Closing Thought–22Dec20

Just Another Worthless Religious Leader

I have never been a fan of the faux religious leaders that call themselves ‘evangelicals’…..since they emerged back in the Reagan years they have been the drivers of policy of the government…..and not until Trump has their true nature been so obvious.

One of the most irritating is Liberty Univ Falwell……and now that he has been disgraced more and more corruption has been uncovered……recently it is the amount of cash that Liberty fed to the Trump machine…..

After shocking many in the evangelical movement by endorsing Donald Trump over other Republicans for the 2016 presidential nomination, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. pumped millions of the nonprofit religious institution’s funds into Republican causes and efforts to promote the Trump administration, blurring the lines between education and politics.

The culmination of his efforts was the creation of a university-funded campus “think tank” — which has produced nopeer-reviewed academic work and bears little relation to study centers at other universities — that ran pro-Trump ads, hired Trump allies including former adviser Sebastian Gorka and current Trump attorney Jenna Ellis to serve as fellows and, in recent weeks, has aggressively promoted Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

The think tank — called the Falkirk Center, a portmanteau of Falwell’s name and that of GOP activist Charlie Kirk, who co-founded it — purchased campaign-season ads on Facebook, at least $50,000’s worth of which were designated by the network as political ads, that promoted Trump and other Republican candidates by name.

“Pray For Our President,” declared one, featuring a photo of Trump with his hands clasped in prayer.

“Be a radical for our republic,” said another Facebook ad that ran over the summer with a photo of a beaming Madison Cawthorn, the rising GOP star and congressional candidate from North Carolina who spoke at Trump’s convention.

Time to tell these creeps to go back to serving their flock and leave the running of this country to the bureaucrats…..they have helped turned this country into a ‘combat zone’ that continues to tear the people apart.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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18 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22Dec20

  1. What in god’s name do these arseholes imagine religion has to do with politics? Or indeed money. Its a pathetic disgrace the insane bible bashers are allowed to raise millions of dollars under a charitable guise and spend it. Often on themselves one assumes.

      1. I believe it was Gandhi that said “Christianity is a wonderful concept a shame it has never been attempted” (a paraphrase) chuq

      2. Nice quote. Many are mealy mouthed monsters but I guess there are a few who are genuine. I wonder about other religions? We know about Islam of course but what of the Buddhists I wonder?

      3. Buddhist for the most part are the most peaceful sorts….I have never met an evangelical that was anything but a hypocrite….they may exist but I have not come across any. chuq

      4. I have always favored Buddhism over Christianity. I consider myself a Buddhist without some of the absurdities. I do love the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer. I also love the architecture, art and music. But as to the evangelicals (particularly in the US) and the absurd belief system…jesus, what a load of nonsense

      5. Ah. I see the point. Yes indeed, cut out all the superstitious nonsence and you are left with some decent moral guidelines. Good old Jefferson!

  2. In such cases, I am always happy to mention Pope Gelasius I. Because the Roman Catholic Church (the mother of all Christian churches ;-.) alone could not rule over all serfs, he had invented the so-called “two-sword theory”. The nobility was thus allowed to lead the secular regency, while the churchmen collected the money. 😉 Is there something different between the nobility of the ancient time, and the “golden persons” these times? At least the church is the winner.El Gordo? Lol Best wishes, Michael

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