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It is Monday and a re-blog from the IST past…..American history needs to be learned and appreciated… it is about an American traitor…other than Benedict Arnold…..enjoy……Be Smart! Learn Stuff! chuq

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Morning students. Todays lesson is a short and should produce many good grades.

Name another Revolutionary war hero that was a traitor to his country.

Was he executed? What was he really accused of doing that prompted the treason charge?

Your answer must be precise.

You may begin,

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12 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

  1. Robert Howe. He was tried but not convicted. He had some military failures, was a womanizer, had financial problems, was friends with some British leaders and was the subject of rumors if being a spy. None of that was substantiated in court and he was not convicted.

  2. My other choice was Arron Burr. I don’t know many details except he wanted to start his own country outside the US borders. Don’t think he was ever convicted.

  3. The answer was Aaron Burr……

    In the summer of 1807, the city of Richmond, Virginia, played host to one of the most remarkable trials in early American history. The case involved several legal luminaries, but its undisputed star was the defendant, 51-year-old Aaron Burr. The New Jersey native had only recently served as Thomas Jefferson’s vice president, but since then his reputation had been marred by political intrigue and his participation in a duel that had left Alexander Hamilton dead. Burr now stood accused of one of the gravest crimes in American law: treason. According to one account, he had been at the heart of a “deep, dark, and wicked conspiracy” against the young United States.

    What was the nature of the plot that had seen Burr charged with treason? Even today, many details of the scheme remain hazy. “Too many people told too many different stories, and too many people had things to hide,” historian Buckner F. Melton has written. What is known is that Burr worked to raise a small army on the American frontier. He may have hoped to lead an independent campaign against Spanish-held territories in Texas and Mexico, but it’s also possible that he planned to wrest a portion of the newly acquired frontier from the United States. According to some contemporaries, Burr had designs on founding a new western nation with himself as its emperor.

    Congrats to OG……and thanx everyone for playing along…..chuq

    1. I was always interested in Burr….he was captured in the Mississippi Territory….not far from where I live….it is a great tale of deception and arrogance. chuq

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