Thinking Of Albania

I have at least one visitor from Albania and this person is a regular so keeping with my tradition I want to post on the country of Albania… help others understand.

First for those not sure where Albania is located……

Map of some south eastern countries in Europe | Arnavutluk, Haritalar
A little about the nation from the World Book…..

Albania declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912, but was conquered by Italy in 1939 and occupied by Germany in 1943. Communist partisans took over the country in 1944. Albania allied itself first with the USSR (until 1960), and then with China (to 1978). In the early 1990s, Albania ended 46 years of isolated communist rule and established a multiparty democracy.

Albania has made progress in its democratic development since it first held multiparty elections in 1991, but deficiencies remain. Most of Albania’s post-communist elections were marred by claims of electoral fraud; however, international observers judged elections to be largely free and fair since the restoration of political stability following the collapse of pyramid schemes in 1997. Albania joined NATO in April 2009 and in June 2014 became an EU candidate. Albania in April 2017 received a European Commission recommendation to open EU accession negotiations following the passage of historic EU-mandated justice reforms in 2016. Although Albania’s economy continues to grow, it has slowed, and the country is still one of the poorest in Europe. A large informal economy and a weak energy and transportation infrastructure remain obstacles.

Now that I have introduced my readers to this Balkan nation I would like to do what I do best…..revert to the history of the region and of ancient Albania…..

Albania is located at the crossroads of the eastern Adriatic and was known as Illyria and Epirus throughout the Classical era. It played a strategic role in ancient times and was a point of contact between Illyrian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Even though Albania is off the mainstream tourist trail, the country is now emerging as one of the most enchanting corners of Europe.

Dubbed the “Pearl of the Balkans”, Albania offers a captivating journey through time, with 3,000 years of untouched archaeological heritage.

Archaeological sites such as Apollonia, Antigoneia, and Byllis hide a wealth of historic value, while the Butrint National Park, famed for its ruins and beauty, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992 CE. If you happen to travel to the lands of Southern Illyria and Northern Epirus, read on for some unmissable destinations.—exploring-ancient-albania/

A fascinating look into the history of Albania…..

And thank you for your visits.

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7 thoughts on “Thinking Of Albania

  1. Albanians are quite common in the UK now, especially in London. I remember my dad referring to the old King Zog of Albania, which at one time was one of the poorest Communist countries, despite the efforts of its long-term leader Enver Hoxha to modernise the country.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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