Monument For Traitors

This is my thoughts on the Confederacy and the people that joined….I re-blog this from my opinion blog…GSFP…..enjoy and let me know your thoughts. chuq

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These days there is lots of ink being spread on paper about those monuments to the Confederate soldiers and leaders….some want to preserve their legacy….really?

The legacy that they were traitors to the United States….or the legacy that they fought to preserve the institution of slavery?

Which is it?

Yes these statues are a piece of American history….when these people left the United States Of America they became traitors to the oath they took to defend the union against all enemies.

And yet we have statues celebrating these people…..if we are gonna have statues for traitors where is Benedict Arnold’s or Aaron Burr’s statue?

Or for that matter……where is the statue of my grandfather?

I bring GW up because in the 1930s he went the Spain to fight the fascists and upon his return he was arrested and charged with treason for it was unlawful for American citizens to fight…

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24 thoughts on “Monument For Traitors

  1. My opinion is these statues represent history as much as the Lincoln Memorial. We could rifle through our library and pull out the references to the confederacy and the civil war and burn them. In one hundred years no one might know that there was a confederacy or slavery. Oh joy.
    That would undo it all. Take up the statues from our past, put them in a museum as we have put the books in libraries. Perhaps a separate library would be best or rope off that that era of books. Wiping out history doesn’t undo it nor is it fair to hide it. Why didn’t the Germans think to do that ? eventually no one need know about the Halocaust.

    1. Most of these historical statues were put in around 1894…..the removal does not tale away from history. Why are statues needed? As a reminder or what? Don’t worry the Holocaust will always be remembered…with the education these days I am not sure any history will survive……chuq

      1. Ie; Trump. A picture of him will hang in the White house. A white supremest divisive illegitimate president. Shoulder we not let it hang there ? I would hate to think the legacy of Trump would be destroyed. Future generations must be aware of Evil authoritarian mindset and where it has led us today. You can’t promote freedom and declare these statues must be destroyed , Artists and idealists had no right to create them, they represent a terrible part of our past. Don’t be so sure about the Holocaust. My friends 15 year old son didn’t know what it was.

      2. That is the educational standards that failed that child…..I have written that the things in DC should be left alone but few read that and want to attack…..taken down does not mean destroyed…at least to me….but I realize that I have to be more simplistic in my comments….chuq

      3. More post is that these should be displayed but in the proper context…..we can pretend all we like but they were traitors to the US…as was Arnold and he does not have a statue….I think some of the demands are unrealistic and have written as much. chuq

      4. Well, to most maybe though some would take it on themselves to physically tear them down. I call that vandalism , I’m progressive not criminal.

    2. You are spot on. Just look at what communist, the Taliban and ISIS did when they took control of territory. Study past empires. They rewrote the history by destroying the past. Interesting that the Israelis did NOT destroy the mosques in Israel.

  2. In answer to the question: “Which is it?” It is a False Dilemma which is a logical fallacy.
    Let’s try a little bit of logic here though I’m pretty certain that you are incapable of understanding it.
    Those that fought for the Confederacy were AMERICANS before and after the Civil War. Many fought for AMERICA before and after the Civil War. You may understand that.
    They were traitors to America. You seem to grasp that concept.
    But the statues were built AFTER the Civil War, so logically those Confederate “traitors” must have:
    1. Been forgiven.
    2. Done something worthy of honor for America AFTER the Civil War.
    The statues were NOT honoring them for owning slaves but for accepting defeat and working for UNITY.
    The statues of Confederate heroes are there to remind people that they fought for what they believed were their Rights, but they were wrong in thinking they had the right to own other human beings. After they lost, they reasserted their loyalty to the UNITED States of America.
    Do I have to quote Santayana here? Or do y’all know what happens when you don’t THINK before you tear things down?
    The rest of the OPINION article is just that, YOUR opinion. Unfortunately, there are few facts in in and several more logical fallacies.
    So what if “America is the only nation today…”? Isn’t that a good thing? America is unique in history where the wounds of Civil War have healed and been forgotten. Ask the Tzar. Oops. He and his ENTIRE family are DEAD. Ask the Chinese who fought for a democratic state. No can do. They are mostly dead or in exile. Ask some Cambodians that used to wear glasses. They don’t need glasses any more because they are dead too.
    America has healed and it is YOU who is sowing the seeds of conflict. You ignorance is monumental. I’m guessing that it really isn’t ignorance, but stupidity. And you can’t fix stupid.

  3. Mr. Bluecat! Your “logic” lacks a bit of substance… and it seems you’re one of those Right Wingers who thinks they are right. That’s ok actually.. because the Left thinks they are right as well (although not Right). So.. let’s start here.
    Very generally speaking.. statues in general are erected following a conflict to honor those who fought IN it, not what they did after.. especially when their statue is not a depiction of said “hero” dressed in civilian clothes looking like some sage statesman.. but rather on horseback, in a (Confederate) military uniform, wielding a saber.
    Another tidbit… following the war the South was still deeply defiant so the statuary strewn about the South in front of city halls and in town squares depicts that general mood of the late 1800’s and into the teens that the spirit of that war lives on in some way. If not, then where are the statues in the South of Grant, Sherman, McClellan, etc. in uniform with a saber waving? Where are the Army posts with names of Northern generals? So.. you seem a bit off the mark suggesting that post-Civil War Southern statuary was all about burying the hatchet for a unified peace. It is, in fact, that underlying (and not so underlying) mood that allowed the KKK, Jim Crow, etc. to permeate the accepted culture of the South will into the 20th century.. and even today in less demonstrative ways.

    My personal view is no statue should be TORN down. In some way in me it violates a measure of free speech.. if not the simple idea that the statue was placed there by the will of the local people…. unless it was a private organization. If you want it removed and it was placed there by law.. then remove it by some law. The image of a rabble of a mob ripping these things down just sickens me in their act… and what it conveys to the world about American rule of law… in spite of my favor in the passion that is motivating them. We are not some Third World country deposing a leader and erasing his image.

    The Civil War still lingers in the American consciousness in one way or another, as it should. It’s a scab of a wound, slowly fading over time.. but every so often we all gotta pick at it because it itches in the periphery of our collective morality because we’ve not been able to address slavery in American history education… and present history to our young in such a way as to respect individual human achievement, the tenaciousness of persistence with passion to carry forward what it right against overwhelming odds, to understand that achievement can reflect heroism to a cause greater than self… but it does not make a person separate from their human foibles.

    1. I should clarify my last line… recognizing achievement and heroism should be done with the understanding that the person being lauded is only human and not a saint, and subject to the same human foibles as us all… and what they exhibited to make them honored is that they excelled in that instance beyond the human frailties possibly exhibited in their own ex
      We also need to consider the times in which heroes are honored were very likely far different than we might be now in respect to knowledge, moral awareness, scientific progress.. and political ideology. In Washington’s day slavery was a normal condition. Washington did his thing, accomplished what he accomplished, was the first president of the nation… risked much for an idea greater than self. He also enslaved other human beings… an accepted practice of the day and appalling by today’s standards. He was a hero in his day. Was his accomplishment any less important? Turn it around… would Washington approve of everything we do today if he were judging our times? Would Washington think Trump is a hero?

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