“It Is My Right!”

I am sick of morons claiming they are losing their First Amendment rights!

That is what I am hearing from many of the Hard Right d/bags when asked about their breaching of the Capitol and committing crimes in the name of the First Amendment.

Actually they are full of crap!

What they did was seditious….that is not a right.

First Amendment….Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There is your key….” peaceably to assemble”…..the events of 06 January were NOT peaceable!

Like the torrent of video clips showing that last week’s terrorist attack on the capitol was more coordinated and more violent than its conspirators would want you to believe, the same conspirators are now pleading two narratives to cover their rear. One is that they were only exercising their First Amendment right to protest. The other is that the Black Lives Matter protests and riots didn’t draw the same scrutiny.

The right to protest is not in dispute. If that’s all the mob had done, its rights would certainly be defensible and protected, and everyone from the ACLU on down, including me, would defend that right. We’d be taking bets about how dull the Biden inaugural would be by now, not impeaching a president and witnessing one of the FBI’s most extensive manhunts in history. 

Let’s assume the protest had remained peaceful. Even then, a protest isn’t an end in itself. It’s about a message. It should be judged accordingly. The KKK or any other neo-fascist organization has the right to march downtown. But it remains a despicable organization with a reprehensible purpose. It does not have a claim to any moral ground just because it’s exercising its First Amendment right. The mob gathered in Washington last week with an equally despicable and indefensible purpose: to overturn a democratic election decided by 81 million voters, certified by 50 states, reaffirmed by 60 court decisions and the attorney general. So it wasn’t a protest, since there was nothing to protest. It was the fabrication of a coup that became an armed insurrection. Insurrections are not protected by the First Amendment.


Doing what Trump and his mindless supporters do manipulate the facts and the narrative will not change that these people committed sedition and that is a high crime.

DO NOT use the Constitution to try and justify what crimes they committed.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

14 thoughts on ““It Is My Right!”

  1. How’s that old saying go? If I had a $1 for every time someone said “It’s my right to !” I’d be richer than Elon Musk. My favorite question to people lately as been “What does the First Amendment actually say?” just to see the look of confusion and embarrassment. That of course turns into shame when I recite it to them word for word with a follow-up question “How is it then that the government has restricted your right to ?”

    What happened on Jan 6th was disgusting and gross. Confirms my belief that individuals in general are intelligent and groups of people gathering are dumb (aka mob mentality). It makes me sad that I have to explain to my 14 year old daughter why these things happen, why it isn’t right and there are better ways to do things in order to get your point and message across to your government.

    I’ve since re-read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution in the last several days. I’m reminded that there is a better way forward.

  2. From the left “we need to deprogram”, “we need to deradicalize”, “we need to reeducate” Trump supporters and other spewing of their self aggrandized moral and intellectual superiority will ceretainly drive more people to plan and participate in unlawful uprisings like this. Now Hillary posts that she’d love to see Trump’s phone recording from that day as he was probably talking to Putin. Well that sure invites peace and unity, eh ? They’ll never let up so expect more dangerous activity.

    1. I do fully condemn the action taken by the capitol invaders but just note that the rage from the left’s ridicule is keeping the flames aglow. beyond the breaking point.

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