The Last Dem Debate

Before the voting begins….this time there will be only 5 candidates on the stage……it will be mostly corporatists with a liberal and a radical thrown in…..but the one thing they all have in common…..they are lily white.

The lineup for Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Iowa is set, and this time it’s a manageable list: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren. Notice anything different from the previous debates? As NPR points out, this lineup lacks even one person of color. The last debate included Andrew Yang, but he failed to make the cut this time. As such, this is the “smallest, whitest” debate yet, per Politico. Warren, for one, is making an issue of it. “We started out with such an importantly diverse field, a field that had lots of different voices, lots of different perspectives,” she said last week, after the lineup was official.

“For me the particularly hard day was the day that (Sen.) Kamala Harris … was dropping out of the race because of money and that same day a billionaire bought his way onto the debate stage,” she said, taking a jab at Steyer. Yang and another nonwhite candidate, Cory Booker, have been pushing for changes in how the party determines who qualifies for the debates, which involves a combination of polling and fundraising metrics. Tuesday’s will be the seventh of 12 such contests. After Tuesday, the next one will be Feb. 7 in New Hampshire

This could be an interesting debate….we have Pete sniping at Biden, Warren pushing on Bernie and Steyer is in there….

I am hoping that we will finally have a foreign policy debate after the actions committed by the president…..but we will just have to wait and see…..

As usual I will offer my analysis of the evenings entertainment tomorrow……my candidate will not be representative but at least she is still plugging away and her support seems to be holding.

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16 thoughts on “The Last Dem Debate

  1. I kind of like the idea that most of the contestants in this losing battle are Lilly white because that very thing will turn off thousands, hopefully millions of ethnic derivatives and will be another helpful condition that might just insure their total and I hope, humiliating, defeat in 2020. They do still have time to come up with some token ethnic however …if they are smart … if they can afford it … I am surprised they haven’t dusted Hillary off and had her run again and I am definitely surprised that they have no Muslims or Hispanics this time around.

      1. Not as presidential candidates…so they would not be on the stage of candidates for a debate…I have no problem with anybody running for president or Congress it is their country as well….or we could take a page out of Nazi Germany. chuq

      2. and if we are not damned careful, it will be “THEIR” country entirely and “As Well” will have no significance at all.

      3. That is not hysterical fear to the victims of the nightmare. It only hysterical fear to enablers and sympathizers.

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