ISIS Defeated, As The Story Goes

As Turkey begins its attack to “take care” of the Kurds there is a little something that should be considered (not that anyone consulted me)…….

After years of war and barbarity in Syria and Iraq we are told by the president of the United States that ISIS has been defeated……of course I had to take exception to that declaration…..

Just a small sampling of my posts on the declaration that ISIS had been defeated.

We were told that the US mission in Syria has been accomplished and now we may depart with head held high….unfortunately declaring was premature…..

US President Donald Trump has issued multiple declaration of victory over ISIS. Back in December 2018, Mr. Trump stated: “We have won against ISIS.” He subsequently initiated US troop withdrawals from Syria. The administration has equated the loss of physical territory with ISIS defeat. By the summer of 2019, ISIS no longer wielded control over its territorial caliphate in Syria and Iraq, as the last stronghold of Baghouz fell in Syria in March. In July 2019, President Trump reiterated his belief in the triumph over ISIS: “We have 100 percent of the caliphate, and we’re rapidly pulling out of Syria. We’ll be out of there pretty soon. And let them handle their own problems. Syria can handle their own problems—along with Iran, along with Russia, along with Iraq, along with Turkey. We’re 7,000 miles away.”

However, any declarations of victory over ISIS are premature. The group has long been developing its insurgent capabilities and has been preparing to take the fight underground. There are numerous indicators suggesting that ISIS is getting ready for a comeback. According to the recent Pentagon inspector general’s report, ISIS is resurging in areas of Syria and Iraq. The report estimates that the group retains a force of fourteen to eighteen thousand people, including up to three thousand foreigners.

Sadly you can kill the person but not the idea…..ISIS can and will make a comeback……

Lt. Col. Jace Neuenschwander, a battalion commander in Task Force Nineveh which is part of the U.S.-led coalition effort, says that ISIS has tried to adapt to finding new places to exploit gaps in security in Iraq to stay alive. Located near Mosul, Neuenschwander and several hundred personnel are part of the tip of the spear in terms of identifying an ISIS resurgence. “[ISIS have] had a hard time staying alive,” he says. ISIS keeps a low profile and is losing ground, safe havens and smuggling routes. His sector, which stretches around the city of Mosul towards the Syrian border is “not as active as it once was” and the Iraqi Security Forces are doing a good job.

The truth is that ISIS and AQ have starting branching out into the sub-continent and South Asia…..they will make a comeback just few know exactly where.

To update the news……. in Syria….ISIS gets a breather for now…..

The major Syrian Kurdish faction the SDF has reportedly halted its anti-ISIS operations, to the extent that any were still going on, in response to Turkish ground forces crossing the border into northeastern Syria on Wednesday.

This move absolutely makes sense, with sources saying that the SDF believes it is impossible to resist a Turkish invasion and fight ISIS remnants at the same time. Clearly, this was something the Kurds threatened to try to deter Turkey.

In reality, there do not appear to be substantial anti-ISIS operations going on anymore anyhow, and hasn’t been for quite some time, since ISIS lost all their territory months ago. The ISIS battle was a big talking point for the US, and they are keen to keep that narrative going.

The US has demanded that Turkey take charge of the ISIS operation now that they are in northeastern Syria, with a focus on keeping prisoners detained. It is likely that anything even remotely ISIS-related will be blamed on Turkey.


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2 thoughts on “ISIS Defeated, As The Story Goes

  1. I heard yesterday that now the Kurds have been attacked by Turkey, they will no longer be able to guard more than 3,000 ISIS prisoners in their charge. So that’s another 3,000 fighters back out of captivity.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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