Closing Thought–08Mar21

This post is for all those that self-worth is linked to their body image.

States are starting to open up regardless of the warnings from the CDC….and that means gyms for all those that body image is far more important than their health…being able to wear a size 2 will not protect you from disaster.

How many regularly go to a gym so that you can keep that svelte figure that so appeals to the self-centered opposite sex?

During the pandemic gyms have suffered from low attendance and are now trying desperately trying to get the easily influenced to return to their daily sweat…..but is that a good idea?

After coronavirus outbreaks at gyms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned users to be careful—while pointing out a few factors that increase the risk at fitness centers. The virus spread quickly during high-intensity workout classes at gyms in Chicago and Honolulu, the New York Times reports. For one thing, instructors often are shouting during class, the CDC research pointed out. And of course, participants are breathing heavily. The CDC found participants who tested positive might have worked out when they were infectious. “It’s very important for individuals who would like to attend a gym and work out to be cognizant of what the COVID symptoms are, and to be aware that if you are feeling something that looks and feels like a COVID-19 symptom, to stay home as a precaution,” said an epidemiologist who co-wrote the Chicago case study.

At the Hawaii gym, 21 people caught the virus last summer after a cycling instructor who had COVID-19 continued teaching classes for three days, per ABC. The windows and doors were kept closed during class. Of 81 attendees in high-intensity fitness classes in Chicago, 55 came down with the virus. In both places, most participants were not wearing masks, the report said. Exercising outdoors is a better bet, the CDC said. Otherwise, the usual guidance applies: Wear a mask—millions are going to be distributed free—follow social distancing, and stay home if you detect any symptoms. Gyms should make sure they have plenty of ventilation, the CDC said. Limiting capacity at gyms is still wise, but the Chicago classes had just 10 to 15 participants. A trade group encouraging customers to return to gyms during the pandemic said: “There is never zero risk. But clubs are not the primary driver of COVID spread.”

If you feel that sweating is the only way you can feel healthy then please use some commonsense and heed warnings.

Be Well….Be Safe….

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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–08Mar21

  1. I have never been to a gym since having to do gym class at school. From what I have seen, they are mostly full of posers who don’t really need to be there.
    And I don’t think they sell red wine, so I would have no incentive… 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. A lot of people go to gyms to see and to be seen and, of course, to pick up dates and one night stands. A lot of gyms are nothing more than more glorified singles bars or gay bars.

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