The Games Being Played While The Nation Suffers

Let me begin by pointing out the 51 Senators that voted against paid sick leave….


In case you missed it…….”Senate Republicans are using the COVID-19 pandemic to cut corporate taxes again and stop you from getting paid sick leave.”

Heartless,” “cruel,” and “appalling” were just some of the adjectives progressive critics and analysts used late Thursday to describe the Senate GOP’s newly unveiled trillion-dollar economic stimulus package which—by design—would completely deny direct cash payments to the poorest Americans while cutting taxes for corporations, dishing out tens of billions in bailout funds to major industries, and restricting paid leave benefits that were just signed into law this week.

“The Senate GOP package is an utter disgrace,” tweeted Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO. “It gives free money to corporations, ignores the health crisis, and does nothing to keep people working or help the unemployed. The labor movement will oppose this Main St. bailout of Wall St. with everything we have.”

These cowards ought to be shamed everywhere….they are using this emergency to try and make their donors more wealthy….and make NO mistake….anyone that sided with these toads is a COWARD!

Something that I have covered before……profit taking (senators) and price gouging (Big Pharma)…..

As the number of global COVID-19 cases soared past 254,000 and the death toll topped 10,000 on Friday, concerns persisted—particularly in the United States—about healthcare costs related to the ongoing outbreak, limited testing and protective medical supplies, and how corporations may try to cash in on the public health crisis.

The Intercept‘s Naomi Klein, author of the 2007 book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, warned earlier this week in a video about “coronavirus capitalism” that the U.S. and other governments are “exploiting” the COVID-19 pandemic “to push for no-strings-attached corporate bailouts and regulatory rollbacks.”

One final note……I feel that this response by the president is still getting everything all wrong…..

Donald Trump has consistently been failing the country in dealing with the coronavirus. Due to Trump’s failed public health response, even Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin acknowledges that we are facing the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. This is in addition to the prospect of tens of millions of people getting the coronavirus and hundreds of thousands, or even millions, dying.

It is encouraging that the Trump administration is now taking steps to respond to the economic damage, but from what has been disclosed, its plan is poorly designed. First and foremost, we have heard no discussion of the federal government taking a direct role in providing the resources needed to deal with the crisis.

This would mean, for example, having the Army Corps of Engineers establish emergency hospital facilities to house the large number of patients needing care. It would also mean increasing the supply of ventilators and other medical equipment, with the government prepared to work directly with factories here and elsewhere to remove obstacles to ramping up production. Apparently, Trump has told the governors to find such equipment on their own.

This illustrates just how ill-prepared the government is to deal with this pandemic and it also shows just how unimportant the people are to the Senate.

Americans deserve better than they are getting from these slugs.

Let’s not leave the slugs in the corporations out of the fray……many businesses are starting to beg the government to bail them out…..and yet some CEOs are getting bonuses……you heard that right!

While us peasants have to tighten our belts too survive….CEOs are still getting their massive perks.

Goldman Sachs gave CEO David Solomon a 20% raise to a head-spinning  $27.5 million in assets and cash for his work last year, the company revealed.

The news comes as the Trump administration weighs massive industry bailouts amid the coronavirus crisis — and triggers memories of the Wall Street bailout, which included $10 billion for Goldman Sachs.

Solomon’s compensation for 2019 includes $2 million in salary, more than $15 million in stock and a $7.7 million cash bonus, the company reported Friday.

Former company CEO Lloyd Blankfein took in a record $41 million in compensation in 2008. (Blackfein said last month that he might vote for Donald Trump if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) became the Democratic presidential nominee.) Solomon is the second-highest paid CEO in company history.

I have NO use for these d/bags……there should be NO bailout until these a/holes put some skin in the game…..after all they can write off any losses on their taxes……these should be prepared that is what they tell us mere mortals all the time….I say SCREW them let them go the way of the Dodo….maybe then we will get businesses that are truly part of the society.

Time for a change!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

Update:  Remember that plan for cash?  Well it is being held up by the very people that have made massive stock trades just before this pandemic hit….

Negotiations between Congress and the White House teetered Sunday over a nearly $2 trillion economic rescue package as the coronavirus crisis deepened, per the AP. As President Trump took to the podium in the White House briefing room and promised to help Americans who feel afraid and isolated as the pandemic spreads, the Senate voted against advancing the rescue package. But negotiations continued on Capitol Hill. At the otherwise emptied out Capitol, the draft aid bill was declared insufficient by Democrats, who argued it was tilted toward corporations and did too little to help workers and health care providers. The setback sent Republicans back to the negotiating table. “Americans don’t need to see us haggling endlessly,” warned Senate Majority Leader McConnell on the Senate floor. He sought passage of the package by Monday.

But Democrats say the largely GOP-led effort does not go far enough to provide health care and unemployment aid for Americans, and fails to put restraints on a proposed $500 billion “slush fund” for corporations. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said the draft package “significantly cut back our hospitals, our cities, our states, our medical workers and so many others needed in this crisis.” The package would include relief checks to Americans, possibly two separate ones for a total of $2,000. Trump predicted the two sides would reach agreement soon. “To me it’s not very complicated: We have to help the worker. We have to save the companies,” Trump said. “We’re enduring a great national trial and we will prove that we can meet the moment. We’re at war.”

More games being played with citizen’s lives.

An inept president…..and a bunch of cowards in Congress…..can this government get any more pathetic?  The answer is YES!

6 thoughts on “The Games Being Played While The Nation Suffers

    1. True that….but his dinner mate Rubio is still out there infecting people……he needs to be arrested and put under house arrest. chuq

  1. ‘Ordinary people’ count for nothing as far as the rich and most politicians are concerned. We are just here to work hard and die, so that they don’t have to do either.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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