Should Trump Be Prosecuted?

Plus all his cronies in the government that allowed this country to slide into chaos and crisis.

My thought is damn straight arrest them and try them and send them to prison……I even wrote a post a few months ago to this subject…..

This may be wishful thinking……why? I would take guts to hold these slugs responsible for their actions and there is just not enough guts in DC for this to happen.

I have an idea what is his worse crime against the American people and others have their thoughts….like this one…..;they claim his worse crime was his screwing of the Kurds in Syria……

It was the worst crime of Donald Trump’s years in the White House. In October 2019 he ordered US troops to stand aside, greenlighting Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria that led to the murder, rape and expulsion of its Kurdish inhabitants

Eighteen months earlier, Trump did nothing as the Turkish army occupied the Kurdish enclave of Afrin and replaced the population there with Syrian Arab jihadis.

It is, unfortunately, unlikely that Trump will ever stand trial but, if he does, then his complicity in the ethnic cleansing of the Syrian Kurds should top the charge sheet. This was an act of evil in itself and also the betrayal of an ally since American-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters had led the counter-attack against Isis, closing in on its last strongholds just as Turkey invaded Afrin.

Trump’s treachery provoked too little international outrage at the time but I am certain it was the direct cause of murders, kidnappings, disappearances and the expulsions of hundreds of thousands of people.

Trump’s Worst Crime Must Not be Forgotten

I do not know if I would consider it his worse crime….maybe to the Kurds in Northern Syria but not against the American people…..that would be his inaction as a pandemic is killing thousands of his countrymen and he lied his way through the election and convinced the low IQ voter that he is a messiah of some sort.

He is a CRIMINAL….and the worse kind of criminal.

Of course his mental deficient followers will think he is above the law….and they would not be alone with that thought…..

Some law professor thinks prosecuted Trump is a bad idea……

Should federal prosecutors go after President Trump when he’s out of office? A former member of Robert Mueller’s team thinks yes. But in a New York Times op-ed, law professor Eric Posner argues strongly against it. Trump’s critics cite allegations of obstruction of justice, the improper blurring of Trump’s finances with his presidency, and his dealings with Ukraine in regard to the Bidens. Good luck proving criminal charges on any of those things, writes Posner. “There is little evidence that Mr. Trump did commit crimes as president,” he writes. “A conviction, given what we know now, is all but impossible.” He likens the situation to Trump’s demands for investigations into Hillary Clinton, Biden, and Barack Obama, which have been “rightly condemned.” The push to prosecute Trump should be similarly condemned, he argues.

Take the obstruction charge, for example. “The president is the prosecutor’s boss, and while his authority is not limitless, there is no recognized legal standard for distinguishing ‘obstruction’ of a case by a president that is legitimate (like President Barack Obama’s refusal to allow investigations of George W. Bush-era torturers) from that which is illegal,” writes Posner. Pushing prosecution is a no-win situation for Democrats, he adds. Any such case would likely end up in a triumphant acquittal for Trump. And even if one did succeed, it would cement Trump’s status as a political martyr who became a target of the so-called deep state. “If the goal of a trial of Donald Trump is to renew American faith in government, the effect will be the opposite.” Read Posner’s full column.

I disagree!

There is enough proof of his lack of action and the endangerment of the American people….then sue the bastard and make his life as miserable as he has made life for most Americans.

Trump keeps trying to void an election because he did not win….that alone should be a prosecutable offense.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

21 thoughts on “Should Trump Be Prosecuted?

  1. At the heart of it all I firmly agree with you here. At the risk of falling into that “It’s so obvious” hole of persecution the Conservatives use to assign guilt.. I might push for investigations and let the courts hammer it out… state courts obviously given his likely personal pardon. But a part of me kinda just wants him to fade away. Endless trials and the media reporting on it just keeps him in the news…. and a megaphone for his loyalists. I think Ford was absolutely correct.. even back then.. in pardoning Nixon. The crime didn’t warrant a long dragged out politic theater when we were mixed up in the post-Vietnam era. Trump’s crimes.. and performance shortcomings are likely worse than any president in modern history. I’m inclined to also think we just let it go when he leaves office…. or just leave it to the violations at the state level… which it seems that’s the direction. But, yeah.. I do have a subliminal desire to want to extract retribution from this clown after four years of fucking around with MY country.

  2. I wouldn’t say that it’s his worst crime either…though being with the Iraqi Kurds currently [not to be confused with Syrian Kurds, as Trump does], I was told that the Kurdish diaspora in the U.S voter pretty solidly for Biden…based in large part on his “sort of” withdrawal from Syria [but not really].

    1. I think we need to go to the long game to prevent these types of crimes from ever happening again…I realize that it will go no further than my wishful thinking. And we can look forward to this not being the last time for corruption and crimes. chuq

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I totally agree with you!! No pass!! … “There is enough proof of his lack of action and the endangerment of the American people … then sue the bastard and make his life as miserable as he has made life for most Americans.”

  4. While president Trump is one of the worst presidents the US ever had.
    I don’t agree withe taking him to court.

    If you do that, several other US presidents come to my mind that deserve to be in court.

    The ICC, the International Criminal Court in The Hague, I mean.
    I don’t expect US being able and capabel
    to bring those high US officials in a US court for war-crimes, crimes against humanity etc.
    But that won’t be happening soon.

    Like so many times the US has the habit to wurm itself out of any agreement, threath, international law which they see as a threath against their ‘always right’ and ‘the leader of the world’ attitude.

    If I only consider the last 20 years.
    Bolton, still going on, Pompeo, doing the same as Bolton an let’s not forget Mitch McConnell, ‘the man in the shadows’.

    Supported by presidents.
    Condoned by presidents
    Tried by presidents to limit their political power.

      1. One thing Trump did expose:
        The Constitution is in itself the foundation of the US to function and to correct itself.

        In the wrong hands, with the wrong people, divided, where limitless money being a major component in

      2. The only way to change the Constitution is with a convention and then the ratification process…..none of that will end well….so the US will have to deal with criminals that push their luck with the rule of law. chuq

      3. in the election process, of an presidental election that takes two years, a president was chosen four years ago.

        I hope it’s a wake-up call fo the US.
        A base of ill-informed people, an unwillingness two let go of we are nr. 1, media that disinform people over decades, where constitutional rights are limited through spreading fear.

        Very few, on both sides of the political spectrum, upheld the Constitution.

        A Constitution, a political system, is as good as those abide by it.

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