“For The Soul Of The Nation”

That was a slogan that the Biden campaign started using….and I wonder if that is it?  Are we looking for the very soul of our great nation?

First my state, Mississippi……

I visited several polling stations and talking with a few people and there was an average of about an hour wait to cast one’s vote…..no problems other than the waits.

No surprises here….Trump wins and all down ticket thugs did as well.

Mississippi will fly a new state flag with a magnolia and the phrase “In God We Trust,” with voters approving the design Tuesday. It replaces a Confederate-themed flag state lawmakers retired months ago as part of the national reckoning over racial injustice. The magnolia flag was the only design on the general election ballot, and voters were asked to say yes or no. A majority said yes. Legislators will have to put the design into law, but they are expected to do that with little fuss because they already did the hard work of retiring a flag that some people wanted to keep, the AP reports

This will be my election analysis…..as best I can offer at this hour.

All the polls are now closed, and one thing is clear: The major battleground states will tell the tale of the presidency. It’s just not clear when. President Trump picked up two important victories after midnight, when Florida and Ohio were called for him. Florida was all but a must-win for his re-election hopes. Still, Joe Biden continues to have paths to victory, and the winner will be determined by swing states that could not yet be called, including Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Trump and Biden each racked up expected victories, with Biden dominating in the Northeast and the West Coast, and Trump in the South, notes the Wall Street Journal.

  • For Biden (225): California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine (at least one of the state’s 4 electoral college votes), Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington state, and the District of Columbia. (He also won one of Nebraska’s 5 electoral college votes.)
  • For Trump (213): Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska (4 of 5 electoral college votes), North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
  • No calls: States where the results could not yet be called include closely watched Pennsylvania, along with Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska. Three of Maine’s electoral votes are also yet to be determined.

It is 0200 hrs and there is no winner….regardless what some person my say to a cheering crowd….sadly there is no outpouring of disgust of Trump policies and no outpouring of massive support for Biden.

The only thing so far that I can say is the the Clintonian pundit James Carvell predicted that we would know the winner by 10 pm…..he was wrong and now maybe it will be the last time we have to hear from this dinosaur again.  So far all the predictions and polls have been wrong as usual….

The eyes of the news has been on the US Senate and who will finally win the leadership……so far it is a tie…..Dem 246  Repub 246…..

As of this writing the Electoral College counts is Biden–220  Trump–213

So far it appears to be a dead heat…..which was not predicted.

Sorry to Biden. the “soul of the nation” will not be reclaimed no matter who wins this exercise it futility…..the tribalism will remain and the GOP will sink into the marsh of uselessness.

And now the pundits will start blame game shaming people for their votes…..and pointing the fingers at…well who else but Russia.  (And that would be a great post for next week)…but first we have to get past the rhetoric of the day and the pundits making their excuses for not knowing what the Hell they have been saying for 2 years.

Do we really need to know how Clinton did in 2016….I do not care that was 4 agonizing four years ago I want to know about today and if I need to start planning for the nukes to fall….Clinton lost, Trump won in 2016…..in case anyone was not aware.

All in all the MSM has been a total wash on the coverage…..but it is fun to watch them scramble to explain why all their BS has been wrong for so long.

Updates to follow!

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25 thoughts on ““For The Soul Of The Nation”

  1. The BBC reported that the swing states will decide the outcome. If Biden loses, it will be because the Democrats chose the wrong candidate to run. If he wins, it will be because people voted for ‘anyone but Trump’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. As I write this all is still in limbo but even without any final winner we can reach a couple notable disheartening observations. CNN’s Van Johnson said it best.. there’s a political victory, yet to be realized. There’s a moral victory that will not be realized regardless who wins. In the end there will be a firm 50% of the nation in a great national divide of moral separation. What we also can conclude, polls have yet again been hugely inaccurate in taking any sort of adequate pulse of the nation. I’m not talking about the usual “you can’t believe polls” winner/loser blatherings after the fact. I am talking about the polls reflecting social attitudes between the issues and candidates, the ratios and percentages favoring one way or the other, and mostly the measurements of levels of economic suffering, social injustice, racial animus, and gender identity. If you recall, the polls all reflected in one form or another a growing majority of discontent across the board against Trump to the point where many were speculating a larger “sweep” toward Biden as the population was coming to grips with the Trump fiasco. But where is all that now? A firm 50% of this voting nation wants Trump.. whether Biden wins the vote or not. There is NO great moral shift of the nation as the polls have suggested. We are in deep shit.

      1. Fist time in my life.. I just changed my party affiliation to “other”, which is something like “independent”.. but NOT that American Independent Party.

    1. (Ooops.. I let slip through my “new” gravatar.. I am setting up a new blog having dumped the old Finding Political Sanity thing. Not sure how excited I will get with it.)

  3. You do good, chuq.. I read all you post here even though I seldom comment. I just have no idea, even if Biden wins,, where the hell the nation is going.

    1. Thanx Doug I appreciate your kind words….as I have written…I believe the only change we will get is who sits on the toilet in the White House……chuq

      1. As I was constructing the new blog and doing test posts I would often use the old typewriter practice sentence.. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” and it dawned on me how appropriate those words mean today.

  4. Former Ohio governor John Kasich was just on CNN and said that if Biden wins, Democrats need to listen to the rural voters who voted for Trump. The Democrats have taken large demographic segments of the population for granted for too long. If Biden wins (Please God), this shouldn’t be celebrated by his supporters. Instead, we need to buckle down and start actually working to heal this country.

    1. I just saw that same segment. I wholeheartedly agree with Kasich and hinted at it with my reply to chuq above. Whomever wins has to put up with a firm 50% of the nation not liking them being in the White House. If Biden wins it’s not a time to gloat or dance in the streets (although dancing in the streets is far better than other things done in the streets lately). Healing the divide is not going to be easy if Biden wins. If Trump wins he could care less about addressing any divide.. and the misery will continue.

  5. We need to get rid of voting polls for the national election. I hate those stupid things because they’re like a see-saw. We saw this in 2016: clinton was ahead, but then you had folks who were either going “well, she’s gonna win against this clown, so what’s the point in me adding my vote” and not bothering, or “we’re in a deep red state, so there’s no point in trying.” And then they scratched their heads and wondered why Clinton won, when what happened was all these folks going “Oh, hell no, no more democrats in the white house!” flocked to the polls to hold their noses and vote for Dump. So they flipped the numbers on their head.

    What happened this year? Biden’s had lukewarm likes (though I admit I bought t-shirts and donated to his campaign once he was the designate) all around, and Dump has been polarizing. “meh” republicans who don’t like Dump but don’t want democrats in power saw the 2020 polls and freaked and flocked to the polls to vote for Dump again. The polls are a see-saw, you see it one way, but a bunch of freaked out folks are gonna tip it the other direction as best they can.

    No more national polls about who’s gonna win an election. They don’t do a lick of good.

    Fingers crossed Biden wins. We can’t afford 4 more years of the Great Pumpkin.

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