Closing Thought–27Jan20

Social media….vintage social media…..

I am an old fart so I remember the rotor telephone, stamps, photos printed on paper,….but enough of the that …let me show you “our” social media…

And somehow we made it to the 21st century without having told everyone every minute of our lives… were “famous” back in the Dark Ages for actually doing something exceptional…not because you did something stupid and put it on-line for all to see.

This silly thing, social media, is how we got to this spot in history and the turn will define the next decade……

“lego ergo scribo”

20 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Jan20

  1. Years ago in our day-n-age, if you had a log or diary – you did not want another living soul to read it! You’d be very upset.
    Today – everyone puts everything on-line and is very upset if NO one reads it!!!

  2. Yes, I do remember all that as well. I feel tempted more and more often to shut down all my social media accounts. I started with all of them when I started publishing books, and now that I’m unlikely to publish any more and spend hardly any time promoting my already published books, I wonder. I shared reviews and other people’s content in case it helps but I am so tempted… The blog (or rather, other people’s posts) would be the only thing I truly miss, but we shall see.

    1. I use very little social media…..Twitter for news and my blog for analysis and that is about it. Thanx for stopping by and commenting….chuq

  3. This makes me want to mess with my tutoring kiddos next time I’m around ’em. I found a tweed-covered case in my dad’s closet that I didn’t even know he had (was maybe grandma’s, makes sense). I wanna bring it by work and tell the kids I brought a really old laptop.

    Inside is a green portable crown typewriter. Technically it’s a laptop… right?

    I already blew their minds when I showed them my dad’s first cellphone–with the case and the folding antennae, and it had maybe a 2 hour battery life so you had to plug it into the cigarette lighter. the store wouldn’t even take it back when he was forced to upgrade (he’d missed 7 of ’em)–the store employees had never seen it before and didn’t think they could do anything with it!

      1. still nothing compared to my old boss. He was a pack rat in the volunteer office of a museum and me and a few others had to help him clean out stuff because of a move. he had compaq computers–monitors, towers, keyboards that had stopped working 15 to 20 years before and he’d never gotten rid of them. I pulled out those heavy metal keyboards (the ones that were like two feet long) to put on the cart and an elementary school group walked by, staring at them. I let them hold one of them and they were like “man, these are heavy!” I forgot that all-metal construction made ’em like 10 pounds or more–the kids had a blast messing with them, so glad they had something else to work with in the computer lab.

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