Could Germany Have Won World War Two–Part 1?

When I was in college I took many history courses and one of them the professor would have us students use our brains and come up with a ‘what if’…….

I recently finished that 38 part series on the history of the US….I like series where it takes a little research and hard work to make them…..I found another but this one is about World War 2 and the possibility that the Nazis could have won…if only…..

I am sure that there will be those that will take exception to this series….but remember it is not my research but that of other people…I am just the messenger……I offer it up as a source for discussion….I may or may not endorse the conclusions….

Part 1–Germany could have won WW2 without fighting the Western Allies…..

the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, which cost the lives of an estimated 50-60 million people and was the most terrible war in world history. We all know how the war turned out—with an overwhelming Soviet-Western Allied victory over Nazi Germany ending with the destruction and dismemberment of Germany herself and the death by starvation of millions of her citizens. Given the way the events of the war played out, there was no other foreseeable outcome other than her defeat. But as most historians are aware, German defeat in the war would have been far from inevitable had Nazi leader Adolf Hitler refrained from making certain critical mistakes.

This series of articles represents an attempt to summarize the top mistakes and omissions Germany made that cost it victory in this greatest and most terrible of all wars in human history. Of course, the best way for Germany to have won World War II was for it to have avoided fighting Britain, France, and the United States of America altogether. Germany had the military potential to defeat France and likely force Britain to make peace, but with a Navy less than one-sixth the size of Britain’s, it had no means to even attack U.S. territory, let alone defeat it. Here are some actions that Germany might have taken to achieve their territorial objectives without having to fight the Western Powers of Britain, France and the United States of America:

As I stated before….this is offered up as a source for discussion….please let your thoughts be known….but I have written about the Nazi voter…….

I shall be posting each part as they are available……

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13 thoughts on “Could Germany Have Won World War Two–Part 1?

  1. If Hitler had stopped his invasive tactics with the Sudetenland I believe the Third Reich or a variance of the same would still be the driving force in Germany. Hitler made his big mistakes when he declared war on England, the United States and Russia all virtually at the same time. He (Hitler) overextended his military forces and that is what scares me about America today. I believe we are doing much the same thing extending and over extending our military capabilities by becoming involved in too many worldwide Conflicts all at the same time. I have no trouble at all believing that our enemies are watching and are licking their chops waiting for us to become too weak to cope with them.

  2. Hitler gambled that he could invade Poland and France and England would not declare war, even though he knew they had treaties to do so. Bad misjudgment. War was list at that point. He knew he lose a two front war, but went ahead with his plans. Germany would have lot to Russia any rate even without the western front taking some of their resources.

  3. The article is well written and researched. But whenever anyone discusses the German involvement in WW2, they have to remember that it wasn’t about the ‘usual’ reasons for war. Hitler and his close cronies aspired to ‘world domination’, and the removal of all peoples he considered to be sub-human. (Including Jews, Slavs, and most Russians) To my mind that meant he could never win, as he was fighting some of the most populous nations in the world, and he would have eventually run out of food, supplies, and soldiers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. …German defeat in the war would have been far from inevitable had Nazi leader Adolf Hitler refrained from making certain critical mistakes.

    This assertion makes perfect sense from an abstract perspective. But, it ignores the reality of Nazi Germany, how and why it rose to power, and the mentality of its leaders. As an emotionally volatile dictator, Adolf Hitler was always megalomaniacal and his sanity declined further as the war dragged on. His invasion of France was compelled by resentment over WWI and the Treaty of Versailles. All his major military operations against Britain (i.e. the u-boat and bombing campaigns, and the aborted invasion) were intended to punish a defiant nation he saw as a natural potential ally. His massive attack against the Soviet Union was driven by deep ideological and ethnic animosities. Hitler was no Machiavelli. He simply couldn’t control his impulses. The Allies knew this, and they used it very effectively against him.

    However, these “what if” questions are indeed intriguing. Putting myself in Hitler’s shoes (ugh), I would’ve avoided a two-front war at all costs. Attacking Russia hastened the end of the war and sealed his fate. It was his biggest blunder. I would’ve focused instead on pressuring the U.K./U.S. into a negotiated peace (on my terms), and then attacked the Soviets sometime later – perhaps around 1950.

    1. I agree with you….He forgot about the 2 Russian generals…General January and General February… for part 2 coming soon….chiq

  5. I’m more than certain Germany could’ve held out many months more if they weren’t splitting their aims so much. Even with Germany shrinking daily and the high command realizing they couldn’t win (but buy time at best), Hitler was so into his own mania about the Jews that he actually increased the deportations, marches, and killings. How many resources could they have put on the front lines–troops, vehicles, trains, etc?. Instead, he was going through every elaborate measure possible to exterminate all the Jews they could, even at the expense of his own troops trying to keep the Allies out.

    That’s what was so strange to me about it all. His hate was so thorough that he couldn’t let it go, even if it meant losing the war. And then when you get to the end, he was so angry at the troops for their defeats (and refused to see his own hand in them) that he thought they should all go out with a bang, anyway.

    Some hateful people baffle me beyond measure. Hitler’s certainly one of the most baffling to me, even after watching tons of films and taking tons of classes about the war. I’m gonna look over those other articles and see what they’re about. Can’t wait.

  6. Hitler effectively lost the war on the date when the conflict truly became a world war – December 11th, 1941. Germany could not hope to combat the entire might of Soviet Russia, Britain and Commonwealth troops, most of the American land forces and all of their collective industrial and manpower might while maintaining an occupying army in most of Europe. It was a numbers game from then on. Given the enormous German Heer casualties on the eastern front (up to 80%) it’s fairly inevitable that if Hitler hadn’t invaded Russia, German and Italian forces would have annihilated the British in the Mediterranean and compelled the UK to sue for peace.

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