OMG! It’s Gun Control (Again)


After all the mass shootings in the past month Pres. Biden is coming out with a stand on guns….he will soon issue his thoughts and actions….

President Biden has so far failed to deliver on the gun control promises he made as a candidate, but that could be set to change on Thursday. Sources tell Politico that Biden, who had promised to take action on his first day in office, plans to announce a series of new executive actions on guns. The sources say Biden will be joined at the White House event by members of Congress, Attorney General Merrick Garland, survivors of gun violence, and members of groups that have been pushing for gun control. The actions Biden is expected to announce include a requirement for buyers of home-assembled “ghost guns” to undergo background checks.

Advocates say Biden might also announce new controls on concealed assault-style firearms and a ban on people convicted of domestic violence buying guns. A source tells the AP that Biden is also expected to nominate former federal agent David Chipman as the new director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Thursday. Chipman, an adviser at gun control group Giffords, would be the first permanent ATF director since 2015. Chipman was an ATF agent for 25 years. CNN notes that Biden promised to take action on guns after the mass shooting in Colorado last month, saying, “I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future.”

I agree that it is beyond time for some commonsense action on guns…..citizens like those overweight in-bred morons in militias do NOT need an assault weapon so they can strut around attempting to intimidate people into their will.

So what did Joe decide was nthe actions to take?

Dealing with frustration that he hasn’t acted on gun violence issues since the recent mass shootings, President Biden announced a series of executive actions Thursday. “Gun violence in this country is an epidemic,” Biden said in the Rose Garden, adding that “the idea that we have so many people dying every single day from gun violence in America is a blemish on our character as a nation.” His proposals include measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands, including restrictions on weapons that can be assembled at home. Known as “ghost guns,” they don’t have serial numbers and so can be difficult to trace. He ordered the Justice Department to draft a regulation for a device that can essentially turn a pistol into a short-barreled rifle, the Washington Post reports. And Biden again called on the House to act on gun control legislation, per USA Today, including restoring the assault weapons ban.

Biden announced David Chipman as his choice for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is part of the Justice Department. Chipman could have a tough time clearing the Senate; he’s worked for gun control, and has been an adviser to an organization founded by former US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in 2011. The pressure on Biden stems partly from his campaign promise to act against gun violence in his first 100 days in office. That didn’t happen. He said last month that gun violence is among the “long-term problems” that he’ll get to after dealing with the pandemic, infrastructure, and voting rights, per the Washington Post. On Thursday, he passed some of that pressure on to lawmakers. “They’ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of Congress,” he said, per CNBC. “But they’ve passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence.”

Glad to see someone doing something…..but what part of this solves the problem of assault weapons used to kill numerous people?

This is a band-aid for a sucking chest wound.

The ‘epidemic’ will continue!

Let me reiterate…..NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!

Can you understand that simple statement?

I am sure we will revisit the whole gun debate once again and that there will be a wealth of bullsh*t spread.

It is difficult to have a commonsense debate on guns when commonsense plays no part in that debate.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

7 thoughts on “OMG! It’s Gun Control (Again)

  1. Same game as in the past.;-( As long as dealing with weapons is very lucrative, they can not implement gun control. Today I heard an interview with the Airbus CFO. He weighed in at concerns about the continued existence of the aircraft division, and losses to the detriment of the Free State of Bavaria. Reason: The Defense division of Airbus is primarily located in Bavaria, and its powerful. 😉

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