Return Of M*A*S*H

Oh NO! That does not mean the popular movie and TV show but it is about the concept of M*A*S*H….Mobile Army Surgical Hospital….a concept that needs to be revive, taken out of mothballs as it were..

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that military mobile hospitals are on standby to back up local hospitals in combating the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to the mobile hospitals, Trump said that the Army Corps of Engineers has been alerted to be ready to renovate empty buildings to serve as isolation units for a potential surge of coronavirus patients, which could overwhelm local facilities.

Trump referred to Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals, or MASH units, made famous by the TV show about the Korean War, starring Alan Alda. The last MASH unit was deactivated in 2006, however, its successor was combat support hospitals, which transitioned to modular field hospitals in 2017.

Trump said the military is “ready, willing and able” to commit field hospital units and the Corps of Engineers, but “we’re starting the process” to mobilize them. No final decisions have been made, he said.


Why was this not one of the first thoughts on how to protect the people of this country?

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