Thoughts On Medicare


So many people are either retiring or already having to suffer through retirement.

As a retired dude I am always concerned about my medical costs……for instance….I am a diabetic and my insulin cost me $400 if I were in Canada it would cost me $32…….so yeah I am always worried about the cost of my medical care.

The AARP, that seniors program that helps us get discounts and stuff, has been pushing this Medicare Advantage plan which will pick up the parts that Medicare does not pay……but is it all that or is it worth the money?

While the Democratic presidential candidates are debating full Medicare for All, giant insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare are advertising to the elderly in an attempt to lure them from Traditional Medicare (TM) to the so-called Medicare Advantage (MA)—a corporate plan that UnitedHealthcare promotes to turn a profit at the expense of enrollees.

Almost one third of all elderly over 65 are enrolled in these numerous, complex MA policies the government pays so much for monthly. The health insurance industry wants more enrollees as they continue to press Congress for more advantages.

Medical Disadvantage would be a more accurate name for the programs, as insurance companies push to corporatize all of Medicare, yet keep the name for the purposes of marketing, deception, and confusion.

there is a bamboo stand that needs some attention.Since the weather has changed again in South Mississippi….I need to work a bit in the yard…..there is a bamboo stand that needs some attention….

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15 thoughts on “Thoughts On Medicare

  1. Confusion abounds! As a retiree myself, all of the “advantages” of one plan over another boggle the mind. They also bring about endless unsolicited telephone calls from this or that company trying to sell me on this or that plan. I’ve had to stop answering any call that isn’t from someone on my contact list, these nuisance calls are so frequent.

      1. The one I wish were outlawed is where they “borrow” someone’s phone number so you think they are calling from your area. I never answer calls that don’t have caller ID.

      2. Yes, try to call back and you get a canned message indicating the call can’t be completed. After the first time I got that message on a number that plausibly could have come from my town, I started blocking those numbers. Unfortunately, sometimes the calls are from places like hospitals telling me when I have an appointment or a billing agency trying to contact me to get information they need to process my medical bill. I try to get people to contact me by email or on Facebook Message because those I do see and will open.

      3. LOL! Great idea! There have been moments when I almost launched a cup with coffee in it or, another time, my brand-new smart phone.

  2. Good luck with all that, chuq. I am just glad I live in the UK. We may have some issues with the NHS, but compared to the US, it is a medical utopia.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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