Why Do You Dislike The SecDef Nominee So Much?

President-elect Joe Biden has designated Michele Flournoy as the new Secretary of Defense…..and I have not agree with his choice….my earlier thoughts…..https://lobotero.com/2020/11/19/will-michele-be-the-new-secdef/

I am a what use to be called a pecae-nik….I abhor war in all its forms…and Flournoy is the very best example of a warmonger….

“Flournoy was wrong about Iraq, as Biden has acknowledged he was. But she was then also wrong about Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya,” Ellsberg said in a statement released by RootsAction.org, part of a coalition of progressive advocacy groups pressuring the former vice president to pick a defense secretary committed to peace and without ties to the military-industrial complex.

“She is wrong right now in opposing the congressional ban on all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and in planning to maintain Minuteman-type land-based ICBMs, the hair-trigger to the Doomsday Machine,” Ellsberg continued. “Her unquestioned intelligence and competence have long been in service to her serious interventionist misjudgments and to her own involvement in a revolving-door military-industrial complex.”

To the chagrin of progressives leading the charge against Flournoy, the former Pentagon official has gained the support of some prominent organizations, including the Ploughshares Fund and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Other anti-war groups have yet to speak out publicly about Flournoy, who is still considered the Biden team’s frontrunner for defense secretary.


I guess if you have been interested enough to pay attention to the past then Flournoy is perfect fit with Biden….for he was for all our wars before he was against them.

If confirmed then we will continue our endless wars….putting our people in danger and wasting valuable time and money on unwinnable bullshit.

Flournoy like Biden decisions are made from politics not conviction….and that is what gets Americans killed for no damn reason other than to keep profits coming in.

Does that help explain why I dislike his choice for SecDef?

If not then you are thick!

Sadly all my work to show why she would not be the best choice was for naught…..Biden nominated another M-IC hardliner as SecDef…..

President-elect Joe Biden will nominate retired four-star Army general Lloyd J. Austin to be secretary of defense, according to four people familiar with the decision who spoke to the AP. If confirmed by the Senate, Austin would be the first Black leader of the Pentagon. Biden selected Austin over the longtime front-runner candidate, Michele Flournoy, a former senior Pentagon official and Biden supporter who would have been the first woman to serve as defense secretary. Biden also had considered Jeh Johnson, a former Pentagon general counsel and former secretary of homeland defense. Biden offered and Austin accepted the post on Sunday, according to a person familiar with the process. Three sources who spoke to Politico say a formal announcement could come as soon as Tuesday. Austin’s nomination, however, is already proving controversial.

As a career military officer, the 67-year-old Austin is likely to face opposition from some in Congress and in the defense establishment who believe in drawing a clear line between civilian and military leadership of the Pentagon. Although many previous defense secretaries have served briefly in the military, only two—George C. Marshall and James Mattis—have been career officers. Marshall also served as secretary of state. Like Mattis, Austin would need to obtain a congressional waiver to serve as defense secretary since he has not been retired for the necessary seven years. Congress intended civilian control of the military when it created the position of secretary of defense in 1947 and prohibited a recently retired military officer from holding the position. Austin is a 1975 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served 41 years in uniform. He retired from the Army in 2016.

If you cannot get a bureaucratic warmonger then you go to the M-IC and the revolving door of retired generals for your pick.

No change here…..just do the favor for your high dollar donors.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

17 thoughts on “Why Do You Dislike The SecDef Nominee So Much?

  1. I understand your concerns, and agree with some of them, but for my part, I also want a SecDef who understand the culture of the military, and the impact from a couple decades of foreign wars.

    I’ m curious as to who your ideal choice would be, or if you don’t have a specific individual in mind, what sort of candidate you would prefer.

    I don’t really “know” Austin, only that he was obviously the top dog in the theater I’ve spent so much time in. He didn’t have a lot of impact on me personally….and to be honest, I haven’t heard a peep out of him since he retired. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. I have written many times…..anyone that does not have deep ties to the war machine. What does understand the culture mean?

      We have had enough wars and we have had enough people that owes their careers to the war industry.

      Austin has been on the board of Raytheon….his voice has been heard in the Pentagon.

      I have written about the culture of generals that are still only fighting their last war….they are still taught the tactics of Napoleon….those days are gone. chuq

      1. The military has a culture with some stark differences than the civilian counterpart, different needs and different considerations.

        If a new CEO is brought on board to lead a company, but has no idea what makes that company tick…..they may be successful, after a lengthy and steep learning curve.

        You can rail against the ‘war industry’ but surely you don’t believe in abandoning national principles of defense?

        If you’re going to have a defense apparatus, it needs to be led by people who understand it.

      2. I agree that it needs to be lead by ‘experts’ and they are NIT limited to the Pentagon.

        War does no;t mean self-defense….there are many examples that bear that out. chuq

      3. I don’t equate was with self defense, necessarily.

        A good SecDef doesn’t have to be a retired Flag Officer fresh from the board of a defense contracting corporation…..but it does need to be someone who understands the culture, and who can lead a large group of people in a complex government agency.

        And who want to devote a few years to that end.

        Those people aren’t unicorns….but they’re not easy to find.

  2. Trump didn’t start any new wars. Matter of fact he prevented them with peace through strength. But no pat on the back for him on that eh ? An anti war person should be delighted with that record I would think. Does anti war mean you would have voted against entry into WW I or WW II like Jeanette Rankin ? I think an anti war attitude is inherent in the American psyche when the original name for the cabinet post was changed from Secretary of War to secretary of Defense. Seems Secretary of Defense has limited input about war. Other policy makers decide that.

    1. You need to visit more…I have written several times that I have agreed with some of his decisions concerning the troops.

      World War One then yes…..need more intel on WW2…the Pentagon who owes it very existence these days has unlimited input….for the M-IC owns damn near all the leadership. chuq

      1. This is a comment that I don’t really understand, and it may be too off-topic or esoteric for this post, no worries if it is. But I don’t find your assertion to be the case writ large. We have multiple Field grade and Flag Officers just in my experience, who extremely switched on with regard to counter-insurgency and the use of soft power….decidedly not WWII mentalities.

      2. I am talking about something I read…a report on the teachings of conflict at West Point I believe…if I find it I will send the link….chuq

      3. You are correct in that, USMA and the other service academies do teach an extensive array of conflicts, from both the historic, lessons learned and the leadership perspectives. From Alexander the Great to the Baghdad Surge and the Battle of Wanat.

      4. If I can find the article I shall pass it on. Those are history the focus should be on the future of conflict….chuq

      5. That was part of my point, apologies if I wasn’t terribly clear…..the academies DO teach asymmetric and 4th generation warfare, cyber and information operations…they are forward focused where it regards leading troops in the 21st century. But they academies also teach, math, engineering, English…and military history. Nobody is teaching historic tactics as current operational doctrine.

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