Bernie–Most Electable

Well this news ought to scare the shit out of old conservatives that still are afraid of the Red Menace…Bernie is a socialist…..and yet his popularity is growing…….contrary to the narrative on the Right.

There is a news report that has come out as we get closer to the beginning of the beauty contest we call the run for the nomination…..

The case for Bernie Sanders is that he is the unity candidate.

The Vermont senator is unique in combining an authentic, values-driven political philosophy with a surprisingly pragmatic, veteran-legislator approach to getting things done. This pairing makes him the enthusiastic favorite of non-Republicans who don’t necessarily love the Democratic Party, without genuinely threatening what’s important to partisan Democrats. If he can pull the party together, it would set him up to be the strongest of the frontrunners to challenge President Donald Trump.

Sanders breaks from the pack in constructive ways on foreign and monetary policy, where the president has an unusual amount of freedom to act. And in the legislative arena, where any president is going to be sharply constrained, he stands the best chance of getting the left on board with the sure-to-be-disappointing compromises that will be necessary to advance the ball at all on important issues.

Bernie seems to be holding in there…..he has the young vote….but does that mean those will actually vote if he is not the nominee…..

Here is a thought….many of the supporters of RFK after his death switched to support George Wallace….could we see a repeat of that type of switch in 2020?

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28 thoughts on “Bernie–Most Electable

  1. I’m really very tired of the socialist candidates making empty promises to the masses. That’s no better than a lying Trump. We will not have free education or universal healthcare in America and they (Sanders and Warren) know that. Would they have us believe that would get pass the house ever? The young people and the poor are hanging on to this fairy tale. It’s not happening. In addition neither can beat this con man president Trump. I feel like anyone pushing a vote for them is pushing another four years (or a permanent autocracy) of Trump.

      1. Would I be willing to exchange this tyrant for a socialist country … Would I admire the philosophy of Fidel Castro…ck out youtube for a 1986 documentary of Sanders praising Castro face to face For ideals and his handling of Cuba and his socialist program. Be careful what you wish for.

    1. Haven’t you heard the news yet, “House Of Heart?” There is no such thing as a Socialist anywhere the American Government, much less participating in it. Any sympathizer or enabler will quickly tell you that there are no socialists in the U.S. Government. (I guess the enablers and the sympathizers are afraid to use the term “Communist.”) But it is heartening to see that the American Communist Party is supporting the Liberal American Agenda …….. and on another front they are even suing some democrats on the charge that the democrats stole some of the Communist’s ideas for “The New Democratic Agenda” —- — But there are NO socialists in the american government.

  2. I’m getting pretty tired of seeing these articles that focus on Sanders “national” polls. A national poll is meaningless in an American presidential election. Show me how he wins the battleground states he needs to win to get 270 electoral votes and I’ll start believing he is electable. But I have yet to see anybody show he can win those states and nobody with his politics has won a statewide election in those states in my lifetime.

    1. All polls are meaningless……but that is okay we will get a centrist corporate stooge that will continue to screw the middle class….no change will come….it never co,mes…..chuq

      1. The American voter will help re-elect Trump……something this country does not need is more Trump and I do not care who it is as long as he is gone chuq

      2. And, by the way, if polls are meaningless … this entire post and the article it relies on are meaningless because the article relies on polls regarding electability and likability.

  3. If Bernie is the nominee, I will vote for him. I voted for him in the primary, against Hillary, too, not because I’m such a big Bernie fan, but because I disliked Hillary. But don’t think for a minute that I voted for Trump. I waited in line for an hour to vote for Hillary when she was the nominee…I like everything about Bernie except for his politics. I do not want a socialist president, nor do I want another disruptor in foreign policy. I want off the roller-coaster.

    1. There are no socialists … haven’t you heard? If there are no socialists and if Sanders is claiming to be one, then he must not be very truthful.

  4. Sanders will be 79 by the time of the November election. Biden will be 78, Warren will be 71.
    Can they not find ANY democrat under 50 who might actually have some fresh ideas? At this rate, the next president will likely not survive 4 years in office. Even Trump will be 74, although his hair looks much younger.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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