Trump’s Syrian Decision

Holy crap!

Trump promised to bring the troops out of Syria when elected….he was elected and he did so….now the MSM is goin g batcrap crazy condemning the president for his promise kept.

The Neocon press is getting all butt hurt over the decision…..

While Washington should never leave American troops in harm’s way a day longer than national security interests require, President Donald Trump’s decision to pull back or withdraw U.S. troops from the Syrian border is morally wrong and strategically short-sighted.

His decision is wrong because the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which include a significant contingent of Kurds, have courageously fought alongside the U.S. to dismantle ISIS’s so-called “caliphate.” Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to crush the SDF due to longstanding concerns regarding the Kurds. By pulling U.S. troops back from the Syrian border or withdrawing the troops altogether, Trump is giving Erdogan a green light to attack the SDF.

The SDF has taken heavy losses in the fight against ISIS because the U.S. mainly provided the air power, while the SDF provided the ground forces. Gen. Joseph Votel, who recently retired after serving as the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, said: “The SDF have been exceptional partners.” He estimated the group suffered nearly 11,000 casualties in the fight against ISIS. While ISIS and its ideology are not defeated, the SDF’s sacrifices likely spared the U.S. the need to deploy tens of thousands of ground troops.

That says it was immoral…this article calls it giving aid to our enemies in the Middle East……

Thousands of Syrian Kurdish fighters gave their lives to help America defeat the Islamic State, but President Trump just decided to abandon the Kurds to their worst enemy, Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This is good news for the Islamic State, which can mount its comeback more effectively if the Kurds are distracted. It is also good news for the Islamic Republic of Iran, which wants to turn Syria into a base for attacking Israel, something that will now be a lot easier.

Trump’s decision came out of the blue last night, in the form of a brief announcement from the office of the White House press secretary. Top national security officials had been working for months on an agreement with Turkey to prevent it from attacking the Kurds. That agreement appears to be dead.

The White House said Trump’s decision came after a phone call with Erdogan earlier on Sunday. This is actually the second time Trump has attempted a sudden reversal of his Syria policy after a phone call with Erdogan. Last December, the president said he was going to pull all U.S. troops out of Syria — they numbered about 2,000 at the time — and let Turkish forces deal with any remaining problems caused by the Islamic State.

I am sick of Israel being used by the Neocons to keep fighting and keep our troops to protect someone other than the USA.

The troops in Syria say they feel betrayed….

A U.S. special forces member serving with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria said Turkey is inflicting atrocities as it invades northeastern Syria. 

“I am ashamed for the first time in my career,” the unidentified soldier, who has been involved in the training of indigenous forces on multiple continents, told Fox News Wednesday.


Then there are some that see the whole Syrian decision a bit differently……

Trump’s move has been called an “abrupt shift” that would “abandon” the Syrian Kurds who make up the bulk of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). For an abrupt shift, it has been a long time coming: Trump’s Syria troop cut in December 2018 was a preview of his intent, which he reiterated this week: “I campaigned on the fact that I was going to bring our soldiers home.”

As to abandoning the Syrian Kurds, the U.S. intention for the region’s Kurds was plain in 2017 when Washington advised the Iraqi Kurds to cancel an independence referendum but stay in Iraq’s federal system. Likewise, the Syrian Kurds were encouraged to open negotiations with the Assad regime to secure limited local autonomy, and it sure must be working as the SDF sells the Assad regime oil and natural gas, violating the sanctions on Syria in the process, but getting $378 million a year in oil revenue alone. And these are the “good guys”…

Then the GOP has not taken Trump’s decision well…his enabler in the Senate Graham has made a threat to Turkey…..

US Senator Lindsey Graham, a key Republican ally of President Donald Trump, has vowed to lead efforts in Congress to make Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “pay a heavy price” over his military operation against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.

“Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration,” Graham said on Wednesday, shortly after Ankara announced the start of the incursion. 

“This move ensures the reemergence of ISIS,” the senator added, using an alternative acronym for the Islamic State (IS) group.

Shame that this GOPer, Graham, is not this brave with other issues.

Further Reading:

This situation is as convoluted as most issues dealing with Trump….I am pleased he brought some of our troops out of Syria…granted there is a better way of doing such a thing…now Trump needs to figure out how to bring more of our war weary troops home.

It is Friday Morning……

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10 thoughts on “Trump’s Syrian Decision

  1. Turkey would rather fight the Kurds than ISIS because the Kurdish separatist movement in NE Turkey has led to terrorism by the Kurds. Then there is the matter of how can enemies (Kurds and Turks) be allies of the US at the same time forcing the US to support one or the other ? As long as Arabs are focused on killing each other Israel is safer if indeed if can ever really be safe. I watch Trump’s speech yesterday and he seemed very sincere about the tragedy of American troops dying in the Middle East for costly results that have gained the US nothing and improved the Middle East milieu in any way. Part of his drilling and fracking policies making the US oil independent were wise because the mess over there no matter how violent and warlike can no longer affect the availability oil in the US no matter what happens and we can stay out of it and no more flagged draped coffins will be brought home to American parents. Trump should be respected for that, praised and admired for this sensible foreign policy. Let the Arab world stew in their own shit. I mean sand. Let Russia, Turkey and Syria fight ISIS for they surely must for stability in the region and the security of their own interests.

    1. He used the coffins as a all about me speech…he should be damned ashamed and so should any veterans….Letting one group kill another group simply based hatred is NOT a good foreign policy. How relatively calm was the Middle East prior to 2003? chuq

      1. Agree about not letting one group kill another group but that puts us back in the intervention nation building policing which the neocons want and you seem to also condemn this neocon policy. ??? Under Obama the unloading of coffins was prohibited from being shown on the news. That was a disgrace to veterans and the families of the dead. How do we support the Kurds and the Turks simultaneously when they hate each other without angering each for helping the other ? We had the same dilemma for decades as Greeks and Turks raged against each other over Cyprus and we wanted both on our side and gave military aid to both as wanting both in NATO.

      2. The DoD made the photos of coffins off limits…..ever sense Vietnam the pics have been by permission only… is how they control information about the war. The Turks and the Greeks are working out their problems over Cyprus without the US….same can be done elsewhere if given the chance. chuq

    2. ISIS activity is sadly not limited to that region alone. They inspire, train, and fund terror attacks all over Europe too, and have even inspired killers in the US, as in the Boston Bombers. They are sadly everybody’s problem.
      Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We did the same thing in Vietnam in 1975….we did it again in Iraq in 1992…we have a strong record of crapping on our allies….chuq

  2. ISIS will be laughing about this. The Kurdish militias are the only force that has effectively dealt with them in the region. Let Turkey kill off the Kurds, and ISIS will return.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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