions of Americans now living in Oregon, California, and Washington state could end up in their own Greater Idaho if a proposal submitted to Idaho lawmakers Monday becomes reality. Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Borders for a Greater Idaho, told a joint committee of lawmakers that the plan, which would involve Idaho expanding its border to the Pacific Ocean, could grow Idaho’s population by 50% and make it the nation’s third-largest state in terms of area, KTVB reports. The plan calls for around three-quarters of Oregon becoming part of Idaho. Supporters say residents of parts of southeast Washington and northern California would also welcome the chance to become part of a red state.

McCarter, an Oregon resident, said four rural Oregon counties have already approved the plan and votes are coming up in five more. “There’s a longtime cultural divide as big as the Grand Canyon between northwest Oregon and rural Oregon, and it’s getting larger,” he said, per the AP. For parts of Oregon to join Idaho, the plan would have to be approved by Congress and the legislatures of both states. McCarter’s group argues that the move would be likely to win approval since it won’t affect the balance of power in the Senate. The AP reports “Idaho lawmakers appeared intrigued but skeptical.” Mark Simmons, a former speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, told Idaho lawmakers that “a lot of details” would need to be worked out, including the minimum wage, which is $11.25 in Oregon and $7.25 in Idaho.

I say if the people of the region want this then let them go…..

Now this makes me think of my region…..the three Coastal counties are nothing like the state of Mississippi….then why not become a state or join with a more like Louisiana?

This is another example of why I oppose the whole lame excuse of state’s rights.

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5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–19Apr21

  1. I think it is time for America to split, much like the Soviet Union did. People could choose where to live, based on their personal preferences. I foresee at leat four separate countries, with New York city and state going it alone, and a return to ‘Dixie’, south of the Mason-Dixon line.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Hey, that’s my home state! Yep, I’m fine with Eastern Oregonians leaving if that’s what they’d rather do. It would also make it a lot easier for Portland and surroundings to pass the agenda we’d really like to see. The only problem? Apparently, a lot of people in Idaho are actually not nearly as enthused about having the newcomers from the coast join, for various reasons. And since Idaho would have to vote for this change…

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