Return Of The “Cold War”

Return of the “Cold War”?

Back during the first Cold War the US and Russia tried to out spend one another in an attempt to one up the other in weapons….and they used proxies all over the world to confront each other militarily……Africa mostly……and now it appears that Donald the Orange has a new Cold War brewing….this time with China……

America is answering China’s missile supremacy by planning to deploy—you guessed it—a lot more missiles. Reuters reports that the Pentagon wants to arm Marines with Tomahawk cruise missiles and hasten a rare order of long-range anti-ship missiles, all to counter China’s lead in land-based ballistic and cruise missiles. Another goal is to even out China’s advantage in the so-called “range war”—missiles that can fly farther than America’s or those of its Asian allies. China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army, stocked up because it wasn’t party to a Cold War treaty that restrained the US and Russia. But President Trump left that treaty last year. “The Americans are coming back strongly,” says an ex-defense official in Australia.

“By 2024 or 2025 there is a serious risk for the PLA that their military developments will be obsolete,” he adds. But China responded to Reuters with a stern message, saying Washington is stuck on “its Cold War mentality” and should “stop moving chess pieces around” the Asia-Pacific. For Washington, the issue is China’s increasing military pressure on Taiwan and around the South China Sea. The Sunday Times reports that Beijing, which claims nearly the whole area, has stood up to Malaysian oil drillers and reportedly “expelled” a US warship (which Washington denied). Jack Keane, an unofficial Trump adviser, says China wants to “hammer home their message that the US no longer has the status it used to have in that part of the world.”

It is getting serious…..the Navy has been ordered to respond……

The US Navy is once again sending ships into the South China Sea deliberately to confront China, and commander Admiral John Aquilino says that the US insists “the Chinese Communist Party must end its pattern of bullying.

China has substantial maritime claims in the South China Sea, and to the extent they conflict with those of other nations, the US has always backed the other nations’ claims. The US regularly sends ships into the South China Sea, near China-claimed islands, to prove that they can do so.

Admiral Aquilino says the US ships are championing “freedom of the seas and the rule of law.” These are minor ships and probably won’t register as a threat to China. The US is sending the tiny littoral combat ship, the USS Montgomery, and a dry cargo ship.

The ships are heading to the area near a Malaysian drillship’s area of operation, with officials seeing the deployment as a US attempt to back the Malaysians over the Chinese.


Is this the start of something new?  Or has it been brewing for a long time only to appear now that Trump needs a diversion from his disastrous pandemic response?


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