Iraq: Old Thoughts Are New Again

Since 2003 Iraq has been a thorn in the side of our administrations…..everyone has had a turn at trying to stabilize the country after the invasion and subsequent occupation….one idea that was floated was one by then Senator Biden,,,,break the country into three regions…..

Of course that plan was not favorable basically because a Democrat had come up with it…..and the country sank further further into chaos….so far that the US had send in more troops to bring about stability….a good idea but sadly did not work as planned….out of that chaos grew the barbarous ISIS.

Fast forward to 2020…..the US is being pressured to leave Iraq…..and because of this the idea of sectioning Iraq has once again come to the forefront……

Backed into a corner and influence waning, the United States has in recent weeks been promoting a plan to create an autonomous Sunni region in western Iraq, officials from both countries told Middle East Eye.

The US efforts, the officials say, come in response to Shia Iraqi parties’ attempts to expel American troops from their country.

Iraq represents a strategic land bridge between Iran and its allies in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Establishing a US-controlled Sunni buffer zone in western Iraq would deprive Iran of using land routes into Syria and prevent it from reaching the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Speaking of oil……this is how the oil industry is screwing Iraq out of revenue…..

Just a little FYI in case you have nothing better to do than learn something.

Something will need to be done since the Iraqis are getting testy about the US leaving their country……

Over 200,000 Iraqis protested against the U.S. military presence in their country on Friday, demanding American forces leave as requested by the Arab nation’s Parliament in early January after President Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani during the general’s visit to Iraq on January 3.

“We don’t need any foreign troops to be in Iraq, we need Iraq for Iraqis,” Hoda Hashimi, an employee in the Ministry of Trade in Baghdad, told the New York Times.

Hashimi added that while U.S. forces are not welcome in the country, the American people in Iraq—most of them there on business—were.

“We don’t want Americans to leave, we want the troops to leave,” said Hashimi. “We want America to support our country but with contracts, not troops.”

The chants are getting louder….

Get out, get out, occupier!” was the slogan of the day in Baghdad, where a protest march called by Moqtada al-Sadr drew tens of thousands of demonstrators calling for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Things are not looking good for the relations with Iraq….

The Trump Administration has suspended all weapons deliveries to Iraq, including the delivery of Sidewinder and Maverick missiles, which were part of $1.8 billion contract signed in 2016. The last shipment was delivered in November.

A US Air Force spokesman confirmed the pause, citing security concerns, and said all personnel support for Iraq’s F-16 planes indefinitely. Iraq has yet to comment on the matter.

This reflects growing US tensions with Iraq, and the Iraqi government’s interest in getting US troops out of the country. The US is threatening sanctions on Iraq for even suggesting expelling them, and military aid cuts are planned. This is likely part of the US cutting their military relationship to try to make Iraq more dependent on them


All this drama between the US and Iraq has the Saudis quaking in their sandals……

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud told CNN on Monday that the Saudi Kingdom opposes the US withdrawing troops from Iraq, even though Iraq’s parliament voted 170-0 to expel them.

Faisal says the Saudis believe that the US was crucial in defeating ISIS, and is a “reliable ally of the Kingdom.” He added the Saudis “work very well with President Trump” on regional security.


The Saudis are afraid if the worse scenario comes about they will have to face the Iranians alone and they are running scared.  The Saudis need the US to protect them from the mean old Iranians.

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4 thoughts on “Iraq: Old Thoughts Are New Again

  1. If the US fails to withdraw troops as requested, then it will be admitting by default that it is occupying a country that it supposedly went to war to ‘liberate’. You really couldn’t make this up.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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