The Syria Saga (So Far)

So many are calling the withdrawal of American troops from Northern Syria as a betrayal….especially the corporate media….

Confusion reigns in certain left-leaning and anarchist circles. Pat Robertson tells Trump he will lose his mandate of heaven if he really does pull the US troops occupying northern Syria from their positions. Democrats, Republicans, neocons and neoliberals join the Pentagon and the mainstream US media to decry this possible troop redeployment. Turkey assembles its military forces and moves into northern Syria. Some of its politicians tell their supporters that they will bury the Kurds in ditches along the roadside. US anarchist Noam Chomsky supports the US troops remaining in the area. What the hell is going on?

Betrayal in the Levant

Personally, it is time for the media to stop all the cheer leading and propaganda, corporate propaganda……time for the truth about our wars of endless duration…..

Syria has been turned into the most wretched of neighborhoods on the planet by Washington’s neocons and liberal interventionists. From its pre-2011 population of 23 million, more than 6.7 million have fled to countries such as Lebanon (1 million), Jordan (700,000), Turkey (3.6 million), Europe and elsewhere.

At the same time, more than 6.5 million Syrians are internal refugees, driven from their homes and towns by a so-called “civil” war that wouldn’t have lasted more than a few months save for the billions of arms, training and walking around money that Washington and its Persian Gulf allies have supplied to the violent opposition.

Owing to these billions of aid to armed insurrection, however, the Syrian economy has been turned to shambles and its ancient cities and towns have been reduced to steaming piles of rubble. Disease, malnutrition, lack of safe drinking water and medical supplies and treatments stalk the land.

Wake-Up Call On The Syrian Border: Time To End Washington’s Feckless Regime Change Policy and NATO, Too

The dialog now by some is that Trump is keeping his campaign promise of ending all our endless wars……sorry but I do not believe these “good feelings”…….while this was being discussed the Congress made it official that the Congress is pro-war, pro endless wars……

October 7th, the U.S. withdrew 50 to 100 troops from positions near Syria’s border with Turkey, and two days later Turkey invaded Rojava, the de facto autonomous Kurdish region of northeast Syria. Trump is now taking credit for a temporary, tenuous ceasefire. In a blizzard of tweets and statements, Donald Trump has portrayed his chaotic tactical relocation of U.S. troops in Syria as a down-payment on his endless promises to withdraw U.S. forces from endless wars in the greater Middle East.

On October 16, the U.S. Congress snatched the low-hanging political fruit of Trump’s muddled policy with a rare bipartisan vote of 354-60 to condemn the U.S. redeployment as a betrayal of the Kurds, a weakening of America’s credibility, a lifeline to ISIS, and a political gift to Russia, China and Iran.

So Trump is the anti-war president?

Personally I think that it is a bunch of crap to even pretend that he is such……

It is a great propaganda victory for Donald Trump that he has managed to sell himself as “anti-war.” Broadly speaking, Trump has no anti-war bona fides to draw upon. He’s torn up the Iran agreement, while threatening war in its place. He’s threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea. Trump has presided over consistent increases in spending for the American warfare state. And he’s engaged in more drone strikes than Obama up to this point in both presidencies. Trump has put forward no timetable for the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. He’s continued for more than two years the U.S. military presence in Syria, in the name of defeating ISIS. And he’s now greenlighted ethnic cleansing against the Kurds in Northern Syria by removing U.S. troops from the region and enabling Turkey’s invasion.

Trump as the “Anti-War” President: on Misinformation in American Political Discourse

If Trump is the anti-war president and is in the process of ending our endless wars then why did he not bring the troops home instead of just moving them around?

Trump’s not bringing the troops home. He’s been haphazardly deploying more troops, drones, and dollars abroad, while waging a shadow foreign policy for his own benefit.

Donald Trump loves to talk about ending the endless U.S. wars that he inherited as president. He tweets about it. He endlessly criticizes his predecessors for their martial mistakes.

But like the old saw about the weather, Trump talks a whole lot about endless wars but doesn’t do anything about them.

Just this month, he went against the advice of pretty much everyone to pull 1,000 U.S. troops out of northern Syria where they were protecting a largely autonomous Kurdish region. The result has been an immediate flare-up in the Syrian conflict as Turkey sent troops over the border to take advantage of the U.S. withdrawal. 

Then Trump turned around and sent an additional 2,000 troops to Saudi Arabia to help them defend against Iran or the Houthis or perhaps just internal critics of the regime.

As I have said many times….I applaud his efforts but he has not gone fart enough….and his “ceasefire” was nothing but a gimme to the Turks to do what they see fit to Northern Syria and the Kurds.  None of which is making anyone in the region safer.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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5 thoughts on “The Syria Saga (So Far)

  1. It was reported here that many of the troops are being redeployed to Iraq, or sent to ‘assist’ Saudi Arabia. They are not going home at all, just being left in harm’s way.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “Syria has been turned into the most wretched of neighborhoods on the planet by Washington’s neocons and liberal interventionists.”

    You mean the butchery of Assad in making war on his own people is of little consequence ? Turkey wants a chunk as they long for extending influence as the old Ottoman Empire. Iran thinks its mission is to regenerate Persia. Russia is not abandoning its only ally and foothold in the region plus the oil and its effort building pipelines. In the Arab world nationalism has replaced the unity of Islam. Muslims are killing each other. What influence could the US project by remaining in the morass of Syria ? We would drown in the sea of contention of all the other participants who are geographically attached. The neocon belief is that if some one else is there , we have to be there has cost to much American blood with little positive result. Part of Terrorist Islam is based on getting even for past imperialism of the West. The old colonial powers have dissolved only to be replaced by America and its proxy Israel in their minds.

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