Hard Realities Of Syria

The US has pulled its troops out of Syria…some say it was a “cut and run” move……some say he gave Russia an opening for more presence in Syria……….some say the Trump gave his buddy Erdogan everything he had wanted for Syria…..

There some hard realities that must be considered……like what was the end game for our Syria invention? To destroy ISIS? What?

U.S. troops are leaving Syria, and yet what happens there will continue to affect U.S. interests, both regionally and globally. 

Tens of thousands of Islamic State terrorists imprisoned in northeastern Syria could escape, unleashing foreign fighters to sow havoc in their homes in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Turkish offensive could displace as many as 300,000 Syrians, exacerbating the already monumental challenge of addressing the basic humanitarian needs of the 6 million Syrians who have taken refuge elsewhere in their country, and the nearly 7 million who have fled altogether. Russian President Putin is pointing to the U.S. withdrawal as a reason to turn to Moscow for security guarantees.

U.S. policymakers tasked with finding a way forward need a clear-eyed understanding both of American goals and objectives in the region and of the constraints placed on the United States by political, economic, and military realities. Acquiring this understanding requires an unflinching look at various hard truths. Among them:


According to The American Conservative the failure of our Syrian policy is the 4 “A”s……

The ceasefire agreement brokered by Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday accomplishes very little outside of putting window dressing on a foregone conclusion. Simply put, the Turks will be able to achieve their objectives of clearing a safe zone of Kurdish forces south of the Turkish border, albeit under a U.S. sanctioned agreement. In return, the U.S. agrees not to impose economic sanctions on Turkey. 

So basically it doesn’t change anything that’s already been set into motion by the Turkish invasion of northern Syria. But it does signal the end of the American experiment in Syrian regime change, with the United States supplanted by Russia as the shot caller in Middle Eastern affairs.

The Four A’s of American Policy Failure in Syria

Apparently all the GOP criticism has gotten to our Dear Leader….he has ordered armor back into Syria…..

America will never desert Syria’s oil, President Trump promised Thursday—and he suggested that if the Kurds want protection, they should move closer to the oil. Syria’s oil fields “were held by ISIS until the United States took them over with the help of the Kurds,” Trump tweeted. “We will NEVER let a reconstituted ISIS have those fields!” He added that he had enjoyed a conversation with Syrian Kurdish commander Mazloum Abdi, and “perhaps it is time for the Kurds to start heading to the Oil Region.” A Pentagon source tells USA Today that the US plans to send troops, tanks, and armored vehicles to protest oil fields in eastern Syria, just weeks after most American troops withdrew from the country.

Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the White House is considering having around 500 troops and dozens of tanks in northeast Syria, though the Journal‘s sources say no final decision has been made yet. Under pressure from GOP lawmakers including Sen. Lindsey Graham, Trump left around 200 troops in the area after earlier ordering the pullout of all US troops. A defense official tells NBC that the number of American troops—who would again be operating alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces, the mostly Kurdish force that Abdi leads —has not been settled on yet, but “we’re not talking thousands.” Analysts say that although Trump spoke of protecting the oil from ISIS, the deployment may really an effort to prevent it being seized by Russia or the Assad regime.

Illustrates just how powerful FOX has become…..they help the president with his foreign policy decisions…..

One last thing from a Neocon perspective…..Is Anything Salvageable in Syria?

For the past eight-plus years this writer has done his best to try to convince American officials that what happens in Syria does not stay in Syria; that Syria matters enough to the security of the United States and the safety of its citizens to merit a comprehensible objective and a consistent (if flexible) strategy.

That effort—in and out of government—has failed.  Two successive American presidents, absolutely sure they knew it all and needed no advice, have unintentionally but decisively advanced the work of America’s adversaries.  After eight-plus years of responding to gratuitous setbacks with specific proposals on national security objectives and an accompanying, fully resourced strategy, recent events pose a relevant question: Is anything at all salvageable from the latest mega-blunder?

Syria: Is anything salvageable?

All this is just sad…..

BUt not to worry when this impotent foreign policy goes to crap….Trump and the Slugs will just blame Obama and/or the Democrats…..they, Trump and Slugs, refuse to see the error of their moronic decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Hard Realities Of Syria

  1. As all this has been happening, I notice that the government of Syria, still controlled by Assad, is never consulted. He must be rubbing his hands to see the Kurds and Turks doing a lot of the hard work for him. But the time will come when he will want all of his country back.
    That will be interesting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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