Closing Thought–20Jan20

As the nation awaits the start of the Senate Trial… about a little humor to lessen the pain of the impeachment wait?

We think that our politicians are bold when they have a heated argument with an opponent or a voter….but these are very mild compared to the rest of the world…..

These are clips from around the world and the differences of opinion and how they are resolved…..

Parliaments around the world communicate dissent in various ways. In some cases, yelling is enough. Elsewhere, ministers express themselves with fistfights, kicking, elbowing, gouging eyes, spraying tear gas, and throwing things (including eggs, chairs, microphones…). 

In Jordan, after a heated debate, one MP wanted to shoot another but was not allowed to bring his AK-47 into the parliamentary chambers. (And he, or perhaps someone else, seems to be wielding a knife.) He was ordered out into the hall, where he fired a shot, the noise of which interrupted a speech. 

Well, there are limits to what will be tolerated. As shown in the video below, an emergency meeting was held, after which one member announced, “Some are suggesting to sack the member of parliament who did that.”

Violence in the US Congress was once fairly common, as a recent book documents. If the political culture grows any more polarized, could it return? 

House of Pain: Watch Crazy Parliament Fights From Around the World

Watch all the short clips…they are wonderful.

Now that is how we should be settling our opposition…..a good fist and the winner takes the day in politics.

Maybe extend it to international situations…..leaders of the two countries meet in a neutral area and have a 3 round fist fight…..the winner is declared by a panel of neutral judges or a knock out….the winning side gets the dispute settled in their favor.

Pretty simple and straight forward….this is a violent world we live then use that violence to settle disputes….other tan killing each other.

Just a thought!

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2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–20Jan20

  1. I checked out the link, then realised that I had actually seen most of them before, on the BBC News. They make our ‘shouty’ parliament look very tame. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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