From The “Can’t Fix Stupid” Files

There are stupid around every corner these days….so for that reason I will from time to time do a post that will be entitled “From The Files Of ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’……..

There are stupid actions and more stupid reasons for that action…..and this illustrates just what I am writing about……

Surely by now most people know about the black Georgia lawmaker that was arrested on felon charges because she knocked on the governor’s door during his secret signing of the restrictive voter bill….

Now we have the reason (excuse) for her arrest…..

The Georgia State Patrol lieutenant who arrested a Black state lawmaker as she knocked on Gov. Brian Kemp’s door in an attempt to witness him signing controversial new voting restrictions into law says he was concerned about an attack at the state capitol similar to what happened January 6 at the US Capitol. Rep. Park Cannon, a Democrat, refused his orders to stop knocking, the officer says in a 13-page incident report obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. With January 6 on his mind, he feared protesters at the capitol would be “emboldened” to follow suit if he did nothing to stop Cannon, he says.

He said the “agitated” protesters in the lobby “began to get louder as she was refusing to follow my commands,” and that he tried to de-escalate the situation before ultimately handcuffing her and taking her to jail. She’s been charged with two felonies, obstruction of law enforcement and preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings, Fox News reports. Other officers say demonstrators tried to breach Kemp’s office door after Cannon’s arrest, a charge witnesses flatly deny. Cannon led a march at the statehouse Monday that was attended by Martin Luther King III.


How lame is this?

Was there a pack of rabid idiots with chair legs or bear spray?  Were any protesters attacking a police line?  Were there people yelling instructions as to who was to be targeted for injury?

This is an excuse for stupidity!

It is true….you really ‘can’t fix stupid’!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “From The “Can’t Fix Stupid” Files

  1. Hey, chuq.. I think you might find a couple of my repeat replies to your post yesterday in your spam folder. For some reason every time I post to your blog from an outside wifi connection… like when I am on the job in the car… it never shows up as a new reply to your blog. Probably some damn setting on my end somewhere. I am home now.. so that’s why you see this reply.

    1. I am sorry but I had over hundred spam yesterday…and 200 today….so if you can remember your comments please send again and I will be more attentive….sorry Doug chuq

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