Saturday’s News

The weekend and this is for all those readers that has had enough Covid news, enough Biden vs Trump news…..I shall try to amuse as well as educate…..

The big story was that “Break Dancing” is now an Olympic sports….

Old notions of what constitutes an Olympic sport are going to be turned on their head and spun around at the Paris 2024 Games. Breakdancing became an official Olympic sport Monday, and skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing were added to the Paris roster, the AP reports. The latter three sports will make their Olympic debuts when the delayed Tokyo games are held next year. When breaking—as it will be called at the Olympics—was first proposed for the Paris games last year, Tony Estanguet, head of the organizing committee, said new sports would make the Olympics “more artistic,” Sports Illustrated reports. “It’s going to be great for breaking as it gives us more recognition as a sport,” British breakdancer Karam Singh tells the BBC. “And for the Olympics, it will attract young people who may not follow some of the traditional sports.”

Breaking was a sport at the 2018 Youth Olympics, where competitors were judged on personality, technique, variety, creativity, performativity, and musicality, per SI. “The biggest part is your stage presence and character and your rhythm, whether or not you’re really feeling it,” competitive breaker Ronnie Abaldonado tells Reuters. “People can hit the moves but if you’re not feeling what they’re doing then you just kind of look robotic and that’s what kind of separates it being a sport to it being an art form.” The AP notes that breaking will take place at the Place de Concorde in Paris, while surfing events will happen in a very different part of France—French Polynesia, specifically Tahiti, more than 15,000 miles away.

I guess if the wealthy can have their horse dancing and yachting then the young can have their mindless endeavors.

I like beer!  I like beer that taste like beer….Sam Adams Lager…..Modelo Negra…….I just cannot do these so-called “Light beers” like Blue Moon…..if you drink this beer you might want to read on…..

If you’re drinking Blue Moon because it’s a craft beer? There’s some controversy over Blue Moon’s classification as such. Is it? Really? So of course the courts got involved. A lawsuit to that effect included Blue Moon and its parent company, MillerCoors. As Forbes explained, calling Blue Moon a craft beer is a debatable topic. The Brewers Association isn’t too pleased with the designation, because Blue Moon falls under MillerCoors (which is now part of Molson Coors Beverage Company, reports the Milwaukee Business Journal) and doesn’t comply with the association’s definition of craft beer. In this case, smaller is better, because to qualify, says the Association, a brewery has to produce 6 million barrels of beer (or less; they also add the word “approximately”) per year. A global entity like Molson Coors? Probably not.

I do not understand the younger ones that must everything flavored and that includes beer……here’s a thought if you do not like the taste of beer then drink kool-aid.

Then there has been a breakthrough in computing science….

A new type of quantum computer has proven that it can reign supreme, too.

A photonic quantum computer, which harnesses particles of light, or photons, performed a calculation that’s impossible for a conventional computer, researchers in China report online December 3 in Science. That milestone, known as quantum supremacy, has been met only once before, in 2019 by Google’s quantum computer (SN: 10/23/19). Google’s computer, however, is based on superconducting materials, not photons.

“This is the first independent confirmation of Google’s claim that you really can achieve quantum supremacy,” says theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson of the University of Texas at Austin. “That’s exciting.”

Named Jiuzhang after an ancient Chinese mathematical text, the new quantum computer can perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would take more than half a billion years on the world’s fastest non-quantum, or classical, computer.

The new light-based quantum computer Jiuzhang has achieved quantum supremacy

Most human know that Newton was a flippin’ genius, right?

Sir Isaac Newton, the acclaimed physicist, mathematician, and astronomer, may be one of the most renowned scientists of all time, but his wide-ranging research took him to strange places far outside what we now consider to be science.

Amidst his outstanding legacy of academic output, numerous fragments and unpublished notes – many discovered after his death in 1727 – stand as a testament to his long and said-to-be obsessive interest in matters of the occult, alchemy, and biblical apocalypse theory.

These mystical leanings – much of which would have been considered heretical thinking in Newton’s day – are evidenced in some fragmentary manuscript notes currently being auctioned by Sotheby’s.

In this case, the texts are literally fragments, in that they are the scorched survivors of a fire, said to have been started by an upset candle accidentally toppled by Newton’s dog, Diamond.

Finally…the owner of Trump’s childhood home wants to turn it into a house ofm worship……

The owner of President Trump’s childhood home wants MAGA fans to donate $3 million to turn the house into a gift for the outgoing commander in chief. 

The real estate agency attempting to crowdsource funds on behalf of the anonymous seller is encouraging Trump fans to envision turning the residence into a “house of worship.” The final decision about what to do with the property, however, would be up to Trump.

On the lighter note……watch these ducks….

Then there is this….

Enjoy your weekend…..

Be Well….Be Safe…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

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