What Is The Purpose Of Impeachment?

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This is a thought in a series of thoughts on the impeachment process.

The Senate Trial begins tomorrow…..all the jurors have been sworn in and signed the oath….time to get down to business.

Is Trump guilty or not?

I care not this series of posts are about the impeachment process not some silly notion of tribalism.

An easy answer for those that look for easy answers…..for those that want to pass on the whining of politicians and pundits.

Yes one of the purposes for the process of impeachment is to remove the president from office (a process that has not been very effective by the way)…..but it is NOT the only purpose for the process.

Time to look t the Founding Fathers and their opinions and thoughts on the process need to be brought out…..

As Congress considers formal charges of impeachment against President Donald Trump, they should consider words spoken at the Constitutional Convention, when the Founders explained that impeachment was intended to have many important purposes, not just removing a president from office.

A critical debate took place on July 20, 1787, which resulted in adding the impeachment clause to the U.S. Constitution. Benjamin Franklin, the oldest and probably wisest delegate at the Convention, said that when the president falls under suspicion, a “regular and peaceable inquiry” is needed.

…statements made at the Constitutional Convention explaining that the Founders viewed impeachment as a regular practice with three purposes:

  • To remind both the country and the president that he is not above the law
  • To deter abuses of power
  • To provide a fair and reliable method to resolve suspicions about misconduct.


If one is to debate or bitch about the process of impeachment then maybe a little knowledge would help……(Hahahaha…..I know in the era of mass stupid knowledge the last thing these mental midgets need)…..

Does anyone know what the term “oversight” means?

(Look it up…I am sure you can use Google by now)

The Founders were concerned that there could be an “imperial president” if there were no oversight…..

I have a problem…I do not care whether Trump is convicted or not, my problem is the oath taken by people that have already made up their minds…..this will be a joke for late night TV….not a political exercise.

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15 thoughts on “What Is The Purpose Of Impeachment?

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter if he is guilty or not. If they don’t get enough votes for impeachment, it has all been rather meaningless.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The two impeachment articles don’t even identify a crime. So there is nothing for which to convict. Obstruction of congress is pretty much a mere opinion as the checks and balances interact. Seems any legal resistance, counter measures, defence process protocols or just in general “if we don’t get our way or you don’t surrender to our demands” is an obstruction of congress according to the democrats.

      1. The so-called “Evidence” is all second hand, hearsay and circumstantial. That has been well established.

  3. The first bullet point is key, especially as we do have a president who wants to be king and far too many Republicans who do nothing to push against his desire.

  4. This impeachment is different than most impeachments because this impeachment has been weaponized for the single purpose of removing a duly elected President. The fact is that this impeachment now becomes a precedent by which all future presidents can be impeached for no other reason than some people who oppose him hate him and want to get rid of him. This current impeachment has the power to completely negate the need for Americans to ever vote for a president again. This impeachment is an attempted power grab by radical leftists– nothing more, nothing less.

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